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Understanding a Scorpio: the most misunderstood zodiac sign

Scorpios are probably the most misunderstood and harshly judged signs. Here's how to understand them better.... , 2020-05-19

Scorpions are probably the most misunderstood and harshly judged signs.

Their sarcastic, sometimes offensive nature is taken the wrong way. When in fact it is only a defence mechanism to protect themselves.

Behind the walls that a Scorpio puts up is someone who is truly one of the kindest and most considerate people who feels things more deeply than anyone else.

Whereas you see someone who is stubborn and sometimes arrogant. The reality is that they are incredibly hard on themselves and want to excel at everything in their life.

Stubbornness is really persistent.

Being overconfident is the result of someone who worked hard to achieve things.

Of all the signs, they are the most loyal. They will never be the person who cheats. For them they value their character and their morals.

But if you cross paths with a scorpion or do something to hurt them, they don't try to get back at you, you are so easily cut out of their life and you feel their absence everywhere. It's that silence and the fact that they don't respond that affects you the most. They are the kind of people you take for granted and don't realise what you have until they are gone. And once you hurt them or break their trust the relationship will never be the same because even on the off chance that they forgive you, they will never forget what you did.

From their faults come jealousy and their inability to love without care. They are so wary of matters of the heart because they know what it is like to be taken for granted and taken advantage of. Although it seems they will test you at first, if you can overcome that and work to build their trust you will realise what people like all of them are worth.

Once they trust you, all their walls come down and you see this vulnerability, sensitivity and understanding of everyone and everything.

They look at you and it's as if they see right through you to the core of who you are. Their ability to read people is one of their best traits, so if there is someone you have a bad feeling about, even if you have no reason to justify it, listen to them.

They know when someone is fake and not a good person. Because they are and even with their mistakes they try to be and try to make things right and try to have good relationships.

They are the kind of people who are wise beyond their years. Giving an insight that you should really take to heart and listen to.

They will be the relationship that changes what you know love to be.

They are the dominant ones in relationships but under the surface so sensitive. And although they seem to like to control things and make the big decisions once you win their heart, you are the one who controls them.

They will be the friendship you can't imagine your life without. They are the best keepers of secrets because they value the fact that you tell them things and trust them. Again, trust is huge for Scorpios.

What gives a Scorpio their bad reputation is sometimes the emotions they project is anger, but in reality it is disappointment or being upset.

When they are cold and say things with a sharp tongue they get scared and protect themselves.

When people call them crazy. It's really someone else's inability to appreciate them seeing their passion and the fact that they don't stop until they get what they want or achieve what they set out to do.

When people say they are bad at relationships what they are bad at are the wrong relationships and someone who didn't value them.

But with the right relationships in their life and the support of Scorpio they rise above any other sign.

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