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Leo and Leo: Compatibility Percentage

How two people of the same Leo zodiac sign get along in love, trust, sex, communication and values...
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The general compatibility percentage of Leo and Leo zodiac signs is: 62%.

Leos have an overall compatibility of 62%, which means that natives of this sign share some common interests and characteristics. This means that Leos have a tendency to understand each other better than other signs.

Leos are cheerful, warm, enthusiastic and love social life. They have great energy, as well as a great ability to lead. They both share a desire to dominate the world and demonstrate their power, as well as great self-confidence. These characteristics help them connect with each other, and allow them to share their life as a team.

Emotional connection



Common values




Compatibility between one Leo sign with another is high, as these two signs share similar characteristics. Communication between the two is good, which allows them to understand each other on all levels. When there is a Leo sign involved, dialogue is a fundamental tool to establish a good relationship.

Trust is important for a relationship to work, and between a Leo sign and another Leo sign it is something to work on improving. These two signs have a strong character, which can lead to conflicts that affect trust. That is why it is important to work on this aspect to achieve a balanced relationship.

Sharing the same values is one of the keys to a happy relationship between two Leo signs. These two signs share many things, such as a love of freedom and independence, which helps them to be in sync. To enhance this relationship, it is important to remember that the two must respect each other's values to avoid conflict.

Finally, sex is also an important part of a relationship between equal Leo signs. Both signs have great energy and strong passion, so sex between them can be very intense. To further enhance the relationship, it is important for both of them to be open and communicate to share their desires and fantasies.

Leo Woman - Leo Man

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