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Scorpio and Scorpio: Compatibility Percentage

How people of the same Scorpio sign get along in love, trust, sex, communication and values...
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The general compatibility percentage of two people of the zodiac sign Scorpio is: 62%.

Scorpio and Scorpio zodiac signs are an excellent match, with an overall compatibility percentage of 62%. Both signs are deep, intense and passionate, which helps them establish a deep and meaningful emotional connection.

This connection also extends to the intellectual realm, as they share the same interests and goals, allowing them to progress together. This combination provides a solid foundation for building long-lasting and fulfilling relationships.

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A relationship between two Scorpio signs can be an exciting and passionate experience. These two zodiac signs have a lot in common, making them a very compatible couple. However, it can be difficult for this couple to stay connected if steps are not taken to improve their communication, trust, values and sex life.

First, communicating is the key to a healthy relationship. Scorpios often have a tendency to keep their feelings to themselves, but it is important that they are shared openly for the relationship to grow and improve. Encouraging honest and clear communication is a good way to ensure that you are both aware of each other's feelings and needs.

It is also important to work to establish and strengthen trust between Scorpios. This means not only trusting each other, but also being able to share deepest fears and weaknesses. This can be difficult for Scorpios, but doing so will establish a stronger foundation for the relationship.

In addition, Scorpios should strive to better understand each other's values and principles. This means that it is important for the two Scorpios to take time to communicate about what each considers important in life. This will ensure that the couple is on the same page and avoid misunderstandings.

Scorpios should work together to improve their sex life. This means exploring your desires and needs, as well as finding the best way to satisfy them. Establishing fun sexual rituals and activities to enjoy together is a good way to keep the passion alive.

A relationship between two Scorpios can be a passionate and fulfilling experience if steps are taken to improve communication, trust, values and sex life. By investing time and energy into the relationship, Scorpios can enjoy an even deeper and more meaningful connection.

Scorpio Woman - Scorpio Man

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