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Is the Scorpio zodiac woman really faithful?

Scorpio women have some tendencies towards infidelity.  Scorpio women know how to hide things very well, they are risk-takers. It is a wild and sexual sign, therefor... , 2022-07-22

Scorpio women have some tendencies towards infidelity.

 Scorpio women know how to hide things very well, they are risk-takers. It is a wild and sexual sign, therefore they tend to have adventures of this type.

 They love the forbidden and don't like compromises.

 Scorpios are extremists, radicals. If they discover their partner is unfaithful, then they will look for some way to compensate for this, usually by cheating as well.

Are Scorpio women faithful?

Scorpios are often the most powerful women among the zodiac signs, and they love and seek power. They are difficult to know, as they often hide their true feelings.


Reasons why a relationship with a Scorpio can be difficult include their tendency to always think they are right and they are not very forgiving. Once they feel they have been wronged, it is difficult for them to "forgive and forget".


Why would a Scorpio woman cheat?


A Scorpio would only cheat if the relationship lacks a strong sexual appetite. Scorpios are very sexual, sometimes dominating their partners in the bedroom. If home life is not exciting intimately, they may look elsewhere.


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Signs a Scorpio woman is cheating


A Scorpio would probably stop the frequency of sexual relations. Emotional in nature, they are more likely to stay in the relationship while having fun.

The Scorpio woman's reaction to being cheated on

You will have a hard time confessing adultery to the Scorpio woman, or if she finds out from people in her network that you are having sex with another woman, or if she catches you in the act. The betrayed Scorpio woman will unleash a strong stream of curses at you and chew you up like a paper shredding machine, leaving you with no chance to explain your side of the story and apologise for your unfaithful behaviour. Or, she will not strike back immediately, but choose to appear as calm as a still ocean while you go on and on about how sorry you are and the reparations you are willing to make.


In this case, my friend, I am afraid she is in big trouble ahead of her. The anger and resentment built up inside her will drive her to seek revenge. She has no qualms about spending countless hours and money to make you pay for cheating on her - and because Scorpio-born individuals believe in "an eye for an eye" (or perhaps "two eyes for an eye"), she may not be satisfied and let the matter rest until you flail in agony for many months.


Also, be aware that your Scorpio woman thinks about confronting your lover as well as those who know about the affair, for example, friends or siblings who helped cover up all the naughty things you did without their knowledge. Good luck!

His self-absorbed personality

His personal life will be off limits to everyone. At the same time, he will never tell the secrets that have been entrusted to him, not even to you, his partner. Even with you, she will have a private side and it is best not to pry. That doesn't mean she will be dishonest. In fact, she will be so brutally honest that she may sometimes hurt people in the process.


A Scorpio woman can drown you in her passion. But she can also pull you to safety when the raft becomes too dangerous.


She can provide you with her calm and constant support in the worst circumstances. Once you win her love, you will never be alone again. Her food will be perfectly cooked and she will grind fresh coffee for you. You will always return to an immaculate home, radiating the aura of her magnetic personality, the charm of her deep beauty and the warmth of her everlasting love.

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