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General characteristics of the Cancer zodiac

LOCATION: fourth PLANET: Moon (astrological terminology) ELEMENT: Water QUALITY: Cardinal ANIMAL: Crab NATURE: Feminine SEASON: Summer COLOR: Silver, white, sh...
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  1. Personality of those born in Cancer sign
  2. General characteristics of Cancer
  3. What factors influence the Cancer sign?
  4. 7 Cancer Personality Attributes
  5. Positive Cancer traits
  6. Negative aspects of the Cancer sign
  7. Cancer's characteristics in love, friendship and business
  8. Cancer personality in love
  9. The influence of the Cancer sign in family and friendship relationships
  10. The role of Cancer in the business world
  11. Advice for the sign of Cancer
  12. Tips for getting along well with the Cancer sign
  13. Personalities of Cancer man and woman

LOCATION: fourth
PLANET: Moon (astrological terminology)
QUALITY: Cardinal
NATURE: Feminine
SEASON: Summer
COLOR: Silver, white, shiny gray
METAL: Silver
STONES: Opal, emerald, jade and pearl
FLOWERS: Jasmine, Lily and Gardenia
NUMBERS: 1 and 6
GOOD DAY: Monday


Cancer's strengths include great imagination, loyalty and sympathy. Weaknesses include being moody and manipulative.

Cancerians are extremely emotional and sensitive and enjoy being connected to their home. They care deeply for their families and are attached to their close friends.

Those born with their sun sign in Cancer can empathize with people and their pain. Cancer is a water sign, so because of their emotions, they have a hard time blending in with the world around them.

Cancer in love and relationships values feelings above all else.

They like to choose partners with whom they can communicate through silent contact. A shared daily routine is also important to them because it allows the relationship to grow.

Personality of those born in Cancer sign

People born under the zodiac sign Cancer possess great determination and purpose.

They are affectionate, attentive and trusting in their sentimental relationships, demanding reciprocity, although they are often possessive.

For them a relationship means everything and they often go above and beyond to make their loved ones happy.

They live according to their own principles and may show a superiority complex.

They are often sweet as honey but can also be hard as iron.

They are people who are devoted to their family and friends and care a lot about them, however, they are also shrewd and diplomatic in their dealings.

Their great strength is their intelligence and, if they set their minds to it, they can excel in any field.

Cancer people have a good memory, but they tend to be introverted by nature, so they sometimes miss opportunities to show their potential at the right moments.

Unfortunately, Cancerians tend to have a weak constitution.

They are very imaginative and ingenious people.

You can read more about this sign here: 13 definitive signs that you are a Cancer sign.

Cancer zodiac personality

These individuals present oscillations in their emotional state, they are sensitive and reserved at the moment of showing their pain, they do not usually express their ideas openly.

 They are dreamers, idealists, they have a great imaginative capacity, they are usually peaceful people, changeable in their desires and goals, but constant in their perseverance and effort.

 They are family people, they long to form a family and have children, they like stability in their environment.

 They do not tolerate violence or conflicts, they are disturbing as far as love relationships are concerned, they usually dream of their ideal partner and are very romantic.

General characteristics of Cancer

Weaknesses: They are sometimes sad, pessimistic and insecure, and can be manipulative.

Strengths: They are tenacious, imaginative, emotional, understanding, persuasive and loyal.

Cancer Likes: Art, being around water in general, helping loved ones and enjoying a good meal with friends.

Cancer Dislikes: They resent any criticism of their mom, being uncomfortable in the presence of strangers, and having their private life revealed.

 Cancer is represented by the Crab and is associated with the Moon, water and emotions.

 Some of Cancer's best known traits are their kindness and emotional intelligence.

 Read on to learn all about this sign, including their main characteristics, how they behave in different types of relationships and tips to find out if you are a Cancer.

What factors influence the Cancer sign?

 Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, represented by the Crab.

 This sign is characterized by being emotional, affectionate, intuitive and sensitive, but also insecure.

 Its element is water, like Pisces and Scorpio, which reflects the emotional depth that identifies it.

 Cancers tend to be people of intense feelings, which can make them seem overly melancholic or irritable at certain times due to their connection with the phases of the Moon.

 Like the crab, people of this sign often retreat into their "shell" and prefer to be at home surrounded by loved ones, as they are introverted and value deep, intimate connections more than the superficial, massive relationships that overwhelm them.

 Although difficult to approach at first due to their disinterest in small talk, Cancerians will always be loyal friends once you get to know them.

7 Cancer Personality Attributes

 The Cancer personality has several positive and negative attributes.

 On the positive side, they are loyal, protective, intuitive and cautious.

 However, on the negative side, their over-sensitivity, moodiness and vindictiveness are traits that stand out.

 Let's take a detailed look at each of these attributes below.

Positive Cancer traits

 It is well known that people of the Cancer sign are very emotional and introverted, and that they also care deeply about their friends and close family.

 But there is much more to the Cancer personality than that.

 Here are four of the best traits of this sign.

#1: Loyalty

Without a doubt, one of the most outstanding traits of Cancers is their unconditional loyalty.

 Although it may be difficult to connect with them at first, when they decide to open up, they will be committed to you for the rest of their lives.

 However, it takes a long time to earn their trust, so don't expect immediate loyalty.

 Cancers will do everything in their power to help their loved ones, even if it means going against their beliefs or sense of judgment.

 In large part, their ability to empathize with others is what makes the Cancer sign one of the most devoted in the zodiac.

#2: Protection

In addition to being loyal, Cancers are extraordinarily protective of their loved ones, sometimes to excess.

 They love their family and close friends deeply, and often go out of their way to protect them at all costs.

 The Cancer sign is closely related to the idea of home, so they will go to great lengths to protect their home and the loved ones who live there. It is a very strong parental instinct (which crabs also have), as home is where Cancers feel most secure and at peace.

 Therefore, it is crucial that they go out of their way to protect their home, not only for their loved ones, but also for themselves.

 Although this protective nature can be overwhelming at times, it comes from a generous place with a truly devoted heart.

#3: Intuition in the sign Cancer

One of the key characteristics of the Cancer sign is their intuition. These individuals tend to rely more on their intuitive ability than on their rational or practical judgment.

 Their intense emotional charge allows them to easily detect changes of mood and emotions in others.
 Cancers are characterized by being psychic, as they are able to "read" people and understand their emotions thanks to their superior emotional intelligence.

 This ability allows them to avoid being deceived by others and to feel more confident when making decisions based on their intuition, a strength that is unique to this sign.

 On the other hand, this intuition makes Cancers dislike false or forced things, such as small talk and white lies.

 So, if you intend to lie to a Cancer, it is better not to do so.... they will always be able to see right through you!

#4: Attentive
People born under the sign of Cancer are known to be kind and loving to their loved ones.

 This quality is evident in their loyalty and willingness to protect their loved ones.

 In love relationships, crabs are particularly generous with their partners, but expect to receive the same in return.

 Otherwise, they will be unhappy.

Negative aspects of the Cancer sign

As with all zodiac signs, Cancer also has certain negative traits.

 Here are the three most unfavorable characteristics of this sign, ranging from their moodiness to a penchant for revenge.

#1: Extreme sensitivity

One of the most complicated traits of Cancerians is their tendency to be extremely sensitive to any situation involving emotions or criticism, however mild.

 If a Cancer receives any kind of negative comment, they are very likely to hold it in and keep it in mind for the rest of the day.
 In fact, Cancer natives are very prone to retreat into their shell, which often allows them to self-pity.

 At times, such sensitivity can affect their self-esteem and even make them feel somewhat paranoid if they sense that something is not right.

#2: Emotional Changes

Cancer natives are known for experiencing sudden emotional changes due to the complexity of their feelings.

 They can go from being extremely happy to feeling deeply sad in a matter of seconds.

 When a Cancer feels upset or uncomfortable, their instinct is to seek refuge in their shell.
 This behavior can be explained by the connection between the sign of Cancer and the moon, which is its ruling star.

 Like the lunar phases, a Cancer's feelings wax and wane frequently.

 Deep down, these natives expect others to be as kind and generous as they are themselves.

 If they do not perceive these qualities in others, they may experience an intense emotional outburst or change moods.

 In conclusion, emotional swings are a common characteristic of Cancer natives and must be understood within the context of their complex and emotionally rich nature.

#3: Vindictive

You are likely to encounter a Crab who is a bit mean or vindictive.

 Cancers like to get their way and usually try to do so through kindness and selflessness. But if that doesn't work, they are ready to take revenge on anything or anyone that makes them suffer.
 You have to be careful with angry Cancers, as their emotions can make them insecure and even manipulative at times.

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Cancer's characteristics in love, friendship and business

 Individuals born under the sign of Cancer are caring and supportive, which leads them to form lasting relationships with those around them.

 Below is a summary of the main Cancer traits in love, family, friendship and business.

Cancer personality in love

 Cancer natives are distinguished by their loyalty and devotion in love relationships, as these values are fundamental to their personality.

 Likewise, they are characterized by their romanticism and generosity, expecting in return an equally generous treatment.

 That is why it is important for them to establish affective bonds with people who share their giving-receiving lifestyle.

 It is well known that Cancers are very emotional, which means that they are guided by their hunches when it comes to love and have no problem expressing their feelings and preferences.

 Although Cancerians prefer stable, long-term relationships, they also value their independence and enjoy moments to focus on their own personal growth.

 As highly creative beings, they find great satisfaction in allowing themselves to explore their imagination and enjoy their own company from time to time.

 However, despite their commitment and faithfulness in love, Cancers can fall into unhealthy patterns by sacrificing their own health and beliefs to keep a relationship or home alive.

 Therefore, it is important that they learn to set boundaries so that they do not get trapped in unhealthy partnerships.

 For more information I suggest reading: Cancer

The influence of the Cancer sign in family and friendship relationships

 People born under the sign of Cancer are exceptionally protective of their loved ones, willing to go to great lengths to ensure the protection of their home and loved ones.

 Loyalty is a fundamental quality in close Cancer friends and family, and they enjoy spending private time with those they love.

 It is common for people born under this sign to have a small group of friends with whom they can be completely honest, rather than having a wide social network of acquaintances.

 If you have a Cancer friend, you'll know that they deeply value your friendship and wouldn't have to trade it for anything in the world.

Plus, they're great confidants!

Nostalgia and attachment to family traditions are distinctive traits of people born under the sign of Cancer.

 They are responsible for caring for precious mementos, photo albums and other personal objects of great sentimental significance.

 This love of caring extends to people as well, making them devoted and attentive fathers and mothers.

 For Cancer, large, close-knit homes are extremely valuable and they feel most at ease surrounded by those they love.

 Despite all these positive qualities, living with someone under the sign of Cancer can be challenging due to their frequent mood swings and tendency to feel melancholy.

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The role of Cancer in the business world

As for their job performance, Cancerians do best in jobs that offer a high degree of stability, both in terms of employment and salary.

 Cancer is known for their ability to manage money shrewdly, although some might label them as overly thrifty.

 They are usually in charge of financial management at home, and like to supervise how others manage resources.

 In the work environment, Cancers stand out for their tenacity, they are always willing to move forward in the projects in which they are involved, even if they have to sacrifice certain comforts or time.

 Loyalty is a quality that stands out in them, not only when it comes to friends and family but also to their employers.

 Because of their adaptability, organization, creativity and autonomy, Cancers can perform in a wide variety of jobs, as long as they are offered the security they crave.

 Some examples of ideal jobs for Cancers are:

 - In child care positions
- As landscapers
- Interior designers -
Marine biologists
- Nurses
- Online business owners
- In political positions
- As real estate agents
- Writers or editors - As a writer or editor.

 You can read more about
Cancer sign professions and businesses here.

Advice for the sign of Cancer

 Not all Cancers have the same traits or characteristics.

 It's important to find out which ones apply to you and how to play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

 If you consider yourself loyal, it's a good idea to reach out to close friends you haven't seen due to work or school.

 Show that you value your friendships and are willing to go out of your way to maintain them.

 If you feel you have a strong sense of intuition, don't hesitate to listen to it.

 Especially for crabs, intuition is often accurate.

 If you think you're hesitating, think about whether your instinct might make sense.

 Although the feeling may be confusing at first, there may be a reason why your gut is telling you one thing and your brain is telling you another.

 On the negative side, if you've been told you get irritable for no reason, work on decreasing the severity of your mood swings.

 It may help to write down your feelings in a journal and notice patterns.

 If you are overly sensitive, remember that you cannot control the emotions of others. Be empathetic but don't dwell on things that hurt you if they don't help you live a positive life.

 Develop a thicker "skin" for receiving criticism of things you have created or done.

 Remember that most of the time people just want to help and honesty can be key to success.

Tips for getting along well with the Cancer sign

 Individuals of the Cancer sign may present a withdrawn and reserved behavior when interacting with new people, which makes it difficult to deal with them. Therefore, the best way to approach them is by creating a comfortable and welcoming environment that allows them to feel at ease.

 You can organize an intimate gathering with friends at a Cancer's home or go out for drinks after work with a small group of colleagues.

It is essential to limit the number of people, as this makes it easier for Cancer individuals to open up and relax. Inviting one or more family members or close friends of Cancers can also be very positive in establishing a closer connection with them.

 If you want to befriend a Cancer, you must be willing to maintain a long-term, stable and lasting relationship.

 Don't be offended if at times Cancer individuals appear to be rude or moody, as this is a common characteristic of their zodiac sign. If you have a close relationship with them, it is best to ignore this behavior or help them understand what is causing them discomfort, as they may not be aware of it.

 Finally, it is important to always show appreciation for everything Cancer individuals do for you, such as throwing a surprise party or giving you valuable advice.

 They seek to feel valued for their efforts, so try to take the time to express how important they are to you.

Personalities of Cancer man and woman

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"I feel", sensitive, tenacious, family and home oriented, changeable.

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