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General characteristics of the Aquarius zodiac

LOCATION: Eleventh PLANET: Uranus CORREGENT: Saturn ELEMENT: Air QUALITY: Fixed SYMBOL: Water Carrier NATURE: Male SEASON: Winter COLOUR: Blue, gree... , 2022-07-22

LOCATION: Eleventh
PLANET: Uranus
SYMBOL: Water Carrier
SEASON: Winter
COLOUR: Blue, green, light blue, maroon and grey
METAL: Uranium and lead
STONES: Aquamarine, Sapphire and black pearl
FLOWERS: Azalea, Hydrangea, Poppy
NUMBERS: 1 and 9
GOOD DAY: Saturday and Sunday



Aquarius' strengths include being progressive, original and independent. Their weaknesses include shying away from emotional expression. Aquarius are deep thinkers who love to help people. They are comfortable being in a group or community, so they constantly try to be surrounded by other people. They may seem distant, but this is because they want to establish trust so they can express their emotions in a healthy way.


If someone wants a long-term relationship with an Aquarius, be sure to value integrity and honesty. In relationships, they see their partners as equals and give them the independence they need.


Aquarius: ruled by Saturn

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. These natives possess basically strong and attractive personalities. They are almost always intelligent, concise, clear and logical. Even in company they are fiercely independent, refusing to follow the crowd, and pride themselves on being so unique. They dislike interference in their way and only accept it on their own terms. They are determined and forceful in their dealings with people. Aquarians are introverted by nature and are not able to make friends easily. They are also very kind and have a strong desire to help humanity. They do not give themselves away easily. They are not even as loyal to their romantic partners, but still want total loyalty in return.


Their anger is among their negative traits and, if they are deceived, their anger is terrible and, if they are disappointed, they are unforgiving. Aquarians are very good at group projects. They are very ambitious people and they also dream a lot and sometimes their dreaming helps them to achieve their goal. Aquarians will never reveal their innermost feelings, no matter how much others try to persuade them, simply because they are incapable of doing so. They are very helpful and compassionate by nature. Aquarians are remarkable spiritual healers. They will continue to evaluate situations, people, etc. on a regular basis. However, at the end of the day, they will be just as confused as before. They are very emotional, very sensitive, but tend to be distrustful and can sometimes be very tactless and rude.

The Aquarius zodiac personality

Independent, impulsive, liberal, creative, innovative, changeable, nervous, adaptable. Great capacity for innovation and invention.

 They do not like routine, unless they like what they do too much. They are unstable, indomitable, altruistic, sociable and independent.

 They seek friendship when they lack love; when they are in love they also like freedom and independence. They are not faithful, and although they form a couple and a family, they like to have their separate life as well. They are consistent, so they also give freedom to others.

Aquarius Traits

Weaknesses: temperamental, uncompromising, aloof, unemotional.

Strengths: original, independent, humanitarian

Aquarius likes: helping others, having fun with friends, fighting for just causes, intellectual conversation, a good listener

Aquarius dislikes: broken promises, lonely or boring situations, disagreements



General description of Aquarians

The eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, is represented by the Water Bearer, a symbol of the gods who bring nourishment to the Earth. People born under the sign of Aquarius are said to be progressive, independent, intelligent, unique and idealistic. Their elemental sign is air, the same as Gemini and Libra.


Like air, Aquarians have no single, clear-cut form and seem to defy categorisation. While some Aquarians are calm and gentle, others are exuberant and energetic. That said, even these two different types of people share many of the same inner qualities.


On the one hand, Aquarius loves to spend time thinking deeply, especially when it comes to matters of society. The world is their oyster, and they want to do everything they can to improve it and help others within it. This is where their humanitarian side comes into play; they yearn to initiate positive change, an essential quality of Aquarius' ruling planet Uranus.


Mental stimulation is one of the main keys to happiness for Aquarians. Without it, they quickly become bored and disinterested. They also need plenty of time alone to think and recharge.


Finally, being an Aquarius often means being original and a little eccentric. It is not uncommon for Aquarians to embrace their creativity and uniqueness, even if it makes them stand out from others in a somewhat strange or unconventional way. This quality tends to attract them to anything new, interesting or "out there", such as avant-garde fashion, science fiction/fantasy, the cutting edge and the latest technology.

Aquarius' best and worst traits

It is difficult to define the Aquarius personality because of how much this sign can vary. However, for the most part, Aquarians share certain key traits, some of which are good and some of which are not so good.


Here are the seven best and worst characteristics of Aquarians.

Positive Aquarius traits

Aquarians are future-oriented people, often described as visionaries. They are also highly intelligent and proudly original.


#1: Visionary


Perhaps the most prominent Aquarian trait is their ambitious vision for both their future and that of society. Aquarians are extremely progressive and seek to enact positive change in the world, often through generous humanitarian efforts, such as helping in the fight against climate change or finding ways to solve the world hunger crisis.


Although they can sometimes be a little dogmatic in their beliefs, they will really do whatever it takes to make the world a better place.


Their compassion and strong sense of justice is what guides their actions and views. They also cherish freedom and aspire to extend it to all.


If you've ever wondered who is going to change the world, my best guess would be an Aquarius.


#2: Smart


Aquarius is a very intelligent, cerebral sign that has a tendency to get lost in thought while analysing something or trying to identify possible solutions to problems. They see the possibility in everything and love to dissect it for as long as they can; this, in turn, makes them especially tolerant of other points of view.


In fact, Aquarians are largely great thinkers and some of the best problem solvers. They can sometimes get a little distracted by their own thoughts, but in general they are great people to go to if you want an unbiased and well-researched answer to an issue or question.


#3: Original


Those born under the sign of Aquarius tend to be some of the most unique and original people you will ever meet, and they are proud to be so too!


Aquarians are famous for being innovators and are not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to creative projects, business solutions, etc. In fact, they pride themselves on being able to identify revolutionary ideas and approaches to make things, including society, better.


This originality also extends to the creative minds of Aquarians: many are devoted to art and love to express themselves through activities such as painting and writing.


In their personal lives, Aquarians are often described as a little (or a lot) eccentric, but it is a label that many, if not most, are willing to accept. After all, ordinary is boring!

Negative Aquarius Traits

Now that we've gone over the best Aquarius traits, it's time to look at some of the worst.



#1: Cold


Aquarians can appear cold and insensitive due to their more pragmatic and less emotional way of looking at things. Their tendency to over-analyse separates them from the world and those around them, making others uncomfortable with Aquarians' rigid thought processes.


For Aquarius, appearing impersonal or distant can be a big problem if the situation is serious or emotionally charged. You don't want to accidentally alienate important people from you!


#2: Condescendant


Aquarius may be one of the most intelligent signs, but this tendency to think deeply can lead to condescension in some cases. Aquarians are often convinced that what they think must be right and therefore everyone else is wrong.


Usually, an Aquarius is completely unaware that they are talking to someone because they truly believe that their opinion is "fact". And once they have made up their mind, it can be difficult to change it.


Naturally, this trait can be a great source of frustration for people who try to propose solutions or exchange ideas with an Aquarius, as it makes them feel intellectually inferior and less equal.


#3: Too idealistic


Although being a visionary is one of Aquarius' best traits, it is also one of their downfalls. Why? When Aquarians become too idealistic, they often find themselves believing that nothing less than perfection will do, and this can lead to dissatisfaction, frustration and even depression when they fail to achieve this high and sometimes impossible standard.


In many cases, this idealism makes Aquarians self-righteous and even a little deluded as to what they can practically do.


#4: Unpredictable


The Aquarius sign is all about change, usually change for the better, but occasionally this quality can manifest as unpredictability. Aquarians can generally find themselves emotionless, but this is because they tend to release their emotions (read: anger) in quick, sudden bursts that seem to come out of nowhere.


This bad temper is a problem for many Aquarians, especially those who face a lot of pressure in their lives, even from themselves. Aquarians do not like to be emotionally vulnerable, so when something really irritates them, it is usually the result of several different things compiled over time.


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Aquarius' characteristics in love, friendship and business

Aquarians may seem insensitive at times, but they are actually quite compassionate and sympathetic to others, mainly those closest to them. Here, we see how Aquarius is doing in love, family, friendship and business.


Aquarius in love


In a romantic relationship, Aquarius is all about intellectual stimulation. You have to be able to engage in complex and interesting conversations with an Aquarius to get them romantically interested in you. While for some the way to the heart is through the stomach, for Aquarius it is through the brain!


Aquarians crave relationships that value not only a mental connection, but also honesty and independence. As the Aquarius sign can be a bit of a loner, they will give their partner the same sense of independence, always treating them as their equal and respecting their boundaries. When it comes to love, Aquarians are generally committed for life and willing to make sacrifices for the sake of their relationship.


One thing to watch out for is Aquarius' relentless anger if they are betrayed. Cross them, and the relationship will probably end right then and there. Don't expect forgiveness from an Aquarius.


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Aquarius in family and friendship


Aquarians are very devoted to family and friends and appreciate, above all, the honesty, intellect and creativity of their loved ones. They are often willing to risk everything for the sake of their family.


In terms of friendship, Aquarians tend to be very popular, with many friends and acquaintances, due to their collaborative way of looking at the world. Sometimes their slightly condescending and self-righteous attitude can make people feel uncomfortable, but for the most part Aquarians are fun, quirky and easy to get along with.


Because Aquarians do not like to be emotionally vulnerable, it can be a challenge for them to make close friends. It takes time for Aquarius to feel truly connected to someone on an emotional and intellectual level. However, once you have befriended an Aquarius, they will be one of your most reliable friends.


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Aquarius in business


When it comes to work, Aquarians are dedicated to displaying their imaginative abilities and unique skills, typically in a conscious effort to make the world a better place.


They love to exercise their talents and intellect and thrive in environments where they can propose ideas, help others and be relentlessly creative. They do well in group projects but want clear recognition of their contributions.


Because of their humanitarian quality, Aquarians thrive in jobs that allow them to see their positive effect on the world around them. In addition, their passion for knowledge makes them ideal candidates for careers in discovery-oriented fields such as astronomy and technological work.


Here are some examples of occupations that work well for Aquarians:


- Actor/actress

- Computer programmer

- Environmental engineer

- Judge

- Political activist

- Scientific

- Social worker

- Teacher or lecturer

- Writer

Tips for the Aquarius Sign

Not all Aquarius traits will apply to you, so you will have to figure out which ones do. Once you have done so, you can start thinking about how best to use your strengths and begin to improve your weaknesses.


For example, if you consider yourself a visionary but are not sure how you would like to make a positive change in the world, you could try volunteering with a local charity or organisation. Small steps like this should help you start to see what kinds of activities you enjoy and which ones give you the most satisfaction when it comes to feeling like an advocate for something.


You could also draft a list of the causes you are most passionate about and then use this as a starting point to explore possible ways to support those causes.


Or maybe you feel you're artistic and original, but you've been dealing with writer's block recently. It's OK, it happens to everyone, even if you're not an Aquarius!


To help you get your creativity flowing again, set up a schedule where you write creatively for, say, 20 minutes every morning before you go to school or work, even if all you do is write about your day or something mundane. Before long, the very act of writing routinely should help you rekindle that lost spark.


As for the negative characteristics of Aquarius, if you have been told that you are cold and insensitive, try to work on relating to others and getting in touch with your emotions. Meditation is a great skill to learn and an easy way to help you build a stronger connection with your inner self.


If you've always had a short fuse, teach yourself to breathe and walk away first. It helps to get into the habit of doing short deep breathing exercises every day; this way you'll have a skill to fall back on when you feel like blowing something (or someone) up.

How to get along with an Aquarius

Aquarians are friendly and enjoy engaging in conversation with others, but they can take a long time to open up emotionally to people. So if you are trying to make friends with an Aquarius, know that it will take a while to get to know them beyond their intellect and outward flamboyance.


The best way to get into an Aquarius is through their mind, so try to find common ground that you can discuss, such as a shared interest in technology or art. Once you have become friends, Aquarians will be loyal and appreciate you as a person, as long as you don't betray them (they are not the forgiving type!).


It is important to always respect Aquarians' need for independence and alone time. This rule applies in all situations, whether you are a romantic partner, a family member or a friend. Remember that Aquarius deeply values freedom, so being alone can sometimes be as necessary to them as eating and sleeping.


If an Aquarius wants to be alone, don't take it personally, it's just who they are! This craving for independence could sometimes manifest itself as the need to set up as a hermit for a few days or even take a solo trip somewhere (Aquarians love to travel).


Hoping to ask an Aquarius out on a date? Some great places to take them where they feel most comfortable are museums, observatories, plays, book readings... anywhere that appeals to their creative and intellectual mind.


Finally, if you expect to get along with an Aquarius, you must be willing to accept their quirks. Aquarians pride themselves on their originality and creativity, and therefore do not want to be friends or associates with anyone who might criticise them or try to change their method of self-expression.

The personalities of the Aquarius man and woman

For these points you should read:



Typical Aquarius zodiac phrases

"I know", friendly, group-oriented, social, progressive, eccentric, reserved.

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