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Weaknesses of Aquarius: Know them to overcome them

These people are quite detached from reality and are easily agitated or angry when someone criticises their decisions.... , 2021-09-16

Very open-minded, Aquarians are real monsters when it comes to the external forces they have to harness and manage. They are also vain and can adapt to any situation, doing whatever it takes to remain fascinating.


Moreover, they love to be the rebels who bring change to the world. However, they are not precise enough to achieve anything worthy because their mind is all over the place and they want to impress with their deviations.


The weaknesses of Aquarius in a nutshell:

- The illusions they create in their heads can make them quite chaotic;

- When it comes to love, they tend to keep a great distance and avoid intimacy;

- They love their family very much, but may lack discipline and be too radical in their desires;

- In terms of work, they are not used to obeying the instructions of others.

- No regrets


Aquarians are stubborn and can easily become irritated because they consider their eccentricity to be the only thing of value and show great intolerance when it comes to debating, rather than throwing ideas around.


These people are very complicated when it comes to love, and they set their own rules, no matter what.


They cannot love with all their heart, not to mention that being independent makes them suffer.


Aquarians are rebellious by nature, but lack empathy and can assert themselves when they overcome their shortcomings.


Their unique way of being is to distance themselves emotionally from others, which is alienating them from others, not to mention that it is also opening them up to behaving darkly.


These natives have no compassion, are narcissistic and believe they are superior to others. When pushed behind limits, Aquarians are confrontational and stubborn.


They act without any consideration when it comes to how they affect other people. Moreover, they do not need anything but themselves.


Their behaviour can be destructive and they may persist in their own illusions, causing their environment to become chaotic. Dark Aquarians are often emotionless.


Looking at them from another perspective, they are able to have good ideas and accept what passes through their mind as fact.


However, their delusions can sometimes offer them a good perspective on the world. Lacking a central presence of their own, they can be enlightening and energetic, but they can easily turn into formulaic robots.


Aquarius natives see life from their own perspective. Being fixed signs, they are sure to be righteous.


Those who fight with them can exercise their frustration and at the same time know some things, but their perspective can never be influenced.


Being unwilling, these detached people do not really feel or see how a given situation is developing, which means that they are not aware of what is missing in their life or the big picture.


If angry, Aquarius individuals become angry and agitated, but at the same time they remain emotionally disinterested and ignore others.


At the same time, they can become so furious that they are the most savage and grumpy, as well as verbally unpleasant.


The weaknesses of each dean

Aquarians of the first decade are resourceful and able to rationalise emotions. They are free to love, but their freedom actually hinders their less conventional relationships.


When it comes to their relationships, these are difficult because they do not like to be possessed by their partner and, at the same time, they are jealous.


Because this decan is about liberation and not being submissive, it imposes some specific concepts on its natives. These people let others choose, and their relationships are not peaceful.


Aquarians of the 2nd decade are more physical and tougher than others, not to say cold. They can exult out of the blue and are affectionate. These people are rational and independent.


Given the order already in place in their love life, they do not let their feelings go unnoticed when dating others.


Having powerful instincts, they perceive the world without trusting their own emotions. These people love to experiment.


Aquarians of the third decade have a way of abstracting, which can be a weakness. They allow themselves to be influenced and can be victims of emotional transformations.


They may react by repressing this attitude of theirs or by not taking what they need.


Depending on what happens in their life, they may be dependent or victims of some illusions, which means that they may end up having no will or just going along with the situation.


Love and friendships

Aquarians have a strong individuality and do not seem to care about too many things in life. They pretend to have the freedom to be independent while seeking to gain autonomy.


They avoid responsibility and then blame their partner. Their repressed feelings may explode when they feel pressured.


These natives are pretentious and their actions cannot be predicted, which means that their temper can sometimes flare.


The most detached are always judging and take advantage of the vulnerabilities of others. Not paying attention, they put no passion into what they undertake and are very critical.


When it comes to intimacy, this is their weak point because they keep their distance from each other.


They are eccentric in bed and can deceive their partner by appearing intellectual. It is rare for these people to get attached and they prefer to do what their heart desires.


When it comes to bed, they can never say what they are going to do, not to mention that they can't imagine themselves with someone because they only think of themselves and how they could use the methods they know.


Aquarians are cold, superficial and unemotional. This is detrimental to them and can confuse their romantic partners.


They do not waste time with people who do not like them and have problems with intimacy. In their dark moments, they become cold and start complaining or fighting.


These people like to be paid attention to and given a touch of attention. They flirt with everyone and are perverted, which can cause their friends to be scandalised.


In this way, they are testing their own limits and are watching to see how far others can go. Arguably, this takes them away from naturalness, not to mention that it places their body in a different realm of reality.


Therefore, their obscurity is focused on artificiality until they reject themselves completely. This means they can study the psychology of mind control and synthetic biology.


They are inquisitive, unacceptable, argumentative and petty. As friends, they are too selfish, but at least they sympathise with others, even if they are not personally involved in different matters.


When it comes to lasting friendships, the actions and words of these people cannot be predicted, not to mention counted on.


However, they love philosophy, but not to obey the Law. These individuals find it difficult to work in a team. Their social life consists of standing out from the crowd because they are original and can make others feel unbalanced.


They don't ask themselves if they are being liked and use any absurd idea to amuse themselves.


Family life

Aquarians strive to be original, but they lack discipline and are too radical.


They are the rebels of the zodiac because they want to express themselves freely and never let their actions come to light. These natives are the first to become tyrants when power is in their hands.


Aquarian parents often believe that they are the only ones who are right and that their methods can only succeed, however eccentric they may be.


Children of this sign are also eccentric, from a very young age. They have to behave differently from others because this makes them more daring.


Professional career

Aquarius natives do not want to obey and are selfish, cold and never predictable.


Rebellious, they can only cause trouble, not to mention the risk of harming others if they are not passionate about their contacts and do not invest some discipline in what they are doing.


As colleagues, they do not obey what others say because they believe they are the only ones who are right.


It would be good if these natives were given freedom to choose their methods and the time in which they can work.


When they are bosses, they are arrogant and unloving, even towards their superiors, and ask for less work.


If they are independent, they may run businesses that are illegal. Stubborn about making their methods work, they find it hard to take any advice, so their success may not last long.

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