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Aquarius and Aquarius: Compatibility Percentage

How two people of the same sign get along in love, trust, sex, communication, and values...
04-03-2023 17:10

The general compatibility percentage of two people of the same zodiac sign Aquarius: 62%.

Aquarians have an overall compatibility of 62%, which means that these two signs share many characteristics and values. This means that both signs have a strong inclination for friendship, loyalty, commitment and allegiance. Both are very intellectual and share a curiosity for knowledge and truth.

They also share a strong tendency for freedom, independence and originality, which allows them to be creative and enterprising. Both share a need to be free and a tendency to reject rigidity and conventionality.

At the same time, Aquarius is also a very sensitive sign that seeks compassion and unconditional love, which makes the relationship between the two signs stronger. In conclusion, Aquarius and Aquarius have a close relationship and high compatibility.

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When it comes to compatibility between two of the same Aquarius sign, the horoscope gives them a moderately compatible relationship. While the two share the same independent and creative mindset, the two have profoundly different needs.

First, communication between the two of you can be difficult, as you both may have different perspectives on situations and problems. To improve communication between the two of you, it is important that you both be honest and open in your discussions. It is important to listen to what the other has to say without prejudice and try to understand their point of view.

Secondly, trust between the two of you is vital to a healthy relationship. Aquarians can be a bit distrustful, so it's important for the two of you to be honest and faithful to each other. It is important that you spend time together and stay connected to build and reinforce trust between the two of you.

Third, the values and principles of the two may be similar, but also different. It is important that you both recognize and respect each other's values and principles, without trying to change them. This will help both of you maintain a healthy relationship.

Sex between the two of you can be a complicated issue. Aquarians may have different sexual needs and desires, so it's important for the two of you to be open and honest about each other's desires. This will help the two of you have a good sexual experience together.

In general, the Aquarius sign and the Aquarius sign have a moderately compatible relationship. However, if the two are committed to working on their communication, trust, values and sexuality, they can have a much more satisfying relationship.

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