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Love Compatibility: Aquarius woman and Aquarius man

The horoscope gives the Aquarian-Aquarian bond a very good love compatibility. They can form a nice couple and get along really well.  They both share a strong perso... , 2023-03-04

  1. The Aquarius+Aquarius link
  2. The Aquarius-Aquarius connection
  3. Characteristics of the Aquarius sign
  4. Aquarius and Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility
  5. Love compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius
  6. Aquarius and Aquarius Family Compatibility

The horoscope gives the Aquarian-Aquarian bond a very good love compatibility. They can form a nice couple and get along really well.

 They both share a strong personality. He is somewhat innocent and distracted. She falls in love easily and is faithful, but her love does not last long and is not passionate; she is also jealous, but knows how to hide it. Perhaps this is the greatest weakness in the couple.

 If they are truly in love, the bond will be long and fulfilling.

The Aquarius+Aquarius link

An Aquarius on their own comes across as arrogant as they are trying to prove themselves. But when they date someone so much like them, suddenly there is a great change within them. Instead of looking at themselves with such admiration, they look at this other person who builds them up and compliments them in such a way, that arrogance transforms into quiet confidence because they found someone so special.

The Aquarius-Aquarius connection

If you have the opportunity to see an Aquarian couple, I am sure you will agree that they look like twins who barely differ. They understand each other as siblings, which is why they have the most complex relationship in the zodiac.

 They are very positive and dynamic and treat every day like the last one on earth, so if they choose to spend time together, they will spend it having some quiet and impressive experiences.

 This couple does not believe in what society has to say, and do not agree at all with stupid and pseudo-useful opinions. They have a vision of how life should be, and they follow it in the right way throughout their lives, undisturbed by the terrible turbulence of the world.

 Tradition is the same as norms and laws and rules for this couple, and this will inevitably lead to unconventional boredom and routine, and they will totally choose to skip all these ugly and unnecessary problems made to destroy the atmosphere of their life.

 With similar interests and almost the same passions, especially intellectual and high level, these signs are naturally gifted with great communication skills and will not let this great talent go to waste.

 While others may call them strange or out of place, it is irrelevant to them, as long as their relationship continues to sail through the clouds.

 These two are living their life potential to the fullest, trying to fulfil their days with many, many interesting activities.

 Even if sometimes this impulsiveness with their life leads to some easy little conflicts, they will resolve them immediately, due to their ability to compromise. They review the issue, and try to find the best solutions without getting violent.

 The adventurous spirit and thirst for knowledge lead this couple to the most innovative and unpredictable experiences in their beautiful journey called life. If you are a member of this type of couple, be proud and be ready to explore the wonderful joy of the world.

Characteristics of the Aquarius sign

The compatibility of Aquarius with Aquarius will be good. They are one of the few signs that get along well with their own signs. Aquarius natives don't mind fitting in, for they know they are made to stand out. They are stubborn and obstinate, and what matters least to them is other people's opinion of them. They are visionaries with original ideas. Aquarius loves their independence, but that doesn't mean that the idea of a relationship doesn't cross their mind. As much as they love their freedom, they hate being alone. Therefore, they wait for the right person, and when they find their soul mate, they don't mind giving up their independence. When two Aquarians get together, they can last a lifetime. They will both be free-spirited, easy-going and see the world head on. There will be excitement, adventure and love in this relationship. These two will hit it off instantly and have a rich and intense understanding. They will go from being best friends to lovers, as the chemistry will create fireworks between the two Aquarians.

Aquarius and Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility

The compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius will be to focus on the more positive aspects of humanity. Aquarius loves helping people and contemplating social change. This couple gets along so well that people around them choke with jealousy.

They have many shared interests, such as discussing progressive and modern ideas and following current affairs. Aquarius is under the planets Saturn and Uranus. Uranus controls novel ideas, which makes the Aquarian intellect very eccentric and extreme. Saturn gives Aquarius responsibility, work ethic and tenacity. These qualities make this a very respectable and productive compatibility. Aquarius is an Air Sign, so they are able to confront and contribute ideas on issues with their intellectual abilities. This also makes the compatibility between Aquarius and Aquarius self-confident.

They have great conversations, but creating emotional intimacy can be a challenge, as they can be emotionally distant. Aquarius is a fixed sign. This makes this couple terribly stubborn, but very productive. They both have creative ideas and respect their partner's contribution to their common goal. At times, these two may quarrel because of their strong opinions, but they can solve these small problems. The best feature of Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility is their ability to come up with new ideas due to their different life paths. As individuals and visionaries, this duo takes the initiative for brilliant innovations and cultural reforms.

Love compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius

The love compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius will be that of two best friends. At first they will admire each other as friends, but their sparkling chemistry will make them take the step towards a romantic relationship. It is also why these two can be emotionally distant at first, as well as somewhat unromantic. The transition from friend to lover can be difficult for them, but it is worth it. Both will care deeply for each other without being possessive, as they know how important emancipation is to their partner.

They will share many fun and intellectual conversations. As they are both social animals and enjoy a good party, they will spend their evenings going out and having fun with their social groups.

They will give each other time and space so that their partner and themselves do not feel overwhelmed. However, there are certain things that the natives will have to keep in mind to make Aquarius and Aquarius love compatibility work.

Aquarians have a big ego, and this can spoil things for them. Their egos can cause conflict in the relationship, and as both partners will be stubborn, neither will want to back down and end the argument. But if they learn to compromise a little with their partner, Aquarius and Aquarius love compatibility can go a long way.

Aquarius and Aquarius Family Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius family compatibility will be based on numerous similarities. The freedom-loving, commitment-averse Aquarius partner will take time to reach the point where they will start thinking about their family life, but once they do, balancing family life will be child's play for both of them.

Your marriage will be based on mutual trust and respect and the ability to give the right time and space to your partner. You will be able to understand each other without having to say a word.

Aquarius and Aquarius family compatibility will be full of adventure, laughter, loyalty and love. They communicate well with each other, which leaves no room for doubt or misinterpretation of thoughts. Overall, this couple will be good spouses and good parents and will lead a healthy family life.

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