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How is the Scorpio zodiac in the family?

Sincerity and truthfulness are fundamental elements that any friendship with a Scorpio must possess. It may take a while to create this connection, but once establ...
25-03-2023 16:25

Sincerity and truthfulness are fundamental elements that any friendship with a Scorpio must possess.

It may take a while to create this connection, but once established, the Scorpio will be a faithful and loyal friend.

 This sign is characterized by their wit and intellectuality, and prefers to surround themselves with friends who share their humor and their capacity for acceptance. Although it is a generous sign on many occasions, it does not tolerate disappointment and rarely forgives.

 In addition, it is very susceptible to emotional wounds and does not easily forget them.

 The Scorpio's commitment to his family is very strong.

He is an excellent manager and advocate when necessary.

 Scorpios are very selective when it comes to choosing friends, and only keep their relationship with reliable and trustworthy people.

 They will never associate with unethical individuals.

Scorpio's relationship with their children

The Scorpio mother is characterized by being extremely protective of her children and watching over their safety at all times.

 However, this maternal figure may not show affection easily, even though her love for them is immense.

Scorpio chooses to raise independent, fair, strong and self-esteemed children.

 Likewise, she will encourage them to develop their natural abilities and will support them so that they can excel in whatever they set their minds to.

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  • Which characteristics of the Scorpio woman could make her susceptible to seduction?

    The Scorpio woman is characterized by her passion, intensity, and strong will. These qualities make her a fascinating and magnetic personality that attracts others. Her susceptibility to seduction may therefore be related to her longing for deep emotional connection and intimacy. Scorpio women often yearn for a deep, meaningful connection with others, which can sometimes make them vulnerable to seduction, especially when they feel that their emotional needs are not being met.

    Furthermore, the Scorpio woman is very intuitive and can often instinctively recognize the motives and intentions of other people. If she feels that someone is showing genuine interest in her or establishing a strong emotional bond, she may be more inclined to open up and potentially be more susceptible to seduction.

    It is important to note that these are only general characteristics and individual differences may exist in each Scorpio woman. Ultimately, it is always important to be honest and respectful in all relationships.

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