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Scorpio in love: What is his compatibility with you?

Some would say they are controlling, others that their love is fiery.... , 2022-07-15

When in love, Scorpios become loyal and affectionate, but only if the partner is 100% devoted to them. They can become as possessive and jealous as Taurus, and believe that betrayal and infidelity are simply unacceptable. They will take immediate revenge if their partner betrays them.

When they fall in love with someone, Scorpios become powerful and intense. They are not the most emotional people, but they will show their love with affectionate gestures and by making their lover feel that they are the most important person in the world. They are sensual creatures who don't mind expressing their feelings.

Scorpio natives are full of passion and lust for life and will seem mysterious to many. They can be disinterested and relaxed one minute, and attentive and affectionate the next.

These guys live for extremes, showering others with their hot and then cold personality. They don't like to share details of their personal lives with people, and are able to keep secrets better than anyone else.

Besides, they will never reveal their deepest feelings because they don't want to get hurt. You can trust them with all your most hidden secrets. They will never tell.

But if you want to be their partner, you first have to gain their trust. And this can be difficult. Also, you will have to stay out of their love life.

If you have something to hide, they will find out immediately, as they have investigative skills. They are so good at finding out things about people, they would make incredible love detectives.

Connecting on an intimate level

Seductive and an enigma to many, Scorpios are incredible lovers. They have a magnetism and intuition that helps them identify what their partner wants.

When they make love, they are not only looking for a physical connection, but also for something emotional.

They want to really connect with their partner, to get close to their inner thoughts and feelings. Because they are passionate, intimate and hidden, they make anyone curious about them.

They get excited when they meet extreme characters, and want to connect with others on an intimate level.

Fascinated by power, these types will seduce to control. When they love someone, they are deep and meaningful. There is nothing superficial about Scorpios. Intensity is what characterises them most.

But it will take a long time for a person to let their guard down. They pay close attention to the people they trust. Terrified of getting hurt, they want their lover to be worthy of their full attention.

When they decide to give their heart to someone, Scorpios will devote their whole life to the right person. When they make a commitment, they make it for life.

Complex and irresistible, their emotions are real and deep. Relationships are very important to these people. It can be an adventure to be their partner, as they also need their own space.

Balance is a problem in the relationship with them. They need someone who cares, a person who can arouse their emotions without being too needy and invasive.

His selective nature in love

Many would say that Scorpios are insensitive and cold, but they are not. They simply do not know how to adequately show the feelings they have so intensely.

These kids need to be with someone who is willing to put up with their emotions. Someone strong and down to earth would be perfect for them.

When in conversation, Scorpios don't talk about the weather or the latest news in the fashion industry. They like to have deep and meaningful discussions on matters of life and philosophy.

They may be reserved and quiet at first, but become more talkative as the discussion becomes more engaging.

They have a good sense of humour, and can make others feel good at a party or social gathering. They do not like to use metaphors and other conversational devices.

When they talk, they tell it like it really is, and don't spin anything. Gossip and chatter is not something they like.

Don't ask for their opinion unless you are completely open to hearing something honest and from the heart.

When they fall in love, Scorpios cling to the person they like. They will do anything to please and make their partner feel good. They tend to be possessive, and expect to receive the same amount of love and affection they offer.

Moody, Scorpio-borns can sometimes irritate their partner with their changing emotional states. If they are upset or angry, they shut down completely, not allowing anyone to communicate with them.

It is essential that they learn to communicate better if they want to be successful in their relationships. Normally, Water signs like Scorpio are most compatible with Earth or other Water signs. They will be able to cope with the Scorpio's moods.

Great family people, Scorpios will make incredible parents and spouses. They are supportive and good providers. Also, you should know that they are observant and attentive.

When you feel bad, they will know it without the need to inform you verbally. And they will do everything they can to make you feel better.

They have the power to guess what you are going to say before you have even opened your mouth. That's because they like to study behaviour and emotions. That's why they are so good at knowing when someone is lying to them.

Just keep them safe and not jealous, and you will have someone reliable and loving by your side, for a long time to come.

A hidden secret of seduction

That is why they sometimes keep quiet before committing themselves. They know that they will lose themselves too soon. As soon as the relationship becomes serious, they will be one with their partner. But before things get to that point, some control issues need to be worked out with them.

Fine students of psychology, they can be too intrusive when it comes to the thoughts and feelings of the other half. A little yoga or meditation would be helpful to take their minds off this.

They need to calm down and think about something else instead of what their partner is going through. Not to mention that they don't get involved if they don't know that the relationship will eventually pay off. This can often cause them to lose out on love.

Sometimes they seduce just to discover the other person's personality and innermost secrets. If they are in love, they analyse all the qualities and flaws of a person, until they are sure they want to get involved on a deeper level.

They are the kind of people who do their research, check their pockets and Google every little detail. But when it comes to emotions, no one can beat them.

They can hardly manage their feelings on their own, so it can be difficult for another person to manage their inner world as well. In addition, they have a humour that many would not understand.

Serious and attentive, Scorpios will not express their anger or disappointment directly if they are wronged. They will wait and retaliate in silence.

In fact, their vengeful nature is what drives many people away. They are known as the most dangerous sign of the zodiac, as they take the time to study a person and attack them where it matters most, if they have done something to harm them.

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