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Here's why Scorpio is the most obsessive of the zodiac signs

Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio probably has one of the worst reputations, and here's one reason why: Scorpios are very prone to obsessions.... , 2020-05-24

Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio probably has one of the worst reputations, and here's one reason why: Scorpios are very prone to obsessions. Scorpio is very much ruled by the sacral chakra, the sexual energy centre of the body, as well as the part of the body that governs our subconscious emotions. It can allow you to be highly creative, intuitive, and in touch with the deep parts of yourself that others dare not delve into.

When the sacral chakra is out of balance, a person can be prone to addictions or obsessions. This is often due to self-esteem issues.

In terms of the reincarnation of a person in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, these problems are often due to past life
traumas in which sexuality, control, and perhaps even prostitution was a major issue. In terms of current life for a Scorpio, feelings of insecurity and entanglement with parental figures are often the root cause.

Sometimes these obsessions can actually be beneficial. When a Scorpio is passionate about something or someone, they can focus a lot of energy on their object of desire, whether it is a project, talent, skill, support group, or another person. It can allow Scorpios to be very successful in terms of working in a place they are passionate about.

Scorpios can also be extremely seductive and romantic in that sense. However, when you decide to leave a Scorpio, they do not take it kindly. They have a tendency to become obsessed with their object of desire, obsessively thinking about them and luring them back again and again, even if the situation is not a good fit. They become very attached and find it difficult to let go because of this obsessive nature, which can become clingy. This is particularly true for people who have their moon in Scorpio, the moon is what rules our emotions.

When I watched the Netflix show, I immediately thought that the main character, Joe, must be a Scorpio because of his obsessive nature. Penn Badgley, the actor who plays him, is a Scorpio, and he certainly fits the role well with his dark and brooding character. Speculating about Joe's zodiac sign online, Badgley himself tweeted: "If we start profiling killers based on their natal astrological chart we're on a level of superstition equal to witch hunts, right? I guess at least it would fall on the backs of men.... He's a Scorpio. Manson was a Scorpion.

I'm not saying that Scorpions are more likely to be serial killers, because they are often very loving. The damage they can do is typically due to the depth of their emotions as a water sign, but they have this obsessive tendency about them.

When a Scorpio knows how to channel that energy effectively, for example, like Drake, Katy Perry and Joaquin Phoenix, they can prove to be very successful and hardworking when it comes to going after what they really want creatively. They have to learn to overcome their fears and self-esteem issues, or at least put them aside, in order to do so.

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