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Why is Scorpio the most obsessive zodiac sign?

Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio probably has one of the worst reputations, and here's one reason why: Scorpios are very prone to obsessions.... , 2023-03-25

Among all the zodiac signs, Scorpio usually has a rather negative reputation for one reason: they have an obsessive tendency.

 The main reason for this is that Scorpio is ruled by the sacral chakra, which is the sexual energy center of the body and also governs our subconscious emotions.

This allows them to be very intuitive, creative, and connect with the depths of their being that others dare not explore.

 When the sacral chakra is not balanced, it can lead a person to have addictions or obsessions.

 This, to a large extent, is due to self-esteem issues.

 As for reincarnation, the problems a person has when incarnating in the sign of Scorpio are often a consequence of traumas suffered in past lives where sexuality, control, and sometimes even prostitution, were major issues.

In their current life, feelings of insecurity and complex relationships with parental figures are often the main cause of these obsessions.

 However, sometimes these obsessions can be beneficial.

 When a Scorpio is passionate about something or someone, they can focus a lot of energy on it, whether it is a project, talent, skill, support group, or another person.

 For this reason, Scorpios can be very successful in terms of working in a place they are passionate about.

Scorpios can be seductive and romantic, but also obsessive in love.

 Scorpios are known to be extremely seductive and romantic in relationships.

 However, when they are dumped, they can react in an unkind manner.

 Obsession is a common Scorpio trait; once they have an object of desire, they tend to think obsessively about that person and try to attract them back, even if the situation is not right.

They become so attached that they find it hard to let go, due to their obsessive and clingy nature.

 This is especially true for those who have their moon in Scorpio, as the moon rules our emotions.

 When watching the Netflix series "You," I immediately thought that the main character, Joe, must be Scorpio due to his obsessive nature.

 It turns out that the actor who plays him, Penn Badgley, is also a Scorpio, which explains the similarity to the dark and brooding character.

 Searching online for Joe's zodiac sign, Badgley tweeted, "If we start profiling ourselves as murderers based on their astrological chart, we'd be on the same level as witch hunts, right?" confirming that while there are similarities, astrology cannot justify a criminal's behavior.

I don't mean to say that all Scorpios are prone to be serial killers, as many of them are very loving.

 However, the depth of their emotions, as a water sign, is what can lead them to cause harm.

 When Scorpios learn to channel that obsessive energy effectively, as Drake, Katy Perry and Joaquin Phoenix do, they can be very successful and hardworking in achieving their creative goals.

 Despite this, it is important that they overcome their self-esteem and fear issues in order to achieve their desired success.

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