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Signs that a Scorpio man likes you

Spoiler alert: your Scorpio man likes you when he spends more time with you than with anyone else and his messages are full of compliments....
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  1. Top 10 signs that a Scorpio likes you
  2. How to tell if your Scorpio likes you
  3. Texting with your sweetheart
  4. Are you falling in love?
  5. Do your homework

There are two very simple words that describe what to look for when trying to figure out whether your Scorpio crush likes you or not, and they are: fiery passion. This man is the type who is either in or out, there is really no in-between.

Top 10 signs that a Scorpio likes you

1) Wants to experience new things with you.

2) It does not hide behind words.

3) Maintains eye contact for what seems like an eternity.

4) He goes out of his way to help you in the little things.

5) He tends to spend more time with you than with anyone else in his life.

6) Your messages are flirtatious and full of compliments.

7) Always try to find out more about yourself.

8) Keep finding excuses to be close to you.

9) Act as if you have been together for a long time.

10) He has a hypnotic and passionate flirting style.

When this boy likes someone, the mountains shake and you feel the searing flames of his love burning you.

Not that it becomes an obsession, but it could also be called that, if you look at how intense his emotions are. He will literally look at you and only you, in a room with dozens of people. Once he has fixed his gaze on you, he will never leave it again, because he really wants to win you over.

What happens between the two of you, if you give him access to your personal emotional vault, is a union of the highest and deepest calibre.

How to tell if your Scorpio likes you

If a Scorpio is interested in you, it's going to be a pretty obvious matter, because he's pretty straightforward about it, and will even declare it himself.

Either way, you'll know, because he won't waste any time making you realise how much he likes you. If he wants something deeper and different than just a one-night stand, he's going to be very determined, dedicated and honest about the whole thing.

After enough time has passed, and considering that you have gone ahead with his approach, the Scorpio man will already be very interested in getting to know you as a whole, and he will not give up this quest any time soon, if the mystery is deep enough.

It's not that easy to figure out if someone likes you, but if you pay attention to how this guy behaves when he's around you, it will eventually become pretty obvious that he does things differently.

However, in general, you will catch him staring at you, watching you, the object of all his attention. In fact, his eyes are one of the main telltale signs, and you would do well to pay attention to them.

Also, his general behaviour will reflect the growing interest, because he cannot quite control himself when he is around you. He is going to try new things, to experiment, to see how you will react, and so his ideas can seem quite strange at times.

He watches with double attention what his sweetheart is doing, and cannot help but study her from a safe place, admiring her feminine grace, her charming smile, the way she speaks, and the way a little wrinkle forms on her forehead when she laughs.

He notices many things, and if you catch him looking at you at any given moment, you will indeed see the fascination hidden in his eyes, the growing interest, that feeling of love that escapes so many of us at first glance.

It is very obvious in this sense, because he wants to be close to you, and to keep in close contact with you.

He will subtly ensure that you have reason to talk throughout the day, or that you set up a date on a weekend morning, ending sometime in the evening.

After spending so much time together, you will surely have talked about many things, and the bond will have grown deeper and deeper.

His lover is worth all the time in the world, so he will want nothing more than to be with you, always, and for that he is willing to pay almost any price.

Moreover, if someone threatens to take this opportunity away from him, and acts as a competitor, he will react instantly, trying to push him back. This woman is already taken, and she will be no one's but his.

Another thing worth knowing about the Scorpio man is that he likes to take his time, withdraw into his own inner world and cut off all contact with the outside world, sometimes for days at a time.

It's something he does from time to time, to regain balance, from all the stressful work of the week, maybe there were problems he needed to solve. In general, it's his way of recovering, but keep in mind that he may also have found someone else to talk to, another potential interest.

Call him to remind him that there is already someone who might be interested, if he doesn't give up so quickly. He should be reassured that you are not completely oblivious to his advances, and things will quickly get back on track.

Texting with your sweetheart

Romance is conveyed through words, and in this case, it couldn't be truer, because the Scorpio native is going to be very explicit that he likes you, right from the start, through his messages.

And this means that he will tell you himself, and he will spend the whole day talking to you about almost everything that happens in his life.

Be prepared for endless hours of chatter, and don't reject this prospect from the start, because their great enthusiasm fades as quickly as it first appeared. Be patient, and honestly, it's now great to see how much they like you.

His approach has never been so refreshing and lively, as the Scorpio man will compliment you directly, or tell you that he finds you attractive, through flirtatious texts.

It's really good, not having to beat around the bush like so many others do, and your lover will really appreciate it.

Beware of intentionally buying time before answering, in an attempt to maintain the mystery, because it will not be taken well.

Deep down, the Scorpio man worries that he may become annoying with the frequency with which he texts you, and he may stop texting you for a while, but this is not a cause for concern. After a few days, he will come back with new strength.

Are you falling in love?

Does the guy always look at you wherever you meet him? If he does, it's a pretty strong sign that he'd like to get to know you better.

At first he will try to befriend you, then he will start flirting, and then, when he gets to know you better, and if he likes you, he will start acting like a real lover, bringing you gifts, being affectionate and tender.

You'll start to wonder how he does it, how he's always there when you need him most, because it almost seems like magic.

The truth is that he is always thinking of you, whatever he does, so of course the right actions come naturally to him.

Do your homework

First of all, he is very determined to win your heart, and he will stop at nothing to get it. He will not be put off by anything, not by petty arguments or conflicts, not by the existence of other guys chasing you, etc. In fact, the competition further strengthens his conviction.

Secondly, the Scorpio man will always act as your protector, and will not let anyone attack or insult you. He will fight fiercely for your honour and well-being, if it comes to that.

No one can expect to touch you in the slightest with him in the vicinity. He is as intense as the next guy, and if he is fully aware that you are his partner, nothing can stand in his way.

Finally, the Scorpio man is also very jealous, because he wants you for himself, and no one else. If he sees you talking to other guys, he will start behaving badly, because he sees it as an act of betrayal of some kind.

Reassure him and tell him that everything is fine, that he is still the owner of your heart, and that everything will work out.

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