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Compatibilities of Scorpio with other zodiac signs

Water sign, compatible with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  They are emotional, sensitive, empathetic, intuitive and helpful.  They find it difficult to... , 2022-07-22

Water sign, compatible with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

 They are emotional, sensitive, empathetic, intuitive and helpful.

 They find it difficult to make decisions and take action. Affection is very important to them.

 They like to express their feelings and expect this from others.

 They are not practical.

Somewhat compatible also with Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Scorpio: compatibility for a partner

In general, Scorpio is a creature of deep and mind-blowing passion. A relationship has to be the eruption of a volcano, or it just doesn't work for them. Sexuality, jealousy, love that burns the heart and tears the soul. You won't see it in Scorpio, who is a master of hidden emotions, but you will feel it.

 Even if it seems to be normal and simple, a love affair with Scorpio is something to remember for life, even if it is just one night.

 Scorpio thrives on everything emotional: anxiety, longing, fear, attraction, satisfaction. All the feelings of the human palette, and then some. This love story has to express them all. Otherwise, Scorpio is not attracted, despite his big appetite.


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Scorpio: compatibility with other signs

Scorpio, the troublemaker of the zodiac, belongs to the water element, which is the element of all things emotional. So are Cancer and Pisces. But that doesn't necessarily mean that Scorpio is particularly compatible with them, they need to share the same feelings and be ready to be carried away by those feelings.

 Nor is Scorpio always incompatible with, say, the fire that is Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, although they are quite different. In reality, differences are important in a relationship.

 This is most evident when comparing astrological qualities: cardinal, fixed and mutable. Each sign of the Zodiac has one of these qualities.

Scorpio is fixed, which means it is slow to change, somewhat conservative.

 Scorpio even looks always to the distant past and traditions. That does not go well with other fixed signs in a relationship. The fixed ones are Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. None of them are compatible with Scorpio, as they will insist on their respective ways, quite reluctant to compromise. Scorpio finds that they are too limited and predictable.

 Scorpio is more compatible with the mutable signs. They are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. They are much more apt to adapt. Perhaps too soon for Scorpio to finally indulge. Scorpio needs resistance and surprise.

 With cardinal signs, always demanding to lead, things can get complicated with Scorpio if there is little mutual attraction from the start. There should be passion. If there is not, the two may sooner or later find they are incompatible. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

But nothing is set in stone. A relationship is complex. There is no guarantee of what will work and what will not.

 All the personality traits of each zodiac sign must be taken into account when examining your astrological compatibility.


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What kind of person is a good match for a Scorpio?

A Scorpio needs someone who is genuine and honest. Scorpios do not trust or forgive easily, and appreciate someone who is sincere.


A Scorpio's partner has to be patient because they can be very unpredictable. They often change their plans in the middle of an activity, and can be emotionally unpredictable. They can quickly vacillate between happiness and anger. Also, they do not fall in love easily, so the Scorpio partner must understand that they need time to form strong emotional bonds.


Scorpios also value intelligence in their loved ones. You have to be intelligent to hang out with someone of this sign.


Finally, a Scorpio needs to be with someone who is incredibly respectful. Although Scorpios like to joke around, they don't like to be joked with. Because they don't tolerate being put down, they need to be with someone who treats them with the utmost respect. This is important for Scorpio compatibility.

What kind of person doesn't go for a Scorpio?

The worst people for Scorpios are controlling. Scorpios are extremely independent and do not want to give up control. Trying to control a Scorpio will not work and will not be appreciated.


Also, if you argue, you will not fit in well with a Scorpio. They have very strong opinions, and do not want their opinions challenged by their partners.


If you have problems with monogamy, avoid Scorpio. Scorpios in love are jealous and possessive. If you flirt too much or succumb to temptation, you will bear Scorpio's wrath. You don't want to bear Scorpio's wrath. All these attributes make you incompatible with this sign.

What does Scorpio compatibility really mean and how should you use this information?

The compatibility of your signs does not completely dictate whether or not your relationship will be successful. If your signs are extremely compatible, you will not necessarily have a beautiful and lasting relationship. If your signs are not compatible at all, it doesn't mean that your relationship is automatically doomed.


Use the information in this guide to try to understand your partner and recognise how potential conflicts may arise. If both you and your partner want to be in control, perhaps you can occasionally relinquish power or make a sincere effort to have an equal relationship. Let your partner make plans for the weekend. Resist the urge to try to correct their behaviour.


Find out what you can do to maintain harmony. If you are involved with a Leo, their friendly behaviour doesn't mean they are disloyal or want to play games. Instead of repeatedly questioning his fidelity, do your best to have faith that he just wants to be with you.


Regardless of your partner's signal, for any relationship to be successful, you need trust, respect, open communication and commitment.


For Scorpio, your challenge is that you are stubborn, hesitant to trust, and like to be in control. When you find someone worthwhile, you may need to soften these qualities a little to maintain a good relationship. But you should also be with someone who loves and accepts the person you are.

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