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6 little things you need to understand about the relationship between Taurus and Virgo

Here's the truth: understanding your partner's emotions is like the sixth language of love....
17-05-2020 23:48

Here's the truth: understanding your partner's emotions is like the sixth language of love.

When it comes to a Taurus-Virgo relationship, a Virgo may have trouble deciphering a Taurus' feelings and emotions, while a Taurus may have difficulty satisfying a Virgo's sensitive needs.

So, first things first: understand the emotions of both a Taurus and a Virgo and how different they can be.

1. A Taurus usually keeps his feelings to himself.

"Reserved" suits them best. They stuff their emotions down their own throats and keep them there. They will shut themselves off if they have to. They ignore their problems and feelings until they disappear. Sometimes it takes them a while to open up, and sometimes, they just don't.

2. A Virgo will let you know how sensitive they can be.

A Virgo will usually, if not always, open up and express themselves. When they keep things bottled up, they become anxious. Sometimes they hesitate to talk about their feelings for fear of being judged. Still, they show their sensitive side because it makes them feel better.

3. If you are a Taurus, don't judge a Virgo for wanting to be organised and in control.

Understand that it is their hard-working and organisation-obsessed qualities that make them want to "fix" any problem you have. Virgos like to be in control. Don't judge them. They are sensitive, remember?

4. If you are a Virgo, don't take emotions away from a Taurus.

Their stubborn side will come out instead. Fighting with them is pointless. Yes, Virgos, you like to feel in control, but don't get upset. You tend to want to address other people's problems, but you have to understand how difficult that can be with a Taurus. Don't try to fix them. They won't budge.

5. Understand that a Virgo likes tranquillity.

A Virgo embraces one of the universal languages of love: words of affirmation. They want to feel needed. They need to be reassured. If the relationship is not good, they will do anything to try to change it, and they will probably wonder if it is right. A Virgo is an anxious, sensitive and (sometimes) needy person. So be it.

6. Understand that a Taurus will want to be independent.

In a way, this goes hand in hand with their stubborn quality. Do they feel they can do things on their own - born leaders or stubborn, selfish and domineering? Maybe a bit of both? Let it happen.

If both the Taurus and the Virgo know what to expect from the other person in the relationship, it is a good match. This relationship may seem easy enough, until it comes to emotions, and then there is work to be done in trying to understand.

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  • As a Virgo man, how can I attract a Taurus woman and in what way?

    ? Dear consultant, as a Virgo man seeking to attract a Taurus woman, it is important to understand certain things about the relationship between these two zodiac signs. Here are 6 little things to understand about the relationship between Taurus and Virgo, which could help you catch the attention of this special woman:

    1️⃣ Natural Compatibility: Tauruses and Virgos share a natural compatibility due to their pragmatic approach to life. Both signs value stability, security, and commitment in a relationship.

    2️⃣ Patience is Essential: Tauruses are known for being patient and steady in their relationships. As a Virgo, you must show your patient, reliable, and steady side to win the heart of a Taurus woman.

    3️⃣ Attention to Detail: Virgos are detail-oriented and enjoy taking care of others. Pay attention to the little details that will make her happy, whether it's being attentive to her needs or planning special dates.

    4️⃣ Honest Communication: Tauruses appreciate honesty and sincerity. Make sure to communicate openly with her, sharing your feelings, thoughts, and aspirations.

    5️⃣ Mutual Respect: Both signs place great importance on mutual respect in a relationship. Show her respect, admiration, and consideration to strengthen your bond.

    6️⃣ Balance between Security and Adventure: Find a balance between the security you offer as a reliable Virgo man and the adventure that a relationship with a Taurus woman can bring, as she also enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone at times.

    By embodying these qualities and showing your true self, you can definitely attract the interest and affection of a Taurus woman. Remember to be authentic, caring, and patient in your approach. ?✨

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