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What gifts to buy for the Scorpio woman

In this article some tips on gifts that can please the Scorpio woman.... , 2020-05-24

When buying something for a Scorpio woman, always remember that even if her taste is a little unusual or creepy, she won't appreciate anything nasty or cheap.

You can choose something truly bizarre for her, such as a beautiful skull or vintage
taxidermy, though make sure it is something she will actually display in her home. Framed butterflies or moths are a perfect gift for this sign which rules the cycles of death and rebirth, transformation and the metamorphosis of the soul, which butterflies symbolise. All the better if you can find a framed set that includes a scorpion, their symbol. Snakes are another Scorpion symbol, and also recall death and rebirth.

While snakeskin printed items may not appeal, snake jewellery will usually do, especially if it is extremely realistic or ethnic/geometric.

Exotic items from other countries, especially textiles or costume items, will usually delight your Scorpio woman. Think hats, headdresses, kaftans or unusual loose-fitting tunics.

Perfumes and body oils in spicy, heavy scents and resinous fragrances will often appeal, as well as hard-to-find
 herbs and spices for your cooking.

Anything related to the occult, human psychology, diverse cultures and sexuality will definitely interest her, especially old books on these subjects.

Exquisite underwear and luxurious lingerie will please your Scorpio woman, who can dress in simple black from head to toe (always a safe bet when buying clothes for her), but choose bras, underwear.

When in doubt, go with purple, red or black, as few Scorpios will be bothered by these colours.

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