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Scorpio qualities, positive and negative traits

Dominant and passionate, Scorpio people feel the need to be at the forefront of change and to control what is happening around them....
15-07-2022 13:19

  1. Scorpio qualities in a nutshell
  2. A fascinating personality
  3. Positive qualities of Scorpio
  4. Negative Scorpio Traits
  5. Qualities of the Scorpio man
  6. Qualities of the Scorpio woman

Scorpios are the most intense people in the zodiac, so when they are devoted to someone, they are the most loyal yet competitive of friends or partners.

These natives tend to be overprotective and empathetic, making them great companions and lovers. Mysterious and with a strange magnetism, they are also known as the most possessive yet vengeful people in the western zodiac.

Scorpio qualities in a nutshell

Positive traits: Cunning, charm and loyalty;

Negative traits: Impatience, possessiveness and aggressiveness;

Symbolism: The Scorpion is a symbol of the power of intuition, endurance and revenge.

Motto: Desire.

In the eighth position of the zodiac, Scorpio represents courageous and passionate people, who have a need for lifelong relationships. Their gaze is intense and their movements very sensual.

A fascinating personality

All Scorpio-born people are known for their passion, assertiveness, determination and decisiveness. They are born leaders who always seek the truth, whatever the situation.

This makes them very resourceful and appreciated by others. Being a Water sign, these natives seem to be connected to their own emotions and aware of their feelings.

However, their emotional expressiveness seems to be different from that of other Water signs. They can really keep a secret and, in fact, are themselves mysterious.

Scorpio's ruling planet is the controversial Pluto, which makes Scorpio natives need to have authority in any situation. It can be difficult to get them to trust someone, but once they do, you can be sure that they will be with that person for life.

Pluto happens to be the ruler of rebirth and transformation, and also the ruler of this sign. Scorpios are therefore quiet, always composed and true enigmas to others.

Many see them as these fierce creatures who can understand everything about the Universe. Many of these individuals seem older than their actual age because they are mature and down to earth.

There seems to be no one more jealous and possessive than them, so they may have to work on this a bit, especially if they want to get along with others.

They do not mind making friends and therefore surround themselves with many people. Their imagination and strength are incredible, and they often rely on their intuition.

When it comes to criticising and analysing, they seem to have the necessary skills and make correct assumptions. It turns out that Scorpio is also the most obsessive sign of the zodiac, which means that its natives have the potential to become geniuses.

Although it may seem that they don't care or pay attention, in reality they observe every little detail of their environment and the people around them.

These natives never forget and often use what they know about a person to get revenge or to turn situations to their advantage. For this reason, they are great businessmen, able to hide their negotiating skills until they are really needed.

As they analyse and observe, they are also good psychologists, doctors, private detectives, investigators, spies, lawyers or psychiatrists.

The more money their work brings them, the better. When they pursue power, expect them to be fierce and do anything to get what they want. Never cross them because they cannot forgive or reason with someone who has betrayed them.

As bosses, they are demanding, as employees, they always do their job well. They are not demanding at all and want to be appreciated for doing something good, they are always helping without expecting anything in return.

Known as passionate, these people expect the same from their lover. When they are truly satisfied with the relationship, Scorpios tend to forget about other things in their life.

In case someone has hurt them deeply, they may prefer to be alone because they have decided that celibacy is the solution. It can be exciting and at the same time turbulent to be in a relationship with them, because they tend to exaggerate and make a big tragedy out of every little thing.

People of extremes, Scorpios need to be more moderate, even when it comes to their diet and lifestyle. It is not uncommon for many of them to exercise to the point of self-harm, which can be a really bad thing.

Positive qualities of Scorpio

Ambitious and very determined to succeed, many Scorpios can be considered stubborn. Competitive and usually winners, they will never admit that they want to be first in everything.

Also dominant, always wanting to be in control and with unrivalled passion, Scorpio natives can become destructive and introverted when they can't find a way to express themselves.

These people find it impossible to forgive someone who has wronged them, and it is as if revenge were invented by one of their own kind.

However, when someone is affectionate to them, they make sure to pay them double in kindness. When it comes to their money, they are conservative and know where to invest their earnings.

Good seers and able to understand what people are thinking, they are curious about the human mind and its power. Let us not forget that Scorpio represents all the mysteries to which life subjects human beings, which are all the time sex, birth, death and regeneration.

Because they are curious about psychology, they may also want to study religion or the paranormal. Although they do not want to admit it, they are very sensitive and try, as far as possible, to keep their emotions hidden.

Many of them do not know what to do with themselves, as they are so deep and intense, and others find it impossible to forgive those who have done them wrong.

Some Scorpios become alternative medicine healers, psychiatrists or great spouses to those who really need someone, all after they have been hurt once and now want to help others who may be in trouble.

Negative Scorpio Traits

Scorpios' intensity makes them dominant, controlling and jealous. They are obsessed with revenge, no matter how many years it takes.

This is present in all of them, regardless of the different aspects of their chart. They hide their emotions and make others believe that they are distant and detached.

When they are hurt, it is as if no one can suffer more intensely than they do, so hatred and revenge are their main goal in such a situation.

This is why they are destructive when it comes to some of the people around them. It can be a challenge for these natives to accept things as they are or to free themselves from the past. Therefore, they will not focus too much on the future.

Qualities of the Scorpio man

The Scorpio man can be very dangerous, so no one should mess with him. He takes things seriously and can be too absorbed by what he is not considered as important by others.

Very determined and unable to see the world in shades of grey, he hates superficiality and does not want to deal with ambiguous people.

Also curious, the Scorpio man wants to know everyone's secrets and learn from everything. He does not need the help of others, because he likes to discover things by experiencing them for himself.

Because he is very intuitive, he can pick up on things that others don't even notice. When he wants to know something, he asks the right questions and manages to uncover secrets that otherwise would not have been revealed.

Don't expect him to ever trust what others tell him from the start, because he needs to filter everything through his own mind before coming to a conclusion.

Controlling, this man does not like not knowing what awaits him and tends to live by his own rules. Very attractive, free, bold and determined to succeed, he will not let anyone or anything stand in his way of achieving his goals.

He is a winner who does not like anyone to contribute to his success. Because he is stubborn and resourceful, he is rarely defeated, and when he is, he immediately picks himself up and tries again until things go his way.

This person is a hard worker who loves to reap the rewards of his efforts. Very reserved and with a complex personality, they will not talk too much about themselves when meeting a person for the first time.

In fact, people have to prove to him many times that they are worthy of his loyalty. The more a new person tries to approach him, the more he will withdraw and suspect that this individual has a hidden agenda. It is impossible to tame him because he is a force that no one can contain.

Qualities of the Scorpio woman

The Scorpio woman is mysterious and a little dark. No one can resist her magnetism and her magical gaze. She is sensual and does not tolerate people's superficiality.

The more a person is willing to be as deep as they are, the better for that individual. When he stares at someone, he seems to be looking directly into their soul, just as a scientist pays attention to solve the mysteries that have impressed the world for thousands of years.

The Scorpio woman has intense emotions which she does not express openly. As a Water sign with the symbol of the Scorpion, which is a dangerous creature, she herself is capable of being ruthless.

It is impossible to guess what she feels inside just by looking at her or talking to her, as she is a master at hiding emotions. Many Scorpio women play with the occult, which literally means "hidden", so her tendency to be secretive is necessary in this situation.

Only a few people will be able to explore this woman's true personality, so if you are interested in her, make sure you get this lady to trust you first.

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