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Leo woman and Leo man love compatibility

The horoscope gives the Leonine-Leonine bond a good love compatibility. If the two are paired together, this bond will have many characteristics of friendship; howev... , 2023-03-04

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The horoscope gives the Leonine-Leonine bond a good love compatibility.

If the two are paired together, this bond will have many characteristics of friendship; however, they will have to work a little harder to achieve harmony.

When the man and woman in the couple are both Leo, there can be strong fights and anger, but then comes a quick reconciliation; this can happen many times and, in the long run, can be tiring. This is the main stumbling block to solve if you want your partner to last forever: you must avoid this permanent battle.

Also the self-love of the leonine makes it difficult for them to recognise their mistakes, another serious mistake in relationships.

Compatibility in different aspects

Two Leos together can be an amazing passionate relationship as long as they respect each other. This is the best match because they have a solid foundation for a lasting relationship.


Bringing two of the same sign means they automatically have common ground to stand on. Both Leos will be open to trying new things, but their need to be the centre of attention may affect their ability to fall in love. They will have to change their "me" attitude to a "we" attitude to make it work. Once they do, the couple will be the new centre of attention and their love will be wild and passionate.


Leos crave dominance and this can be a problem when partners attempt to share a bed. Leos are willing to explore sexually, but if they are in a constant battle for the lead, it will be difficult for either of them to enjoy the sexual experience. Once they stop fighting for the top, both will have a passionate sex life because Leos are naturally passionate lovers. Two of these signs in one bed will mean fireworks as long as they can keep their egos out.

Marriage between the Leo's

For all the reasons that love works between two Leos, so will marriage. They have a similar base of interests to draw on to make the marriage between them comfortable. They are both overtly emotional signs, which means they are generally good at telling each other how they feel. This means great communication, which is the key to a healthy marriage.

More about the Leo + Leo relationship

The strong attraction between a Leo and a Leo is how they are able to stand on their own. How they are able to do their own thing. How they don't need each other, but value and love each other. Each independent. They each have very different lives. Each respects that they don't need to be together all the time but that their love remains. This is the couple that does not struggle with distance. It doesn't struggle with trust. When you have someone good, you don't go looking for something better.

The Leo-Leo connection

This is what we're talking about! This, right here, is the most splendid and amazing couple you've ever seen. These two will fiercely fight the world, if the world opposes them, while enjoying a nice glass of wine and holding hands.

The greatest desires a Leo could ever have, who could hope to satisfy them if not another Leo? That sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

The only way this relationship can work, in the sense that it won't be destroyed by some unpredictable situation, is if they both realise their tendency to behave selfishly and arrogantly.

Also, it is obvious that Leo'
s innate
trait of wanting to attract everyone's attention and live off it is shared by the couple as well, and so problems will eventually arise, that's for sure.

If instead they relax a little with the "dictator mode", and if they learn to deflate their egos enough, everything will work out splendidly and beautifully.

Surprising or not, it seems that Leo's can learn to love someone more than themselves, and this is exactly the case here.

When one nurtures an affection and loyalty so strong that even the harshest winds of change cannot move them one bit, how can one not then decide to return all those deep feelings and emotions?

They are also connected by a common ground when it comes to their highly artistic, imaginative and creative

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