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The Scorpio Man: love, career and life

A man who knows how to live intensely and who will seize every opportunity life offers him.... , 2022-07-18

Beware of the Scorpio man, as he may sting you. Too serious at times and rigid, you may find that he has no time for things that are not at all important to him.


Although the Scorpio symbol is an actual scorpion, it could be said that the Scorpio man also leads a reclusive life at times, especially when he wants to keep his secrets well hidden. He will never tell anyone he knows for two weeks how he feels about things.


The Scorpio man needs to be won as a friend. Anyone who tries to invade his personal space will be rejected. The Scorpio man cannot be softened up, as he is ruled by Mars and Pluto.


A Scorpio man will live intensely. They are after all a sign of passion. They are famous for becoming vengeful when attacked, and have a fiery temper.


Don't be intimidated, as the Scorpio man can be a great partner. He knows how to reach into your soul and is more sensitive than he lets others see. Bill Gates, Martin Scorsese and Ethan Hawke are three of the most famous Scorpio men.


When he loses a fight, the Scorpio always gets up and tries again the next day. For him, it's just a matter of chance.


The Scorpio native is complicated and intense. He can easily intimidate, but once you become his friend, he will become devoted and exciting around you.


Don't make him angry, as he will defend himself and take revenge. Known to be capricious, the Scorpio man has a serene attitude, this unreal calmness and composure being one of his main traits.


Take this and add his penetrating mind, and you will come to the conclusion that the Scorpio man is the most complex native of the zodiac.


The mysterious lover

A bit controlling when it comes to love, the Scorpio in a relationship will be affectionate and loyal. They only express their love through control.


Behind his hard shell, the Scorpio man is loving and affectionate, but only lets it out when he finds "the" partner. Scorpios are known to be most compatible with Cancer and Pisces. There are other compatible signs as well, but they will be mentioned later.


Some may think that the Scorpio man is cold, but this is not true. It is just a mask Scorpio wears to hide his true feelings.


Being a Water sign, the Scorpio man will feel what others feel. However, he will never admit that he is an empath, as he does not like to expose himself to the world.


The Scorpio man is a family man, but he knows that he must also make room for friendships.


The Scorpio man loves to be friends with people, but will always be reserved about his personal life.


Even if he is generous and attentive, be sure not to hurt him. They are very vindictive. They tend to hold on to unpleasantness for a long time. This may change with age.


Interested in everything new, the Scorpio man is the lover of the zodiac. It is difficult to keep up with him. He understands what his partner wants and adapts. He can be overly possessive and needs constant attention.


With a partner, the Scorpio man will be fearless and look for someone deep, as he hates superficiality.


Between the sheets, the Scorpio man is explosive and passionate. Many will find his charms irresistible. Intensity is what characterises love relationships with a Scorpio man.


Many ex-partners would describe Scorpios as the best bedfellows they have ever had. Intuitive and mysterious, the Scorpio will make anyone fall in love with him, after just one night in bed.


If you are an unimaginative person in bed, shy away from the Scorpio man. He is interested in all positions and likes to explore all games. The signs most compatible in love with Scorpio are Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn and Virgo.


Remarkable intuition

Success follows the Scorpio man, whatever he does. Hardworking and respectful, this man will be liked by everyone at work.


Interested in many things, the Scorpio man will not ask you too many questions. He will discover things about you at his own pace.


He has a good intuition and knows how to ask questions that will draw out your darkest secrets. The Scorpio man will always formulate his own opinions and will not take what others say for granted.


Able to control the path of his life, the Scorpio man will not let things happen on their own. He has ambition and lives independently.


This makes him beautiful and interesting. It would be wise to get out of his way, as he is always working to better himself, which means he is rarely defeated. He will be stubborn in getting what he wants or needs. He is one of the hardest working signs of the zodiac.


Intuitively, he would make a great psychologist, criminalist, psychiatrist, actor, lawyer and stockbroker, as examples of suitable careers.


Normally, the Scorpio man knows how to handle money. He is in control of his financial situation. However, sometimes he may spend without thinking, on something extravagant.


He is able to keep his spending under control, but occasionally overdoes it. He likes to set aside something for a rainy day and will discuss this with his financial advisor.


It has to learn to slow down

Being temperamental, Scorpios can suffer from stress-related problems. It is advisable for a Scorpio man to rest whenever he feels the need to do so.


Relaxation techniques are also recommended. You cannot stay calm for long, so it is best to enjoy your rest as much as possible.


The most attractive sign of the zodiac, Scorpio's colour is red. You will not wear all red, but you will wear some red accessories.


He will always be on trend and will use clothes to accentuate his body. He is not opulent with jewellery and likes to wear unique pieces.

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