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What is the most annoying thing about the Libra sign?

What are the most negative and annoying traits of the Libra sign.... , 2020-05-24

Libra, you're annoying because you're indecisive and codependent as hell.


You're that friend who gets into a relationship and takes it out on all your friends. It's because you tend to depend on others for your happiness and when you do you neglect yourself. Those around you are tired of seeing it. It's frustrating when you identify as a unit and not a self, and it's only because you're so committed to relationships, which can be a good thing to some extent, but you take it to the unhealthy level. Not only does it annoy your friends, but it also overwhelms your partners. Nobody likes a stage 5 clinger.


You are afraid of being alone and get comfortable too quickly, which can make others uncomfortable. You try to get attached to others because you need to be constantly surrounded by people. It is suffocating. Sometimes it is exhausting to spend time with you.


You are easily distracted, sometimes you seem to be an airhead. You have an innate inability to make or stick to a decision (sometimes with people).


You can never choose sides because you are a people-lover. You care too much about being liked by everyone. You say what people want to hear, so no one knows when to expect an honest opinion from you.

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