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What gifts to buy for a Libra man

In this article some tips on gifts that the Libra man might like.... , 2020-05-24

Libra men are the peacocks of the zodiac, with a penchant for pretty colours and unusual prints. These stylish guys love to dress in the latest fashions, and often wear shades and looks that most men wouldn't be able to pull off, but for this mutable Venusian air sign, the unusual becomes quite commonplace.

These lovely Librans can have wardrobes to rival even the most fashion-conscious women. Hats and scarves are everyday accessories, as are flashy sunglasses, and since Libra men are always misplacing all of the above, they'll definitely be delighted when you pick out a new one for them (even if they already have a full wardrobe).

Quality isn't necessarily the most important here: novelty will always win out for a fashion-obsessed Libra man, so it's probably best not to spend a lie on something you expect them to keep and treasure forever.

Similarly, antiques and family heirlooms can seem like a big responsibility for them, so maybe skip passing on your grandfather's engraved pocket watch and instead choose a bunch of strange socks with pine cones and poodles on them. They will enjoy gifts with humour and wit, especially something that references a private joke between the two of you.

Libra men love art and design, so beautiful, glossy coffee table books and trips to modern art museums or events will delight them.
always want to go see all the shows, movies and musicals that are being discussed in the news and on social media, so season passes or gift cards to their favourite movie theatre are sure to please.

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