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The worst negative characteristics of the zodiac Libra

Libra is a sign with a tendency towards happiness, romance, a certain sociability and peace. But when the worst of Libra comes out you will want to hide far away.......
22-07-2022 13:45

Libra is a sign with a tendency towards happiness, romance, a certain sociability and peace. But when the worst of Libra comes out you will want to hide far away....

 Libra can be negative, indecisive, touchy. You will listen more to others than to your own partner. You may find little willpower to get him to accomplish any task, even keeping his own steady partner healthy. He will act very selfishly.

 The Libra sign has the ability to drive anyone off their axis; during a fight they can really exasperate you, making you angry. At times you will feel like you don't even know him.

 Another characteristic of Libra is the belief that they are right. Libra thinks he is because he always carefully examines aspects of situations and his inner sense of justice "tells" him he is right. Is that so? Probably not, but don't try to fight Libra. If you object, it will lead to an exhausting argument, in which you will eventually have to become indignant.

The worst thing about Libra


Yes, everyone realises that you feel you did nothing wrong, but everyone disagrees with you. You see, this is a free country, and if you want to show up at your aunt's funeral in shorts and flip-flops, it's a healthy expression of your own personality and style, which is exactly why your aunt liked you in the first place. Sure, everyone else was dressed formally, and yes, you may have offended your uncle, but you're not going to apologise, in this life or the next.

Hint: Apologise for wearing shorts and flip-flops to your aunt's funeral. Let's go.

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  • What would a Libra woman most like to enjoy?

    A Libra woman would be happiest today for the small attentions that show you're thinking about her and appreciating her. A kind message, a bouquet of flowers or a surprise dinner can always please her. Harmony and balance are important to him, so if you help him create this throughout the day, he will be very grateful. Whether it's a small compliment or a sensitive gesture, your attention is sure to win her heart.
  • How would you break up with your Libra loved one in a way that they understand: this relationship is over!

    Libra people are usually very sensitive and like to be handled delicately. If you want to break up with a Libra, it's important to do so with respect and empathy.

    First, it's important to be honest with him. Talk to him openly about why you feel this relationship is over. Also consider the reasons why you feel things aren't working out between you.

    It's important to let him express his feelings and thoughts too. Listen to him carefully and patiently. Libra people are often looking for answers and want to understand the other person's point of view.

    Avoid confrontation and try to avoid hurtful or offensive words. Rather, express your own feelings and thoughts while taking theirs into account.

    Finally, remember that every relationship has an end, it is possible to find a dignified way to end it. Give him time to process this information and remember: you both deserve a happier future without dependence on each other!

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Today's horoscope: Libra

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