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The wrath of the Libra sign: The dark side of the sign of the scales

Librans get angry when they see injustice of any kind, whether it is against themselves, their loved ones or even complete strangers....
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  1. The wrath of Libra in a nutshell:
  2. Fight for justice
  3. Angering a Libra
  4. Testing Libra's patience
  5. Its hidden vengeful nature
  6. Making peace with them

Librans are so enamoured of peace that they keep their anger at bay most of the time. When they argue with others, they adopt a neutral position, not to say that they cannot choose sides.

Moreover, Librans cannot get involved in any conflict, which means that they avoid arguing, no matter what. In case someone pressures them, they can find ways to beat their opponents until they are no longer taken into account.

The wrath of Libra in a nutshell:

They get angry about: Witnessing any kind of injustice;

Dislikes: Rude and unpleasant people;

Style of revenge: Just and elegant;

Compensate with: Summon their sentimental hearts.

Fight for justice

These natives are simply fascinated by beauty. They consider themselves "balanced" people who instinctively seek perfection in the most original way.

For this reason, they try not to make mistakes, most of the time. Trying to be fair to everyone, they are always making peace and keeping their balance.

They love to have a balanced life and keep their relationships fresh, so being upset doesn't seem to help them realise their dreams.

Instead of getting involved in conflicts, they prefer to keep things to themselves.

True fighters for justice and always fair, they are also willing to give second chances.

However, they do not want others to know this about them because they are truly sensitive. Many may annoy them from time to time, so they must choose their friends carefully.

When confronted by others, Librans prefer to flee, so those who have annoyed them should not expect them to ask for reconciliation.

It is difficult to determine if a Libra has been upset, but if they have not said anything for days, it is certainly a sign that they are upset. By holding grudges, they may bring up old arguments when they get into a fight with someone.

They are often seen by others as the ones who are always pushing people, also the ones who are available and most of the time agree with others.

Librans do not have a private life because they spend all their time with friends or at home. Wanting to please everyone, they are always attached to their friends, even if they are judged too harshly from time to time.

These people are terrified of living alone because they need to be surrounded by others. As peace-keepers in the zodiac, they try to avoid arguments and get angry as much as possible.

Angering a Libra

Librans are the best at keeping their anger hidden. It may seem almost impossible for them to get angry, because they know how to keep their emotions to themselves.

When they have to make a quick decision based on facts, they need balance. These people may be upset if the vote in a group does not turn out in their favour.

Moreover, if they were forced to take a long time to make a decision, they would become even angrier. On top of this, they absolutely hate to see injustice done.

When they treat themselves or others unfairly, they can become the angriest people at the table. Those who want to make them angry can organise a party where gifts are given.

Next, they may give these natives the ugliest gift. Since Libra-born individuals do not like confrontation at all, they may express their angry feelings by being "furiously" passive-aggressive.

This indicates that they are calm and composed, making others suffer without too much drama. Their feelings of frustration may surface after they are asked about what has gone wrong.

Testing Libra's patience

Librans can't stand people with no manners or those who shout at others while driving. In other words, they simply hate conflicts in traffic.

Moreover, they do not like their guests to do what they do not like, inside their house. This is because they are like real nobles.

If they work with someone in the same space, they get very annoyed when their colleagues make a mess behind them, no matter whether it is the paper for the photocopier or the open soap in the bathroom.

Their sleep is very important to them, so their partner or roommate should avoid using devices when they are in bed.

Those who want to drive them crazy could consume some foul-smelling food and then put themselves in their proximity. Like other zodiac signs, Librans are the kind of people who would hate to have their basic traits threatened, because this can make them very angry.

For example, they do not like being pressured to make decisions, being stereotyped or treated unfairly, not being given enough space and feeling that they do not fit in.

Its hidden vengeful nature

As has already been said, it is not easy to make calm and noble Librans angry. These people are the peacemakers of the zodiac, the ones who make conflicts cease.

Being a cardinal sign and belonging to the Air element, Librans cannot forgive those who cause mischief.

When they have to deal with someone "face to face", they can provoke real wars. Fortunately, they are capable of silencing their opponents with a single sentence.

However, should a person try their best to harm them or make them feel bad, they will surely take revenge to restore balance and help justice prevail.

Their conclusions can be very precise and they do not stop until their systematic revenge has made their opponents feel humiliated and hurt.

It cannot be said that their vengeful nature can do good or harm, because their punishment is meant to last and their reactions have a motive.

Also, Librans seem to like drama, but they don't use it as much when it comes to revenge.

Those who have harmed these natives can relax because they are known to ignore any action taken and to judge only from afar.

In order for them to be angry, they need to be continually hurt, because this can cause them to close themselves off completely from others.

When it comes to romance, they like to make things dramatic and turn love into an art. For this reason, they accept exquisite gifts from their partner, even if they get angry.

Wanting a balanced life, Libra individuals do not seek revenge. Their way of thinking is always based on logic, not to mention that they can see every side of a story, which means that most actions are justified for them.

Even if others make fun of them, they take a long time to realise what is going on, because they give everyone excuses and reasons to be forgiven.

Their analysis is most often based on justified actions, however inappropriate they may seem. If their lover has done them wrong, they may feel very bad and seek revenge.

Venus is its ruler, which is also the planet of love, so if Librans are really hurting, it's because of romance.

Most of the time, Librans avoid conflict at all costs, so they don't want to spend their time making plans to hurt others.

They are gentle and always in search of balance, making them good peacemakers for this twisted world.

Whatever kind of revenge Librans are organising, it certainly won't last long or be the most destructive, not to mention that these natives are most likely to apologise after hurting someone.

Making peace with them

Librans are luxury people. They need the right environment to stop feeling psychologically distressed, and they love to listen to good music while drinking a glass of wine.

They may do all this when the situation is too dramatic and they have no hope of escape. Having a very dark side, they start to think positive again by pampering themselves.

The sign of the Balance is sometimes driven mad by drama. When they are involved in conflicts, they don't know how to react. Their favourite tactic is to be cold and never speak to the person who has hurt them again.

They can do this for years and even longer, so their loved ones are advised not to make them angry, because perhaps only art or sentimental letters can save the situation again.

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