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Is the Libra zodiac woman really faithful?

For a Libyan, the partner is an important support in her life. She tends to be a faithful woman, especially because of her high moral standards.  Libra is a balanced... , 2022-07-22

For a Libyan, the partner is an important support in her life. She tends to be a faithful woman, especially because of her high moral standards.

 Libra is a balanced person; if she were to cheat on her partner it would only be because there is a great romantic imbalance in her life.

 Libra women take infidelity as a real betrayal. She usually considers cheating as the end of the partnership or she will remember it until she dies.

Are Libra women faithful?

This sign seeks peace and harmony (especially in relationships) due to an innate longing for justice and fairness.


Libra is creative and multifaceted, and when problems arise in a relationship, Libra often escapes into their own little world to sort things out. They may seek out some exciting lovers, but Librans tend to be reliable and loyal in general.


Why would a Libra woman cheat?


A Libra will cheat to satisfy their own selfish needs. Being a self-indulgent and indecisive sign, they tend to be easily swayed. Under the guidance of a potential new affair, a Libra can easily be persuaded out of their current relationship. Is the grass greener on the other side? Libra won't take your word for it.


Signs that a Libra woman is cheating on you


Libra almost wants to get caught, just to see what will happen. The signs would be obvious, but if they marry, things may be a little more discreet. Even if you find them cheating, a Libra would still deny it. Libra's are very convincing, especially when they talk their way out of trouble.

Libra woman's reaction to being cheated on

Thanks to Libra's peace-loving, confrontation-hating nature, you won't see her screaming obscenities at you when you admit you've made a wrong decision and slept with another woman.


The Libra will listen sympathetically, accept what you tell her and forgive you. In fact, some Libra-born women blame themselves for their man's extra-marital activities and will act on what she believes is the main reason he strayed.


Therefore, it is no surprise if she makes it a priority to spend more quality (child-free) time with you, initiates sexual intimacy more often, is willing to try new things in bed, and/or takes drastic measures to make herself more attractive to you or starve herself to achieve bodily perfection.


In case your Libra woman confides in a feminist friend, don't worry. The likelihood of her being influenced by outside voices is low, as she is a rational and sensible person who does not blindly follow other people's advice or recommendations.


The Libra woman will not give up on a marriage because of an affair, particularly if the couple has young children, however, she may consider separating when they are older, or if he is an unrepentant serial cheater.

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