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Tips for making love to a Libra zodiac woman

Librians are refined, clean, they don't like to mess around... so be careful what you do in bed without consulting them. She is a cool-headed and logical older woman, it is d...
22-07-2022 13:45

  1. The Libra woman in bed
  2. Sexual traits of Libra women

Librians are refined, clean, they don't like to mess around... so be careful what you do in bed without consulting them. She is a cool-headed and logical older woman, it is difficult to make her give in to her passions. She is always thinking about everything she does, did and will do.

 The goal with the Libra woman is to get that cool, calculating head to "switch off" during sex, so that she can behave passionately. Achieving this is a great challenge.

 In general, Librans prefer slow sex, with lots of skin. It is also essential that their partner is impeccable, that even in the deepest nooks and crannies they smell good.

 They are a well-balanced person, so they don't like to be only concerned with themselves.... they need to satisfy the other person. It is very important that you always tell them what you like in sex.

The Libra woman in bed

 The Libra woman is an ethereal being who, if you are the chosen one, will be ready to surrender, but you must follow her rhythm. She doesn't like violence or sudden movements.

 It is important to Libra that her lover feels and understands her. She often does not say what satisfies her, she wants her lover to experience and understand for himself without instructions.

 She really needs to be satisfied and will suffer if you don't achieve this, usually without saying so. This means you cannot understand her. If you don't satisfy her, she won't say anything.

 Her partner's passion is an essential element for the Libra woman, who sees it as an indication of interest in her.

 The Libran likes foreplay, where she can watch her partner's tactics and examine whether she is desirable to him. The longer this phase lasts, the better for her!

 If she gets bored, she will show it with good manners! She requires her lover to have imagination and variety because she gets bored easily and wants to deflect waves of passion with words and deeds!

 She likes mirrors in the bedroom, but hates vulgarity.

 The Libra woman is feminine, exhibitionist, intelligent, kind and takes initiative. She likes to be seduced by forms.

 She is attracted to money and the professional and social status of the opposite sex.

 You have to think twice before making a sudden move, because next time you will be faced with a cold creature. If you are the right lover, she will respond to the fullest and you will experience very strong and happy moments together.

 For her, initiatives in love is a job for men. You have to learn the right techniques! She feeds you with magic and sensuality! The rest is in your hands...

Sexual traits of Libra women

 Libra women are naturally charming and attractive. The Libra woman is the kind of woman who attracts attention everywhere and anywhere she goes, because she is a natural charmer and does not need to make any effort to make you laugh or to attract in any way.

 These girls are very sociable and can make friends with everyone easily and, as a result, can also have many "friends with benefits".

 She is the type of woman who likes little gestures from her partner, whether it is giving a kiss in front of her friends or whispering something in her ears, she likes those things very much and would do anything for it.

 She really enjoys the act of sex, which includes a lot of kissing, cuddling and foreplay, including oral sex.

 She enjoys those things much more than sex, which she considers just a physical activity.

 To turn her on, just compliment her, let her know how beautiful she is and she will be all yours faster. She is also very possessive and affectionate with her partner, and although they have many connections due to their socialising nature, they tend to become emotionally attached to someone once they become intimate.

 She is extremely passionate in bed and will always do her best to satisfy both herself and her partner.

 She is also the type of woman who is always willing to try new things, as long as her partner is also open to it.

 She also has a wild and kinky side, so don't be surprised if she asks you to get naked and tie you up.

 These girls are totally uninhibited with their bodies and are safe running around naked.

 She is the type of woman who will be hard to please at first, but is actually quite friendly and approachable.

 Among the twelve zodiac signs, the Aries and Libra woman tops the horny list and her sex drive is considered the highest and wildest.

 Overall, if you have a Libra woman as your girlfriend or as your wife, you already know how lucky you are because you will spend some of the most amazing time with her in bed.

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