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The Libra woman in marriage: What kind of wife is she?

The Libra woman is a discreet and generous wife, someone who has an eye for detail and the ability to see every side of the story....
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  1. The Libra woman as a wife, in a nutshell:
  2. Libra woman as wife
  3. She is willing to make sacrifices for her marriage.
  4. The disadvantages of her role as a wife

The Libra woman wants a big, beautiful wedding ring to rest on her left hand more than any other woman in the zodiac, because her sign rules relationships.

Therefore, her desire to share her life is rooted deep in her soul, which means she will always want to get married. No wonder she dreams of a fairytale wedding with white doves and a horse-drawn carriage to take her to the church.

The Libra woman as a wife, in a nutshell:

Qualities: Discreet, attentive and balanced;

Challenges: Needy, selfish and reckless;

You will love: Making plans with your partner;

Needs to learn: To see grey too, not just black or white.

Libra woman as wife

The Libra-born woman is a very interesting sexual partner and a lifelong companion. She is also beautiful and feminine because she is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love.

Many men may find this woman profound and incredibly attractive. A wealthy man who has achieved success from an early age can make her the ideal wife, provided he is protective and giving.

She is a discreet lady who can convince anyone of anything and is very generous herself. The Libra woman is also famous for her efficiency in mediating conflicts.

She could do the work of a lawyer or a judge very easily, because she is able to see all sides of a story. She is very likely to help many people, and as far as the love department of her life is concerned, she can be considered successful in this respect.

Your purpose as a member of this society is to bring peace, balance and justice to situations that seem to lack one or more of these values.

Therefore, it can create a harmonious atmosphere wherever it goes, which is why it can easily adapt.

Many will find her delicate and exotic, as she has a fragile appearance, but she is by no means weak. This lady can be a great discussion partner because she is intelligent and never seeks to start an argument.

In fact, one of her best qualities is being able to keep the peace. The Libra woman seems to have the right instincts for treating others well. She is a real lady and any man would love to have her by his side, not to mention how easy it is for her to balance her work and family life.

Although she has many friends, she will never neglect her loved ones or forget to take care of household affairs. Her husband and children will benefit from all her attention and love.

When it comes to her wedding plans and marriage in general, she is the one who makes the plans and the big decisions.

She will never be sceptical about the idea of being with the same man all her life, but she will never be too transparent either, so there will always remain some mystery for her husband.

This woman will totally disagree with what her wedding planner says, which means that her wedding will be fun and unique.

Obviously, society's rules will be respected, but she will make sure that the event looks and feels very special, as she is very good at making things seem more exciting than they really are.

When she presents herself to people, the Libra woman is described as friendly, generous and very fair. However, she is also responsible, seductive and has a personality that can attract any man.

She is willing to make sacrifices for her marriage.

People will see the importance she attaches to marriage and the seriousness with which she approaches it. In fact, her life goes more smoothly when she is with someone than when she is alone.

The security and fulfilment that marriage can bring makes her feel much better about herself. This is the kind of stability the Libra woman needs most.

Very positive and self-confident, your decision to marry will most likely be made after careful consideration. Your sign rules marriage, which is why many weddings take place in October, one of Libra's birth months.

When they marry, people of this sign are concerned to maintain balance in their union. They attach great importance to their relationships, the danger of losing their individuality being very real in this case.

The Libra woman should be aware that sometimes she needs to get away from her partner and do things on her own. In love with luxury and very attractive, many men will bring her gifts and pamper her.

She will manage to keep her list of admirers in balance, so she will never flirt too much if she is not in love. She can't stand scandals and drama, but sometimes she seems to get it in her life because she is so beautiful and men want to fight over her.

Your husband will simply adore this lady. The closer she gets sexually with a man, the more she will be able to reveal all the passion she usually keeps hidden.

She will admire and respect her man, not to mention how much she will support him, whether times are good or bad. She also has good intuition and is responsible.

She seems to get along very well with married life, so the Libra woman can be considered one of the ideal wives of the zodiac. Her sign makes her feel incomplete when she is not involved in a relationship.

Marriage can only make this woman feel good about herself, because it helps her to maintain balance in her life. However, this need for balance can also be her greatest weakness, as she may idealise the idea of a partner and make decisions based on it.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but she has to keep in mind that her individuality is also very important. She seems to give in too easily when her partner opposes her, not to mention the many sacrifices and compromises she is often willing to make both in her marriage and at work.

She also needs to see the world through the eyes of a single person, however twisted the world may seem to her from time to time.

When her relationships don't work out, she will be the one to say that she has given up everything to change the situation. It may sound selfish of her to say all this, but in reality it is not because things have most likely happened the way she says they have.

The Libra woman should always remember that some of her relationships are not worth her effort and sacrifices. Marriage is supposed to be an equal partnership of give and take, so if your partner doesn't understand all this, you should give it up and move on with your life.

The disadvantages of her role as a wife

Libra-born women are known for bringing peace in all their relationships, from those with family members to the most intimate ones.

They know very well how to negotiate and many of their friends often call on them to calm things down when things get too heated.

Diplomatic and a little light, Libra women really know how to make people happy. The woman of this sign will not stay married to a man who seeks to argue with her all the time.

She wants harmony and seeks balance in everything she does. A pessimistic person will never last too long around this lady, because she will get very tired of this attitude and will start to avoid her.

Despite always wanting to be involved in a relationship, she may have a highly developed sense of self-preservation and will avoid ending up with the wrong man, even if this involves reckless and hurtful behaviour.

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