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How to attract a Libra woman: Top tips to make her fall in love with you

The type of man she wants in her life and how to seduce him....
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  1. Get comfortable... quickly
  2. What to avoid with your Libra woman
  3. What you should keep in mind about the Libra woman

1) Be flirtatious and cheerful with her.

2) Offer support in their social activities.

3) Avoid conflict or showing your temper.

4) Don't take things personally.

5) Protect her and calm her worries.

If there's one thing Libra loves, it's flirting. Their ability to place themselves comfortably in any social situation means they are great company anyway, but their natural charm makes them incredibly popular. Spend too much time with your Libra lady, and someone else may pounce on her instead.

You must remember that balance is the key to Libra's life: emotional, social, physical and every other aspect you can think of. That's why they hate conflict, and often choose to keep the peace whenever possible.

Any outburst of anger, grief or anything else that might upset her equilibrium will only serve to drive her away.

Libra likes to collect possessions and build a repertoire of belongings that reflects her personality. Everything that belongs to her is an extension of herself.

This can be to your advantage, so when you praise her, do it with knowledge and intelligence. Understand the significance of why she is the way she is, it will impress her a lot.

Going out with her is also another opportunity for you to demonstrate your own cultural knowledge. Librans are known for their sophisticated tastes and penchant for art, so escape from mundane places and indulge their senses with a trip to a culturally rich city or an art exhibition. Pair it with a meal at a fine dining restaurant - Libra loves to live life to the fullest.

Exerting any kind of constraint on a Libra woman while you are trying to attract her will also discourage her. Let her take her time to evaluate the situation and evaluate you. She prefers to be able to keep her options open.

Her strong sense of right and wrong means she always likes to play fair. Honesty and integrity are important to her and she expects the same from her man.

Anyone looking to cut corners, cheat the systems or act unfairly will not fall into your hands. It is therefore important that you maintain a strong sense of fairness.

That said, Libras have a reputation for self-doubt, so don't be surprised if she cancels a date at the last minute, as this is normal for her character.

It is doubly important to make sure you don't get upset about it: remember that sudden emotional slumps upset her equilibrium and are more than likely to discourage her.

Time is key with Libra women, so be sure to give it to them in abundance. Although she has a unique sense of both sides of any situation, this process takes time as she evaluates the good and the bad.

She will do it with you too, so the last thing you want to do is force her to make a decision before she is ready. Give her time and be patient, she will eventually come around to you.

Get comfortable... quickly

At first, your Libra woman may seem to have her defences up. There is nothing wrong with this, but don't think she is not ambitious. Despite any previous romantic mishaps, she still dreams of her perfect life and who she will spend it with.

Look for someone who can open that raised guard and equally for someone who will lower their guard to it as well.

As already explained, Librans need balance in their life, and this is one more example of this. This goes further: they love it when their potential partner gets along with a friend or other close associate, as it brings more harmony and balance to their life.

Your willingness to let your man take the lead means that you like him to take care of your wishes on his own initiative. This can be as simple as a small favour, or it can be about initiating something in which both parties can play an active role.

Given our Libra woman's flair for conversation, it goes without saying that boring or monotonous chats put her off. You have to show a level of intelligence and humour to attract her; after all, it is fair to say that a good conversationalist is probably the most important thing for her when she is looking for a man.

Anything that upsets their equilibrium is not to their liking. That is why it prefers to be at peace with others rather than to engage in conflict.

So if you're the kind of man who feels most comfortable when he's at odds with someone else, don't expect your Libra to stick around for long. He simply doesn't care enough to engage in something so petty.

That said, his ability to see all sides of an argument means he will sympathise with your cause if you find yourself in such a situation, but the important thing is boundaries. As long as you keep things friendly and don't overstep any boundaries, he won't mind a healthy debate.

Remember how being a great conversationalist is the key to attracting a Libra woman? Dig a little deeper and you'll realise that all she wants is someone to be her lover and best friend.

In his book, love and companionship are two sides of the same coin, and he will rarely be with someone who is not also a great friend.

One way to initiate this is to let them see that you are someone they can tell their secrets and thoughts to, knowing that they will stay with you.

Letting your own guard down will help you do this, as will arranging time together in quiet places. This will help him or her open up and very soon he or she might start to see you as the person to go to when he or she needs to talk about something. If you handle this scenario well, you will be able to have more romantic encounters, which is where you want to be.

What to avoid with your Libra woman

Conversation is key with Libra women, more specifically the high-level variety. However, you should avoid coming across as too didactic or divisive. Giving her adequate time to talk helps to maintain a balanced conversation that she enjoys.

You should also avoid rude talk and foul language. Tasteless jokes, as well as rude remarks, will not please you at all.

His innate desire to keep the peace does not necessarily show that he does not take kindly to your words, but his refusal to go on another date with you will say it all.

This is partly due to the antagonism associated with swearing or blatant language. He dislikes confrontation and is well aware of how a simple comment can turn into an argument, so he chooses to keep his distance.

Rather, try to choose a topic of conversation in which you are well versed. In this way, you can appear very knowledgeable and intellectual, giving her the opportunity to engage in analytical thinking. Keep in mind that this is the polar opposite of being vulgar or crude.

Their heightened sense of justice means that any act or comment of a cruel nature towards people or even animals will provoke their anger.

She does not often lose her temper, but injustice is something that will set her off. This is largely due to her pacifist attitude, which does its best to stay away from the uglier things in life.

While most women ultimately seek security and comfort, the Libra woman is repulsed by those who like to flaunt wealth and power. The reason is that she sees this as intimidating and perhaps also provocative. Sensing a potential conflict, she will turn away from it.

Their perception of money is mainly based on a practical level: it is only the modality through which the things a person wants are bought.

She will rarely pursue money in order to accumulate it, but that doesn't mean she doesn't value it: men of a stingy nature will not impress her either. As far as her life is concerned, money is not high on her list of priorities.

What she doesn't look for in your bank balance, she will look for in your general appearance. She will rarely tolerate a man who does not take care of his appearance. He likes cleanliness and pleasant smells, so keep yourself tidy, bathed and well-dressed: it will make a perfect first impression.

What you should keep in mind about the Libra woman

Balance is something that Libra women have little trouble with. This balance that they seem to have constantly means that they are incredibly sociable people and have no trouble using their charm to find a comfort zone with new people very quickly.

This also means that you will be at the mercy of her charm when you meet her. Her modest self-esteem means that she knows her place at all times, and everyone else realises this very quickly, almost as soon as she enters the room.

But make no mistake, our Libra woman knows she has the charisma to flutter her eyelashes and get what she wants.

Under the rule of Venus, Libra women look for the simple things in a relationship: mutual respect, genuine love and adoration. These things give you the balance that is crucial to your life.

She likes to look at the details and give you a balanced view of them all in any situation where you have to choose between several options, but will leave the decision making to you. In this sense, she is a brilliant advisor and is someone you can trust to have your best interests at heart.

This says a lot about the kind of man she is looking for: someone strong and capable of making those big decisions.

That's not to say that she doesn't want to make her opinion known, as she likes to know that she is being listened to, but she prefers the security of knowing that she is with someone who is not afraid of a difficult decision.

Showing her this side of you - that you are someone who will listen to her but lead her at the same time - is key to attracting her.

Her natural intelligence and her ability to analyse a situation almost objectively make her unparalleled in working with others. She is also helped by the fact that she is so relaxed.

The combination of all these things explains why you can have your eyes set on winning the heart of a Libra woman.

But that doesn't mean it's easy to win her over: for example, showing most women that you're funny and can make her laugh is usually a good way to attract her. But not our Libra. She won't be put off by it, but she'll assume you're just like every other guy and look elsewhere.

Instead, approach her with dignity and make her feel at ease. This will work much better. If you continue this approach and make her feel loved, you will earn her complete loyalty. Men who have won the heart of a Libra woman will feel all the warmth of her romantic side.

Her balanced view of the world often puts her at odds with the status quo and she is also not afraid to speak her mind.

While this may sound like arrogance, it is simply the fact that she does not like to beat around the bush, and prefers to be direct.

Librans are social butterflies and proud of it. You don't have to worry about inviting her out with your friends, as she will quickly find her place and feel at ease.

Despite her affable nature, it is not easy to win the love of a Libra woman. However, if you succeed, she will love you unconditionally.

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