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The Libra man in bed: what to expect and how to arouse him

Sex with a Libra man: the facts, the strengths and weaknesses of sexual astrology...
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  1. His art of lovemaking
  2. In and out of bed

Although he likes the woman he is with to control the situation in bed, the Libra man will do whatever it takes to give pleasure. He will try anything to make his partner happy. He worries if he cannot bring his woman to orgasm, and is very sensitive in the scrotal area.

Don't rush when you're in bed with this guy. It's something he's a little unnerved by. If you like it too, enjoy the long prelude he offers you.

If everything is calm and the atmosphere is pleasant, the Libra man can make his partner scream with pleasure. He is knowledgeable about the workings of the female body and is very intuitive.

Don't be fooled by the fact that he doesn't look that athletic. This guy can be very energetic in bed. His performance is slow, but steady. He enjoys lovemaking and can make a partner burn before he even gets naked.

His art of lovemaking

The foreplay the Libra man likes and knows is imaginative, slow and passionate. As long as there are things to discover and new areas of the body to explore, he will not stop.

He knows what he is doing when he is in the act, and can last a long time. Sex is a satisfying thing for a Libra man.

He does not see it as something superficial and quick. He plays with his mouth and hands on the woman's body and likes to perform oral sex.

If you are relaxed and like to be playful in bed, the Libra man is the one for you. If you think he spends too much time on foreplay, take control and he will gladly follow your lead. But make sure you do it with subtlety, as he doesn't like to be told what to do in bed.

Nothing will cut off a Libra man's passion or sexual drive. Masturbation and oral sex are something he enjoys, and he likes the breast area. Anything that brings pleasure to the partner will also make him happy.

However, you have to let him know what you like before the fun begins. He does not like surprises. His relationships are mostly superficial, because he cannot be that deep in his feelings. He is the man who can have two relationships at the same time.

He has voyeuristic tendencies, and likes to watch other people having sex, or wearing masks. If you want to impress him with your imagination, suggest body painting. He will be very excited to use brushes and colours on your naked body.

Some Libras enjoy videotaping themselves when they have sex. People born in this sign know some of the finer things and practices, so nothing you can think of in bed will scare off the Libra guy you're with.

As this sign is in a subtle balance, many Libra men are homosexual or bisexual. Being open to many suggestions, this guy will dare anything when it comes to lovemaking.

He can be involved in two secret affairs at once, and have sex with two different women. He likes to wait to find a compatible partner, so he will devise all sorts of masturbation techniques to keep himself stimulated.

In and out of bed

Librans are always looking for balance and peace. When life throws something hard at him, the Libra man will return to an earlier situation to find his balance.

He is happy if everyone around him is happy. Don't take him out for physical activities. He prefers board games and likes a good chat.

If you are not knowledgeable about many topics of discussion, stay away from this guy. He likes people who know trivia.

Sociable, balanced and optimistic, Librans are also good at making jokes. He refuses to accept injustice and avoids conflict tactfully.

He is a valued colleague and boss. He adapts quickly, but finds it difficult to make decisions. The Libra man is a good judge because he analyses situations from many different points of view. He does not get too personal with people and almost never judges them.

If things don't go his way, he can become aggressive and intolerant, instead of the cool, down-to-earth person he is.

You can trust a Libra man's intuition to get things right. That's why people can't lie to him.

Understands what makes them do things. It does not like drama, so it will be able to determine someone's intentions immediately.

He loves everything that is beautiful, including beautiful women. He is charming when courting and knows how to win a woman's heart. But he will find it difficult to decide how much he loves her after he has made her fall in love.

For him, things have to be balanced and in order. And things are not always like that, unfortunately. If you are in love with a Libra man, don't despair if he doesn't like you that much. Take him to bed and enjoy the pleasures he has to offer.

The Libra man believes in equality between men and women, especially in the bedroom. He is patient in making his lover experience pleasure and likes to be told what the partner wants. If you compliment him, he will respond with more pleasure.

With a woman who knows what she wants, he will be at her mercy. That is why he likes strong women. He falls in love easily with someone like that. Remember to be calm with him. Again, he hates drama and emotional scenes.

Interested in girls from a very young age, the Libra man wants to get married at some point in his life. You can easily convince him to take this step. However, don't let him plan the wedding.

He would be very agitated to know that he has such a big responsibility, and he also finds it difficult to make decisions.

He wants his wife to be both friend and lover, and hates it when his partner flirts with other people. If you want to keep him forever, always be well-dressed and have your hair done.

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