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Libra man: in love, career and life

He is a well-balanced man with an innate charm....
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  1. Romance the romantic
  2. Fear of decision-making
  3. Your well-being comes from the well-being of others

Libra is known for balance and fairness, so the Libra man is open-minded and a good companion. He knows justice and his objectivity will help him make many friends, as he is good at giving advice.

The Libra man always tries to do what is best for those around him. He strives to please by weighing each and every aspect of a situation.

Like all Air signs, Librans filter everything through their own judgement. They enjoy discussions on interesting topics and appreciate when the speakers have good arguments, but will never choose sides.

That is why many groups of friends have Libra as a referee. Everything is taken into account when arguing with a Libra. He never lets anything slip and carefully studies what others have to say.

The Libra native is not a confrontational man and will avoid confrontation as much as possible: he knows how to sweeten things up.

Many people will find it difficult to be patient with the Libra man. He has trouble deciding simple things, like where to eat or where to go to see a movie.

This is because he has the ability to be neutral. You will have to be patient and expectant as he decides. The conclusion he will come to is sure to be well thought out and analysed. A good judge of situations and people, the Libra native is sought after when people need a new opinion.

Romance the romantic

Ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, the Libra man will always be sociable, cultured and present at all important events. He has beautiful possessions and likes people who are interested in the same things as he is.

He will charm you from the first moment, and you will be amazed at his ability to say the right thing. The things he likes are beautiful and always have the touch of a good artist. Famous Libra men include John Lennon, Neil deGrasse Tyson or Truman Capote.

For a Libra man, love is something supreme through which he can express his emotions. Always mysterious, he likes to be in love and always seeks harmony. He does not play games when he is in love, he will never play with someone's feelings.

You will find that the Libra man can fall in love quite quickly and that he expresses with nonchalance what he may feel.

Physically, the Libra man is very attractive and will attract attention wherever he goes. When it comes to dating, he never has trouble finding someone.

He is a classic romantic whose main aim is to make his partner happy. He has a tendency to put others before himself and this makes him very attractive.

In bed, your partner will be greatly rewarded with romantic gestures and incomparable pleasures. You like to give and receive pleasure. It is the brain of give and take and likes to be seduced.

You could try swearing when you're in bed with him, because he's open-minded. His natural charm translates between the sheets too, so you can never go wrong with champagne and romantic gestures.

When in a relationship, the Libra man will make sure that everything is in place to make that relationship last. He is the one who loves balance and security, and would never hurt his partner. Refrain from asking his opinion if you don't want to hear it. He will always be honest and objective.

The signs most compatible with a Libra are Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo.

Fear of decision-making

It is normal for the Libra man to seek balance and equality. Even his Zodiac symbol tells us so: an ancient balance. He will do anything to keep things in his life calm and settled, and is the sign that always sees both sides of a debate.

His hesitant nature will prevent him from making decisions, but this does not mean that he is not decisive.

The Libra man needs to move to be happy. If you put him in a cubicle, he won't last long in that job. He loves teamwork and is a good morale booster.

He would not be the best leader of a group, as he has trouble making decisions. He would make a great judge, mediator, diagnostician, decorator and even lawyer. It is important that he works in a place where he does not have to decide too quickly.

It is a known fact that the Libra individual can often be impractical when it comes to spending. Because they like expensive things, they may spend too much on something and then wonder where their money has gone.

You may make purchases with your heart and not with your mind. Nevertheless, you will make sound investments that will ensure your financial stability in the future.

Your well-being comes from the well-being of others

For the Libra man it is important to be healthy. He leads an active life and that can trigger back problems in the future. If he pays attention to how he exercises, he could stay healthy for a long time.

Those who are looking for a good friend can be sure that the Libra man is the one. He will always pay attention to others and their needs.

You will find that the Libra native would rather lose an argument even if he or she is right, just to keep his or her cool. A Libra will never look for faults in you. He sees the best in everyone and that makes him very popular.

As grey and blue are sophisticated colours, they will be present in a Libra man's wardrobe. He will have interesting accessories and wear fashionable clothes. He spends money on expensive clothes, as he likes the finer things in life.

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