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Libra as a friend: Why you need one

The Libra friend is very open-minded and affectionate, although he or she takes time to get close and form true friendships....
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  1. The 5 reasons why everyone needs a Libra friend:
  2. All about your friendships
  3. Very curious friends

Libra friends are extremely sociable and communicative, especially when it comes to doing new things. They are open to everything, literally. They are devoted and kind, helpful and supportive.

They have a certain longing to belong to a group or to be recognised as part of something bigger. They want to make friends and behave in ways that are liked by everyone. Understanding, empathetic, sometimes contradictory and indecisive, Librans are very complex characters.

The 5 reasons why everyone needs a Libra friend:

1) Avoid conflict whenever possible.

2) They are genuinely interested in listening to others talk.

3) Libra friends are very open-minded and accepting of new things.

4) They are more than generous and supportive.

5) Everything is so much better for them when they share it with their friends.

All about your friendships

There is nothing more important or interesting than the simple fact that Librans bring joy and happiness wherever they go. They can lighten the mood with a snap of their fingers. What's more, people like the fact that they are genuinely interested in listening to others talk.

They want to hear how others are coping with their problems, what is going on in the world, and they want to offer support to those who need it.

However, the fact that they want to please everyone and not offend is quite annoying to them. If they have to make a decision and the options would be controversial, then they will delay it.

Librans are very open-minded and accepting of the new. This means that they take it as a new experience to talk to people from many different cultures, with different mentalities and traditions.

They are neither xenophobic nor racist. On the contrary, they are multicultural and eclectic in their interests.

Although you may argue that they are particularly interested in other fields of knowledge, the sciences and so on, in reality there is one thing they are predominantly focused on. That is, the human species as a whole.

They are interested in human beings, the interpersonal relationships between them and how they cope with life.

Librans hate to be alone. There really is no other way to do it. They abhor the feeling of being alone in itself, of having no one to listen to, of having no sense of belonging.

They must first look inwards, to try to develop their inner self, to be happy and content with who they are.

Then comes the socialisation part, where they make friends. But a friend should not replace inner satisfaction and fulfilment.

They also want to look their best when they meet people. They may spend a lot of time weighing up the pros and cons of a particular accessory or item of clothing.

You will be very annoyed with the way your Libra friends deal with problems. That is, with how they don't deal with problems, to be more precise. One word: fear. Of what, you ask? Of conflicts, contradictions, arguments and social breakdown. They would rather lose something than cause a problem.

In addition, they find it difficult to reveal their emotions and become attached to people, whoever they are. It takes some time before they are capable of such closeness and intimacy.

In reality, they believe themselves unworthy of such intimacy and affection. In a way, they lack self-esteem, as well as self-confidence.

There is nothing more disturbing than believing that you do not live up to the appreciation and interest that people have in you.

That is the case with Librans. Also, they are very... material, shall we say, with their friends.

A friendship is built on like-minded ideas, principles and aspirations. However, they want to nurture and foster this bond with little things, tokens of appreciation. They will spend a lot of money on gifts.

Very curious friends

Librans have many friends, that's true. The surprising thing is that when they all get together, they think they all have the title of "best friend".

The truth is that these natives can be extremely empathetic and interesting, and often connect with people within seconds. It is no mystery that they like to be the centre of attention, entertaining people.

Paradoxically, however, the same natives who are so good at making friends can be very depressed because they find it difficult to connect with someone on a deeper level.

This happens as a result of their fear of intimacy. They like to feel free, independent, unattached, able to leave at any time.

Who can the Libra friend be most attached to? To a Gemini, of course. These ambivalent natives won't take "no" or "I don't know" for an answer. They want to explore the world, to delve into the most hidden mysteries and discover them all. They are thinkers rather than doers, which fits perfectly with the Libra way of acting.

They are not afraid to express their thoughts and lead the way. They even inspire Libra to take a stand and protect themselves, to speak out against everyone. Their friendship is marked by freedom, flexibility and independence.

In the early stages, you may want to ask a lot of questions. We all know that Librans want to be the centre of attention, to be complimented and praised. Simply by focusing on them and showing interest, you will make them feel appreciated.

However, remember that you must also accept their insistence or possessiveness. They will act this way if they consider you trustworthy and relatable. Otherwise, they will be afraid of becoming too emotional with you.

Two words: eclectic personality. These natives literally know everything from how to get to a coffee shop miles away to how to make teriyaki. Ask and you shall receive, or so they say. What's more, they put all this knowledge and information to good use, solving problems wherever they go.

It is as if they were a walking automaton, bent on saving the world, improving it and helping it to develop. Moreover, these natives have a very peculiar personality.

They are obsessed, extremely passionate people, capable of giving up everything in order to pursue their goals. If something piques their interest, you can kiss goodbye to ever coming up with anything.

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