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14 ways to tell if a Capricorn man is in love with you

Do you have doubts about your Capricorn man's love, or do you want to know if someone special Capricorn might be in love? Here are the signs you should evaluate.... , 2020-07-26

The stubborn Capricorn

Some say they're stubborn; some say they're orthodox and some even say they're cold. But wait, there is a beautiful side to Capricorn men....

If you've managed to fall in love with a Capricorn man, you can be sure it's for life. A Capricorn man believes in lasting relationships. He will commit to you only if he realises that you are a solid bet.

They believe in raising families, connecting with relatives and are family men in general. Many would perceive them as cold or distant, but in reality, they are slow to open up. They will only make friends with people they trust.

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They go into boyfriend phases, but usually back off before it's too late. They are the ones who take relationships as serious obligations.

If you are someone who doesn't like to be bound by relationships, perhaps Capricorn is not for you. Capricorn men are stubborn too. They have a lot of self-respect and usually wait until they are 40 to settle down for life or until they are financially secure.

They love to take on the role of a proud dad or caretaker of the family and do it really well. They generally prefer things to go in a sequence as in love, finances, marriage and only then children.
don't like it if their life runs haphazardly and may even lose their balance if their lives don't go in order. In short, they are very organised people who have a set notion of how things should be in life.

So, now that you have a little history of what it might be like to love a Capricorn, how do you know if your Capricorn boyfriend loves you or not?

Each zodiac sign has a different way of expressing their love. This amazing difference and the changes in personality come according to their alignment with the planets. Believe it or not, astrology has a distinct way of marking someone's character and personality.

It may not be one hundred percent correct all the time, but you get an outline of a person's nature by knowing his zodiac sign. Every man has his own way of letting you know if he loves you.

Read on to look for signs of whether a Capricorn is in love.


Signs that indicate if a Capricorn is in love

1. A man in love with Capricorn could start to push you away.

Capricorns have a very different mentality when it comes to love. They prefer to be the provider of whatever a woman wants. They assume you know about their feelings. If they trust your love, they would come right out and tell you without beating around the bush. If they are not ready to commit right now, they may even reject you or start ignoring you altogether. They don't take love lightly and only propose to someone they feel will stay with them for a long time.

2. They will start acting strangely

The first thing a Capricorn man who is in love with you will do is start acting strange. The reason for this is that they can't deal with emotions. It will take them a while to realise their love for you. They may feel confused about their feelings for you and try to avoid you altogether. You have to be very patient with them. But once, he acknowledges his love for you; you are in for a very stable and long term relationship. They are the most difficult to understand, as they have a very stubborn nature. You may find that your love acts strange or cold towards you and you may even think that he doesn't like you, but in fact, he is in love with you all the time and cannot handle his emotions.

3. Capricorn men are very shy

Capricorn men do not share their feelings with anyone easily. Capricorn men are shy to express their inner emotions to anyone, and it takes them a long time to trust someone or get close to someone. So, if your man starts sharing his secrets with you or starts talking to you more than before, perhaps, he loves you.

4. A Capricorn man is very possessive

This is one of the most common traits of Capricorn men. Capricorn men don't like anyone to come between their love and sometimes they also take casual
friendships too seriously. You certainly can't take a Capricorn man for a walk. He is completely devoted to his partner, and he expects the same.

5. A Capricorn man will love his woman like he loves his business.

One of the most difficult traits to read is that Capricorns are very sensitive about their love life. Capricorn men take their relationships very seriously, they consider their women as their property and they are also very cautious when dealing with their wives. His woman is very important to him, and he wants to be part of her life in every way.


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6. A Capricorn man will not readily admit his love for his woman.

Capricorn men are generally cold-minded and take a long time to admit their love or commit to a relationship. Even if he starts spending a lot of time with his woman, he may still be analysing her, still thinking about the prospects of his life with her and may also reconsider if he feels she is not the one. He might back off if she feels that his wife is not for marriage.

7. A Capricorn man will never flirt.

Capricorns find flirting a big waste of time. They will never try to show you that they like you if they do not. Capricorn men will spend quality time with you, they will be cordial and gentle, but they will never take you for a ride. So, if a man starts talking to you romantically, then he may have genuine feelings for you.

8. A Capricorn man is often reserved.

One of the common traits of a Capricorn is that they are too reserved. However, they are very good caretakers. Capricorn men take time to observe their likes and dislikes and take them into account. It will be a pleasure for a woman to know that her Capricorn man has suddenly started to share his deepest feelings with her. She is in a beautiful relationship with him.

9. A Capricorn man is quite complicated in nature.

A woman needs a lot of patience to get to the level in a relationship where her man starts sharing his likes and dislikes with her. Capricorn men are quite complicated in nature. It may take a while before Capricorn men start sharing their feelings with you. Some women get very frustrated with their reserved nature and also begin to doubt the prospects of a life with them. But all you have to do is be patient and wait for them to open up.

10. A Capricorn man is very realistic.

A Capricorn man knows how to add the element of fun in your life. One of the most obvious traits of love is if your Capricorn man wants to take you out for coffee, dinner or if he wants to go on a trip. Capricorn men know how to keep a relationship going. They can add a lot of excitement and sparkle into a relationship once they know you are the one for them.

11. A Capricorn man shows you his wonderful sense of humour.

Capricorns have a wonderful sense of humour. They love to act funny and make their women laugh. So, if your man starts showing you his sense of humour and starts spending quality time with you, perhaps, he is completely in love with you. Usually shy and reserved in nature, they do not easily show anyone this side of their personality.

12. He asks you to visit his place more often.

A Capricorn man would rarely allow any female companion to enter his private residence. If he asks you to visit his home or personal space more often than usual, then perhaps, he loves you. He wants to spend more time with you and let you into his personal life. They are usually secretive about their personal things and if they are sharing it with you, then consider yourself lucky and adored.

13. Talks about personal things with you

If a Capricorn man discusses his personal business, decisions, life and opinions with you, he is definitely in love with you. He considers you special and wants to make you part of his life.


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Two very good unions for Capricorns

Capricorn with Scorpio

A Capricorn man and a Scorpio woman make a deadly pair. Both will be committed to each other and will never be caught cheating on each other. Theirs can be a long, loyal and committed relationship. A Capricorn and a Scorpio are very compatible on an emotional front. A Scorpio woman understands her man's need to be able to lead the family and to be complimented frequently. She will shower him with all the love and attention he needs and let him lead the family and be the decision maker of the household.

Capricorn with a Pisces woman

A Capricorn man with a Pisces woman also makes a lovely couple, as the woman will be attracted to her man'
s aura of strength and determination. The Capricorn man will find comfort in the warm and hospitable nature of a Pisces woman, and together they are quite compatible on the domestic front. A Pisces woman is quite vulnerable and is a dreamer. She loves to give herself to her man and honours him above anyone else. A Capricorn man prefers to be the caretaker of the family and, together, they make the perfect couple.


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