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Capricorn qualities, positive and negative traits

Driven by success, Capricorns know that they are the sole masters of their own destiny and that they have to make their dreams come true....
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  1. Capricorn qualities in a nutshell:
  2. A stubborn personality
  3. Positive qualities of Capricorn
  4. Negative traits of Capricorn
  5. Qualities of the Capricorn man
  6. Qualities of the Capricorn woman

Capricorns tend to be very successful, ambitious and a bit stubborn. They have a birthday between 22 December and 19 January, and are the type who know how to do their job well and want to live in harmony with everyone.

Their determination to succeed is what makes them who they are. They love to compete and do not mind working hard because they want their life to be stable and well organised. Very devoted and family-oriented, they can also be overly pessimistic and never forgive those who have crossed them.

Capricorn qualities in a nutshell:

Positive traits: Loyalty, responsibility and ambition;

Negative traits: Pessimism, stubbornness and bad temper;

Symbolism: The Goat is a symbol of endurance, high ambitions and stability.

Motto: I build.

No matter how complicated or large a project is, you can be sure that a Capricorn will finish it somehow. Represented by the Goat, they can be stubborn and take a long time to decide what is right for them.

A stubborn personality

When talking about Capricorns, astrologers only think of responsibility, tradition and seriousness. These people are the independent type, but they are very focused in their personal and work life to always take the right direction.

Very calm and able to play the role of leaders, their plans are always calculated and interesting, which means that many people will want to follow them. Because they know how to learn from experience, they rarely make mistakes.

Their element is Earth, just as it is for Virgo and Taurus, and their sign is the last one to belong to this element. Very practical for this reason, Capricorns can use everything they know and make their life better and better with each passing day.

However, the Earth makes them a bit uptight and stubborn, so they rarely agree to change their minds or to give up one of their relationships. These natives find it difficult to deal with people who are different from them and sometimes impose their morals or traditions on others, in the most aggressive way.

Saturn rules Capricorn, this planet also being the representative of restrictions. Although it makes people very compliant and can handle the materialistic side very well, it also influences them to be detached and not at all forgiving.

This is why Capricorns tend not to forget the past and can make others feel very guilty after they have made a mistake. If they want to be happier and more accepted by others, they have to learn to let go of things.

In social gatherings, they do not interact with others until they have carefully observed how the group acts. They fear that people will judge them, just as they do others, so it may take them a while to fully relax when they are in the company of other individuals.

They do not find it at all easy to make friends, however, once they have learned to trust a person, you can be sure that they are the most loyal and considerate. They have a creative mind, but prefer to be practical.

That is why many of them are architects, designers and art dealers. These natives attach great importance to money and are very good at any profession that has to do with numbers or finances.

They can speculate, work in a bank, work as accountants, manage offices, buy and sell real estate and even conduct scientific research.

It seems that, whatever they decide to do for a living, they manage to be excellent at it. Many of them are professors and CEOs of very important companies.

It is great to know that they simply love to work and that stress does not influence them at all, on the contrary, it makes them work harder and concentrate even more.

However, this can also make them very tired, so they should be warned that relaxation is also important. They are very reserved and only like to work according to tradition, so they really know how to do their job.

Very pessimistic and humourless, when life doesn't seem to be going their way, they become depressed and melancholic.

No matter how attached they are to the people around them, they may be only self-centred and do not interact as much as others. It is very common for many of them to feel excluded, unappreciated or unloved.

It would be better not to have them as enemies because they can be ruthless when annoyed. On a more positive note, they are reliable and do not mind putting others before their own interests.

Positive qualities of Capricorn

Being driven only by success, Capricorns can be absent-minded from time to time. They know that they are the only ones in charge of their own destiny and realise that no one can make their dreams come true but themselves.

They are seen by others as aloof, but in reality they are very independent and depend only on themselves. These natives know that time is money and they organise themselves very well so that every single detail of their projects is taken care of.

Of all the other signs of the zodiac, they are the most likely to marry out of interest. However, don't think they will give up their ambitions just because they have married someone with wealth and status.

On the contrary, they will continue to work on their finances and their social position. Goats do not mind waiting for their dreams to come true and are very patient.

While they are intensely focused on their own goals, they can also be very present in the lives of their family and friends. Very careful not to make wrong decisions, they pay close attention to their money and manage to save or make sound investments.

Having money makes them feel secure, and they really need security in their lives because this is what drives them to be better people.

No one can be prouder than they are when they achieve success, and if they are offered kindness, they want to return it because they hate to owe people any favours.

Arguably the most positive qualities of Capricorns are determination, organisation and enormous patience. Always able to make plans and think about what they have to do to achieve their goals, these people tend to be successful and have a great career.

Anyone can trust them and they are very dedicated to doing what they have promised, but they can have problems when they need to open up and be warm.

However, you can trust that they will always be faithful and want their relationships to last a lifetime. Given how patient and resilient they are, you can be sure that they will stand by their lover when the going gets tough.

Negative traits of Capricorn

Many people may see Capricorns as very strange, because they cannot understand why these natives are so obsessed with success and having so much wealth. Not to mention that they are true perfectionists who invest far too much time and effort into their careers.

They prefer to focus on one thing and deal with the other once it is finished, so they always manage to complete their projects. Controlling and authoritarian, they never forget or forgive the person who has wronged them.

Expecting many incredible results from themselves and others, they are often disappointed because life does not always give them what they want. Unemotional and focused on having a good image that they can show to others, they work hard to achieve a good social position and to be appreciated.

Sometimes it seems that no matter how successful they are, their moodiness is their main trait. Lacking compassion because they never seem to be satisfied, Capricorns sometimes become very cold and unkind, so they will pursue their goals and realise their dreams without thinking that they may hurt others along the way.

The direction they decide to take in life must be in accordance with their personality and with what their mind desires of them. Only in this way will they be truly happy and have a good life.

Qualities of the Capricorn man

Never underestimate the Capricorn man, for although he may appear calm and reserved, he is actually ruthless when it comes to his own success.

Remember that his mind is all the time working and thinking about how to achieve great things. He knows his direction in life and has clear goals in his mind, so he is likely to succeed in everything he tries.

That is why he is considered the most workaholic man in the zodiac. No one and nothing can stand in his way when he wants something, especially if his career is involved. He knows how to be practical and has strong convictions.

This man will never refuse a good challenge if it is destined to bring him great rewards or a good social position. He will be famous, rich and important only because his perseverance cannot be tempered in any way.

Capricorns are very attentive to detail and have a lot of patience when it comes to achieving their goals.

His ruling planet is Saturn, which gives him authority and the need to be rich. Although he may step on a few toes in his path, you can be sure he will never get personal with anyone.

Very careful and not at all risky, the Capricorn man prefers to invest in solid opportunities. There is no one more realistic and capable of understanding reality than he is.

He has no pipe dreams and relies heavily on tradition because he is conservative. Don't expect him to go dancing or want to travel the world, as he is reserved and more family oriented.

Instead of going to bars, he will manage them, and instead of buying plane tickets, he will plan months in advance or talk to a travel agent about his holiday.

Qualities of the Capricorn woman

This woman knows how to negotiate and, like her male counterpart, is very determined to succeed in her career. You will find her in a position of power and yet she will be very ambitious to be better.

Her colleagues will be far behind her because she is the best at what she does. People should pay attention to her horns, as she can hurt anyone very badly if she thinks they are in her way.

Very stubborn and unwilling to accept the opinions of others, the Capricorn woman is independent and knows how to play the role of leader.

In other words, she is the Alpha female who strikes back when provoked. She is not aggressive, but can be ruthless when crossed.

No one is tougher than she is, so any difficult situation and tragedy in her life will be dealt with calmly and with a rational mind.

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  • Can you expect all Capricorns to have the same personality traits?

    Although Capricorns born in the same period may have some similarities in their personality traits based on their zodiac sign, it is important to remember that each person is unique and has their own individual personality. Therefore, it can be difficult to predict a person's behaviour or attitude based solely on their zodiac sign. It's always best to get to know a person as an individual and unique individual rather than simply assuming what kind of person they are based on their zodiac sign alone.

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