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14 things about a Capricorn in your life

Do you have a Capricorn in your life? are you interested in one? are you a Capricorn? This article is for you.... , 2020-05-24


Capricorns find it hard to let go of things, which often leads them into troubled waters. They cling to people, places and things that are often best let go.



A Capricorn will defend their loved ones until the day they die. They will not let anyone or anything hurt the people they love, and will be the first to have their back in time of need.



A Capricorn secretly fears being judged by others at all times. They find it hard to feel that they fit in with the crowd and feel a little insecure about themselves.



A Capricorn has a wild and crazy side that they hide perfectly. They are shy, quiet and reserved, but behind closed doors, they are the life of the party. Very few people get to see this side of them.



Capricorns are wildly stubborn. They find it difficult to move on and stop arguing. They often want to have the "last word" in a fight and confrontation is their best friend.



A Capricorn may have a tough exterior, but deep down they are hopeless romantics. They love deeply and intensely and are passionate in all the right ways.



A Capricorn is known for their practical approach to things. They tend to be very realistic and down to earth, a quality that others admire most about them.



A Capricorn is very emotional and even moody at times. Their emotions run like a roller coaster, jumping from one extreme to the other. It's hard to know exactly what goes through a Capricorn's mind, because frankly, neither do they!



Capricorns are ambitious and hard-working. They strive to exceed the expectations of others and are not afraid to brag about it when they do. They love to set goals and absolutely crush them.



Capricorns are very self-disciplined and are not easily persuaded by others. They listen to their inner voice telling them what to do and what not to do and ignore the rumours of others. They do not allow others to stand in the way of the way they choose to live their life.



Capricorns are not afraid to cut you off if you cross a certain boundary. Once you burn a Capricorn, they will most likely forget you ever existed. They won't put up with any nonsense and won't let fake people be a part of their life any longer. They have bigger and better things to do with their time.



A Capricorn is very stubborn, which sometimes translates into being selfish. They unwittingly care about their own problems before others, and sometimes that crosses over to others in a negative way.



A Capricorn is wise beyond their years. They have the best words of wisdom, and people often turn to them for advice. They are known as the "voice of reason" because they are very rational.



Although Capricorns are hard to figure out, once you do, they are loving and gentle. Deep down they have silly, quirky and fun personalities and are comforting to be around.

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