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What is the most annoying thing about the Capricorn sign?

What are the most negative and annoying traits of the Capricorn sign.... , 2020-05-24

Capricorn, you are very goal-oriented and stop at nothing to be where you want to be, sometimes coming across as cold, arrogant and self-righteous.


You annoy others because you think you are the only one with the right answer. Most of the time you are right, but you are not always right. You lack the will and ability to see other people's point of view, and you tend to be passionate about standing your ground, even if you are wrong. Sometimes you talk to people as if they were your employees, and everyone is tired of it.


You look down on those who don't work as hard as you do, and you come across as a bit of a snob. Some would even call you an elitist.


You annoy people because you are so worried about your reputation, your person and your image, too worried to allow yourself to be yourself sometimes,


You are too busy focusing on yourself and achieving your accomplishments to lack empathy for the feelings of others or for those in need.


You are financially responsible, so much so that you are sometimes stingy, and your friends are tired of putting in that extra 10 for you when they order pizza.

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