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What gifts to buy for Capricorn man

In this article some tips on gifts that may please the Capricorn man....
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A Capricorn man can be a challenge when it comes to buying you gifts, as he hates waste and frivolity.

 But there are different ways to show him affection; even if he's not interested in gift-giving celebrations, he surely appreciates the details and tokens of affection he receives.

 Don't wait too long to buy them something he's added to his wish list; because of his natural tendency toward pragmatism, he's more likely to go ahead and get what he wants before he receives it as a gift.

If you want to see a smile on his face after opening your gift, figure out the best way to please him: an interesting book, an unforgettable experience, a creative surprise? Keep all these details in mind for next year!

Capricorn men love detail and perfection, and this is reflected in their tastes.

 They love to own finely crafted objects such as leather goods, custom-made suits, antiques or antique books with unique bindings.

 In addition, Capricorns have a special affinity for antique watches; anything that has something to do with Saturn, their ruling planet, will have a place in their collections.

If you want to invite a Capricorn on a trip to please them without buying them something material, keep in mind that they don't like surprises; so give them enough notice to plan the getaway.

 These people may seem pedantic because they are very meticulous about all the details of life, but if you approach them from a positive point of view you will discover how kind and fun they can be.

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