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The hidden secrets of a Capricorn woman

Do you want to get to know the Capricorn woman? are you interested in conquering her? are you the Capricorn and want to know yourself better? I suggest you read this article written for you.... , 2020-05-17

Capricorns are a rare and protected species that shields itself from the universe. Their brains are a da Vinci code, cryptic and complex. It is cryptic and complex. It is mysterious, but lives for the moments when it can be free. It walks on the wild side, but takes steps with a little confidence.


His steps are slow. He looks twice before crossing the street. His face is slightly hidden from the world.


His heart is slightly hidden from the world. She finds it hard to show her emotions. She believes that every break-up starts with a slight rupture. However, she pushes through the pain. In fact, she suppresses the pain. A Capricorn prepares for disappointment, disappointment will never disappoint you. If you prepare for the worst, there is no unknown factor.


Although she secretly hopes for the best, she is satisfied with the pain.


If you break a Capricorn's heart, you've met the challenge of a ruby cube. You're a 21st century rocket scientist.


She reveals herself to little.


A Capricorn struggles to find peace with her insecurities. She struggles to define her self-worth. To trust someone. It is unheard of. Vulnerabilities deem her weak.


Deep down, a Capricorn wants to be loved.


She wants someone to lift her off her feet and show her the world. Although she covers herself with a false persona and wears a shield to protect herself from the world, she desires love, affection and acceptance.


She wants to be hugged. She wants someone to kiss her forehead before she falls asleep.


She wants to love someone. She loves with passion. She believes it takes time to develop trust between two people. She is a lamp post in the sea. An eccentric composition of flesh and blood who believes in love at first sight and the unexpected magic of love and new beginnings.


His love brings out the best in people.


She believes it is the little things that matter most, small acts of kindness and affection. Even if she doesn't always show her love, thoughtless acts convey her thoughtfulness.


Her heart heals those who enter her life. She is alive and energetic. Her effortless presence heals a broken smile.


A Capricorn notices everything. He notices routine and schedules with ease. His eyes cling to the details and secrets of painted portraits.


Prioritises his dreams and goals. Believes that with hard work comes success. He imagines his future as he lies in bed at night. She dreams of an office with a view of the Manhattan skyline. Although her vision is often in black and white, she analyses in colour. Her mind divides the day and the people in her life.


Cares about the people in his life. Sees secrets within other souls. She accepts the secrets she sees. People cling to her for help. They believe her to be a reassuring soul when seeking advice.


She is a strange soul of intimidating comfort. A safe and secret soul with a heart of gold.


Their head says it makes them fear you. Their heart says they love me.

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