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The wrath of Capricorn: The dark side of this sign

Capricorns are totally annoyed by people who ignore their opinions and do not take them seriously....
Author: Alegsa

  1. Capricorn's anger in a nutshell:
  2. Bottling up tensions
  3. Angering a Capricorn
  4. Testing Capricorn's patience
  5. They are truly ruthless
  6. Making peace with them

Capricorns always strive to do things the right way and can get angry if someone opposes them. They attach great importance to the quality of their work and the way they judge things, so they hate to have their methods questioned.

If they get angry, they feel this feeling deeply, even if they do not show it. Moreover, they channel their emotions into productive activities. They are more likely to have clear ideas and think with their head rather than their heart. If someone puts pressure on them, that person should be prepared for rounds of shouting.

Capricorn's anger in a nutshell:

Angry at: Having your serious decisions mocked;

Can't stand: That feeling of tension that is multiplied;

Style of revenge: Methodical and calculated;

Compensate by: Giving them all the time they need

Bottling up tensions

Capricorns can have a lot of pride, not to mention that they are productive and love to work hard. Most of the time, they are calm and think of their reputation.

They are as interested in the social environment as they are in the work environment. These natives pay attention to every little detail, not to mention that they are always keen to do things perfectly, wishing that no one would notice their mistakes.

They need to be recognised on the world stage. Most of them have the wit and sense of humour of sarcastic people.

Others may see them as boring, even stupid because they pretend to know everything, as well as too motivated to succeed because they cannot be approached.

However, their perfect tranquillity is in reality insecurity and sensitivity. They are also reserved and can shock others with their dark side.

Like other Earth signs, they do not get very angry because they prefer to live in peace and calm, never wanting to consume their energy or get angry.

When they get angry, everyone should run away from them. Nobody ever knows when they are angry because they don't express themselves too often.

It is normal for them to keep tensions inside for months. Therefore, when they finally take a break, people should stay away because they can be dangerous.

No one would want to be the person who makes them angry, because they are also relentless. Capricorns always shout and make a scene when expressing their feelings, but they don't want to be the centre of attention for too long.

Their demands are high, so if they are not met, they may be disappointed, not to mention very angry.

Their morality needs to be respected and others must stand by them if they are to remain their friends.

Angering a Capricorn

Capricorns are so petty that they don't give their friends a break. They are easy to anger because they are always moody and ready to be challenged.

Since they know what money is worth and consider themselves stingy, they may get angry if someone takes some money from them and does not return it.

In addition, they may get angry when someone attacks their pride. To begin with, Capricorns scold people when they get angry.

Afterwards, they let go and pretend that those who have wronged them no longer exist. They find it easy to let go of the toxic people in their lives and get on with what they have to do.

In fact, these natives prefer to be alone rather than surrounded by enemies.

They are cold and can easily forget others. When they are upset with people, they demand a lot of effort from them in order to be forgiven. They may not feel that it is all worth it, but things between them and others may eventually work out.

Testing Capricorn's patience

Capricorns can't stand it when others give them nicknames that sound cute and funny, as well as nicknames that are somewhat personal.

They do not like to be called that in public by their friends or loved ones.

Also, they should not be interrupted while they are talking or busy. Also, when people borrow money from them and do not pay them back, things can get ugly.

They do not like to pay for others, not even for a coffee or a bus ticket. When discussions are delayed and they can't talk about things that interest them, Capricorns don't want to hear any excuses.

Those who turn up on your doorstep without any invitation should stay away, because they can get very angry at surprise parties.

Most of the time, and just like any other zodiac sign, Goats get upset when their basic traits are questioned. For example, they should not feel that no one wants them around, nor should they be insulted or told that their strange emotions are meaningless.

Moreover, they do not like to be belittled, nor do they like their schedules to be disregarded.

They are truly ruthless

People born under Capricorn are most of the time calm and logical. They can go through many challenges and not tell anyone.

However, when someone tries to impose themselves on them, that person should walk away. When Capricorns get angry, they lose their temper and can become dangerous personalities because they just go off the deep end.

If this happens, they start acting as if they are superior and insulting. The words of these people can be really hurtful. They may start insulting the first person they come across, so anger is arguably one of their most vulnerable points.

Normally, Capricorn-born people hide their angry feelings by working hard. If people push them too hard, they may start to express their anger and make a scene.

Their loved ones may be shocked to see these calm natives in such a state or screaming. At least they care about whom they judge and are analytical when they have to make a decision.

In case someone has wronged them and they cannot forgive what has been done to them, they may act vengefully in a methodical way.

As soon as they decide to take revenge, Capricorns can become detached from an emotional point of view, and can transform themselves into a force that is impossible to overcome.

These natives focus on doing their job and may plan to humiliate or make their enemies suffer. They rarely forgive, and when they do, they do so ruthlessly.

Once Capricorns have decided to be vindictive, there is nothing to take them back. No one can console them, nor can their apologies suffice because they are emotionally detached.

After completing their revenge, their adversaries may leave their lives forever, and they may begin to act as if they had never encountered these individuals.

Moreover, Capricorns focus on productivity and want a good reputation more than anything else. In case they have been wronged, there is nothing they can do about it.

The only chance to be friends with these natives again is to give them an expensive gift and talk to them straight.

Those who have wronged them may talk about the mistakes they have made and mention what they are willing to do to fix them. Capricorn-borns may be called "twins" rather than Geminis, because there are two sides to their personality, regardless of the time.

For example, one side of them is the detached one that presents itself to the world, while the other is the emotional one.

Capricorns are also emotional, as are the signs belonging to the Water element. As for revenge, it depends on the level of pain the Capricorn feels.

Most of the time, the disciplined and cold side of them is known to win. This is not to say that Capricorns are never in the mood for revenge.

They can do so, but at the same time they allow karma to do its work. This does not mean that they do not seek revenge from an active point of view, unless it moves them forward.

For example, they may take revenge on a person who has destroyed their career or made them unsuccessful in the professional or business sector.

In case they have been hurt very badly, and may be hurt very deeply, karma may run its course for them because they are allowing it. However, they may think of revenge more than usual.

Making peace with them

Most of the time, people born under Capricorn are calm and down to earth. The only thing to do when dealing with them and their anger is to let their feelings turn into something constructive, because they need to channel their energy into something positive.

For example, they may attend meditation sessions and join in prayer. Capricorns are known for their loneliness, followed by negative moods.

They do not like to see others or talk to them when they are unhappy. This means that they should be left alone, because then they would feel unwanted or even worse.

For these individuals to feel good, their friends and loved ones must be calm and quiet themselves.

If this does not make them feel relieved, others should be productive with their own presence and resolve things as logically as possible.

These people should put their brains to work, as this makes them feel very good.

As already mentioned, they are very proud and vindictive, which means that they can never forgive easily. They have a bad temper and are capable of hatred when they try to annoy someone.

Some people apologise to Capricorns because they do not want their reputation to be destroyed.

Most of the time, Goats do not forgive, but offer bribes to get things done in their favour. When a Goat gossips to a person, the person must do something to obtain redemption.

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  • Is the Capricorn one of the coolest signs?

    Dear user, Capricorn is generally considered a very disciplined, ambitious and reliable earth sign. They tend to be hard workers and have a pragmatic approach to life. This can make them quite "cool" in some areas, as their determination and seriousness can help them achieve their goals.

    However, it is important to note that each zodiac sign has its dark side. For Capricorn, this can manifest as a certain propensity for anger and stubbornness. When upset or frustrated, they can express their displeasure in quite an intense way.

    Capricorn's anger can be particularly daunting as they are often quiet and reserved by nature, which can create a buildup of emotional tension. When they finally explode, it can startle others and cause conflict.

    It is therefore important for a Capricorn to find healthy ways to manage their anger in order to avoid possible negative repercussions on their personal or professional relationships. Open communication and finding practical solutions to problems can help alleviate this anger.

    Remember that these characteristics do not necessarily apply to all individuals born under the sign of Capricorn. Each person is unique and may have different traits depending on their astrological ascendant, family background, and other personal factors.
  • How do Capricorn's characteristics stand out and make him attractive to some?

    Capricorn is an astrological sign that has many attractive qualities. People born under this sign are often seen as ambitious, determined and responsible. Their calm and thoughtful nature also makes them very reliable and stable.

    Capricorns are known for their hard work and dedication to achieving their goals. They have a great capacity for organization and planning, which helps them succeed in their careers. Their ambition pushes them to constantly surpass themselves and seek success in all aspects of their lives.

    Their pragmatic nature also makes Capricorn an ideal partner in a romantic or friendly relationship. They take their commitments seriously and are willing to invest time and effort to maintain strong and lasting relationships.

    Moreover, Capricorn is generally considered to be very patient and responsible. Their loved ones can count on them to be there when needed, which strengthens the bonds they have with others.

    Finally, the mysterious side of Capricorn can also be attractive to some. They can come across as aloof or reserved at times, but this adds a certain aura of mystery that can catch others' attention.

    Of course, each person is unique and these characteristics can vary from one individual to another depending on their ascendant, other planetary positions in their horoscope or their personal experiences. It's important to consider the whole person and not just their zodiac sign when trying to understand what makes them attractive.
  • What aspects of the Capricorn personality appeal to people looking for stability and security in a relationship?

    People looking for stability and security in a relationship are often drawn to certain aspects of the Capricorn personality. This sign is known for its serious, reliable and responsible nature. Capricorns are often very organized and structured individuals, which makes them adept at creating a stable and secure environment for their partner.

    Additionally, Capricorns place a high value on professional and financial success, which can also be attractive to those seeking material stability in a relationship. They are often determined to achieve their goals and work hard to ensure their own financial security as well as that of their partner.

    Finally, Capricorns are known to be loyal and committed to their relationships. They usually take commitments seriously and do everything they can to maintain a strong and lasting relationship. This can reassure those seeking emotional stability in their love life.

    It is important to note that each person is unique, even as a representative of a specific astrological sign. So there will always be individual variations in how these traits show up in each Capricorn.

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