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Capricorn Weaknesses: Know Them to Overcome Them

These people are always very tense and worried, expecting the worst from people and showing low spirits....
Author: Alegsa

  1. Capricorn's weaknesses in a nutshell:
  2. Stubborn and fanatical
  3. The weaknesses of each deanery
  4. Love and friendships
  5. Family life
  6. Career

Capricorns are never the angels they want to appear to be. They are not at all sensitive and naive, which means they are prone to manipulate and deceive.

These natives can plan for a long time, not to mention that they can become overbearing for no reason. However, they also seem to lack imagination and may clam up when others least expect it.

Capricorn's weaknesses in a nutshell:

1) They can be blinded by their own ambitions;

2) When it comes to love, they can be quite cold and dismissive of emotions;

3) They love their family very much, but sometimes avoid responsibility;

4) When it comes to work, they can be harsh and intolerant of their colleagues.

Stubborn and fanatical

They are always in control of the emotions they may be going through, which can affect their appearance.

They would do well to talk and find someone who is as sensitive as they are, to address their concerns.

When Capricorns make decisions, they invest all their resources. However, when it comes to their emotions and their closest relationships, they are simply blocked.

This can cause them to have headaches or become depressed for a long time, not to mention that they may start inventing problems and become weak, once again, for no reason.

Capricorn-born people should realise that they have nothing to lose when they are more open.

They are stable and loyal to those they love most, but can have problems when they have to remember things they have done and when they insist on being too close to others.

In addition, they may have compulsive ideas and think of ways of revenge, perhaps being hurt by things that don't matter, for long periods of time.

These people need to be more forgiving and relaxed. The planet Saturn makes them more focused, but also takes away all the romanticism and ideals.

They may be low-spirited and exaggeratedly serious. In the spiritual realm, they may miss out on many emotional experiences.

They can use all their skills to reflect on how they can develop what they believe in, as well as how they can be more loving, caring and joyful.

The weaknesses of each deanery

Capricorns of the 1st decade are disciplined, which means they never leave anything to chance. They are interested in things other than love.

This indicates that they want to climb the social ladder and that they only pay attention to their ambitions.

Moreover, they would not like to be caught unawares and want to dominate their choices as well as the circumstances.

For this reason, they choose the not-so-mature ways to fool others and to feel happy again, for the moments of their childhood.

Capricorns of the 2nd decade are real fanatics, stubborn to a fault. They act strangely and most of the time do not pay attention to emotions.

However, they need to learn to rely on themselves and to master their impulses. This is a decanate that makes people feel that they are worthless.

These people need to prove that they are always right. They may sacrifice everything that is important and show that they are tough in order to deal with their repressed sensitivity.

These people can understand their weaknesses and why they need to be tender.

Capricorns of the 3rd decade can work very hard, for a long time, to make their dreams come true. It is important to love and support them, also to rekindle their enthusiasm.

They are strong-willed people, so they do not make concessions.

These natives can play many roles, as long as their goals are fulfilled. In loving them, they can forget themselves and their own dreams.

Love and friendships

Capricorn-born natives never think optimistically and do not want to occupy an important place around their loved ones.

They find it difficult to express their feelings because they need to be patient and tolerate any moment of silence or gloom. Their beliefs are often pessimistic.

When it is their turn to be lovers, they invest with wisdom and gratitude. Possessing a good sense of humour, they can also offend and agitate others.

If they are a couple, they are serious and stick to the rules, believing that once they have found their other half, they will not be able to look for someone else, ever again.

Capricorns are masters when it comes to domestic life. They do not pay enough attention to emotions because they believe that they only waste their energy by having them.

In conclusion, their conduit is all logic. Many may see them as cold, and in case they do something that seems emotional, they don't really care.

Capricorns are not the best at making those who are suffering feel comfortable. They don't mean it when they say "it's all right".

Therefore, they cannot provide comfort to their loved ones. Those who want to understand them may need to explain what and why they feel a certain way.

They are good at giving the most logical answers and do not like to hug people or be affectionate with them. Their purpose is to encourage and support.

Natives with the Sun in Capricorn do not understand why others cry, because they are too intellectual to understand all this.

They are negative, want to earn more than others and always ask for more. To find out more about them, they do not have many friends and select them severely.

When it comes to long-term friendships, they are the rare type that needs to be encouraged, so they can be counted on when the situation is completely dark.

They are likely to despair at different times in their lives. Their social life tends to become chaotic as soon as the fun begins, when what they do manage to do is enjoy the excitement of life. Their sign is more about finesse than partying like crazy.

Family life

Capricorns have a tendency to be serious, but at the same time they are too traditional, anxious and moody.

These natives may rebel in chaotic situations or when they are not under proper direction, not having the proper senses.

They usually resist shadows until conformity is reached. Capricorns tend to get discouraged and depressed, not to mention that their company is worthy of faith.

When they are parents, Capricorns are cold and authoritarian, taking full responsibility and asking their children to be moral, as well as to have respect for tradition.

The children of this sign seem to be born at an advanced age. They do not appreciate it when other children do not measure up, and prefer to stick with adults. They are reserved, which means that their polite ways can cause them to become depressed for no reason.


Capricorn-born people suffer from frustrations, are career-focused and can be harsh. They cannot cause any problems for the older people in their family if they are allowed to be free and given proper instructions.

These natives hate chaos and are not the most flexible. They have a tendency to moralise their colleagues and cannot adapt to new forms or codes of conduct, their main objective being to work as a team.

These people want their superiors to respect them, so they must act with care. When they are bosses, they are like parents, they believe it is important that they make sacrifices to have a career, which makes them motivational role models for their subordinates.

If they are independent, they act pessimistically and continue with their routine, until they are exhausted by any kind of frustration and are no longer accessible to anyone.

When they work, they have to be careful who dares to take their job away from them. As has already been said, they are the ones who only think about their professional life.

These natives are very ambitious and will not hesitate to destroy their competition when trying to achieve their goals.

Behind their relaxed attitude, they are serious and calculating, even annoying to the point of seeming gloomy towards their partner.

When trying to achieve their professional goals, Capricorn individuals may forget about all other interests in life, even their love for the people who matter most.

These natives may insist on spending all their time at work, not to mention that they are the ones who do not separate the personal from the professional. Therefore, they may not be able to relax and be happy at parties.

Negative reactions from others push them to repress their emotions and not to seek the success they are hoping for. Capricorns need to spread their interests and understand that rest is important.

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