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Capricorn children: What you should know about this determined soul

These children choose their friends wisely and often keep to themselves, but this does not mean that they are not great socialisers as well....
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  1. Capricorn children in a nutshell:
  2. Reflective and respectful children
  3. The girl
  4. The child
  5. Keeping them busy at playtime

Children born under Capricorn are attributed with great determination and duty. This zodiac is for those born between December 21st and January 20th. When raising a Capricorn child, you have to find the perfect harmony between responsibility and fun.

Their intellect and wisdom often far surpass those of other children their age, and you will often be surprised at how level-headed they can be. As a result, arguments and fits of anger will not be something you will see from this child. Of course, you will have an argument from time to time, but most of the time it will be resolved calmly.

Capricorn children in a nutshell:

1) They are amazing at role-playing and organising things;

2) Difficult times will come from their stubbornness and fixed nature;

3) The Capricorn child acts more adult than most children her age;

4) The Capricorn boy innately makes sense of almost any situation.

Reflective and respectful children

The main traits of these children are their mature mind and high intellect. Raising them is usually quite easy compared to other children.

The hardest thing will be to get your Capricorn child to take a break from time to time and relax, reminding him or her that he or she is still a child who also needs to play.

On the other hand, their determination and diligence know no bounds. They always strive for the best results, no matter how exhausting it may be.

Having a hectic upbringing or being always on the move will make them detached individuals. Otherwise, they tend to be warm and kind souls who put a high premium on love and compassion.

Some of their favourite childhood games are role-playing games. Your children will be more successful than you. They will change careers like socks, become doctors, actors or scientists and anything else they can think of.

A clue to a possible future would be his artistic talent, so be sure to keep this in mind. Most of the time you will find this child spending his energy responsibly and proactively.

Seeing them out playing with others can be a rare sight.

Over time, a Capricorn child may become more of a neat freak than his or her parents. The room will always be tidy, clothes will always be clean and folded and not a speck of dust will be seen in their personal space.

There is also no need to worry about the socialisation department. Sure, your child may not have many friends, but you can be sure that they have been carefully chosen.

January children tend to belong to the quiet group who always keep to themselves. So you won't hear complaints from teachers, but they might be bullied because of their apparent shy personality.

Don't worry! As with everything else, they are wise enough to handle such problems in their own way.

When it comes to love and relationships, your child may need a push or too, as he or she tends to be unsure of what to do in such situations. Make sure you raise an open-hearted individual if you want to have grandchildren in the future.

Capricorn children are thoughtful and respectful children who always treat people well, unless they are hurt. If there is a need for help around the house, they have your back.

In fact, if there is someone in need, they often lend a helping hand. Aren't you proud of your gentle and diligent offspring? These children grow up to be pragmatic adults and this is noticeable from an early age.

These children tend to set solid goals without any problems and do not waste time on guesswork.

When they have a task at hand, nothing usually stands in their way. At least not until they get it done.

Schedules and routines are essential for these children and everything has to be in order in their room, so you, as a parent, should not worry too much about keeping them under control.

They may seem like distant children, but in reality it is simply the way they handle socialisation and affection. In fact, they need love more than you think, otherwise they risk becoming cold and isolated adults in the future.

The only problem is not that they don't feel compassion or love, but that they don't really know how to show it to others. So there you have some food for thought on how to better educate your Capricorn child.

The girl

Although your child may seem childish, in reality she will surprise you on more than one occasion with how grown-up she can be.

She will also be more than stubborn at every opportunity. Have you heard of mood swings? It's almost as if she invented the term.

One second it's like a factory of joy and confetti, the next it's like the embodiment of a cloudy, rainy April day.

Which is sad, of course. But it's also part of her charms and you know it. Especially since there are many more ups and downs when it comes to her.

Tidying up where there used to be chaos is their favourite fun activity. If you are ever tired and have too much to do at home, just tell your Capricorn that there is a mess in the living room and she will jump in to help you.

This also goes hand in hand with their longing for control and security. Having something to do gives you a sense of stability and comfort.

The child

The Capricorn appreciates respect and understanding above all else. With a longing for reassurance and comfort, it is best to show them that you trust their ability to make sense of a situation.

So make sure you don't tone down adult conversations when he's around, otherwise he'll think you're taking him for granted.

Remember that they are more mature than you think, so act like it. They always have a plan brewing somewhere in their head and are seconds away from acting on it.

His goals and the tasks he sets himself are as good as achieved and he never backs down. He is more determined and strong-willed than the rest and will leap into his future.

Few things can stand in his way and these are on the emotional side. But all he needs is a little reassurance from you and he will be ready to go.

Keeping them busy at playtime

Nature is their favourite attraction. Sometimes they even crave it, so if your Capricorn child seems gloomy, maybe it's because they haven't been outside in a while.

They need a breath of nature and some socialisation, so make sure you take them to the park with the other children whenever you can.

Maybe sign them up for a local sports team. Anything that focuses on getting them to use their legs, as that is this Earth sign's strong point.

Their charisma and wisdom make them strong suitors for the leading role in a team.

Their talents also lie in music, especially as they always appreciate the order of how things should go. Therefore, they are very good at keeping the rhythm, so enrolling them in percussion or bass lessons would be a great choice.

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