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How to seduce a Capricorn man from A to Z

Find out how to make your Capricorn man fall in love with you and what to look out for....
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  1. Seduce your Capricorn man with these 5 tips:
  2. No time for games
  3. Tips on seducing your Capricorn man
  4. Negative aspects of seduction for Capricorns
  5. What you face

One of the worst tactics people use to seduce the Capricorn man is the direct route, asking him right then and there if he wants to go out, or asking him about his feelings. This native is one of the shyest, and is naturally someone who likes to observe the other person first before committing to anything.

Between the two of you, there will have to be a period of time in which you get to know each other, and it won't be short either.

Seduce your Capricorn man with these 5 tips:

1) Be feminine but also strong when challenged.

2) Smile and be honest about your shortcomings.

3) Dress well, but avoid looking superficial.

4) Listen to their aspirations and match them.

5) Let him or her direct domestic decisions.

No time for games

The Capricorn man is actually quite affectionate and affectionate, but these reflections of tenderness should only be expressed in intimacy, where the two of you are alone, and not in society, where others will undoubtedly be watching.

It is simply not in his nature to act in such an uninhibited way, and it is not a defect at all. Moreover, when it comes to professional life, or when it comes to his principles, you had better bear in mind that he is to be taken seriously, for he is not just talk, nor are his ideas and reams mere chimeras.

He wants to succeed in life, and he wants to achieve all those aspirations of his, and you could be the one he does it with, remember that.

Now, not surprisingly, the only difficult part of this whole mission is getting the Capricorn man interested in you.

The difficulty arises the moment you realise that he is extremely sparing in expressing his emotions, and will probably only do so after he has got to know you better.

That's why the most important aspect here is patience, because once you get through their shields, everything will change. These natives just want you to try, to really want to discover what lies behind all that coldness and seemingly icy attitude.

Again, what matters most to this native is knowing that you don't perceive him as just another temporary fling, because that's the last thing he wants.

If I wanted those things, I wouldn't have acted so indifferently and watched you all this time, only to deduce what kind of personality you have.

That doesn't really matter when all you want is sex, does it? Well, considering that the Capricorn man wants to have a lasting relationship, which should then turn into a marriage and establish a family, one-night stands are not really his thing.

Tips on seducing your Capricorn man

The fundamental idea here is not to try a lot of different, innovative and sometimes overly exaggerated techniques to seduce him. It is enough with the basics, with "mere" signs of affection and love, to make him realise that you care enough about him to overcome all the barriers he has put up for himself.

Keep doing that and things will get better with time, as all the attention and love you give him will certainly not go over his head.

It would be even better if you both had the same principles and values, because then the bond would become even deeper, much faster.

Capricorn men like their partners to be independent, to have their own plans, ideas and aspirations, for which they must work hard. Willpower is the only thing that separates the winners from the losers, nothing else, and they truly believe in it.

Rome was not built in a day, and neither does a successful idea bring immediate rewards. Patience, ambition and perseverance are the key here, and your interest would grow exponentially if you discover these qualities in your partners.

This condition stems from their desire to build a relationship that will last over time and eventually develop into a marriage. Obviously, they want a partner with prospects for the future.

Some men feel really threatened by a woman who knows what she wants, but this is not the case for the Capricorn man, because he is not just anyone, and he has his own plans, which he will achieve.

He wants someone similar to him, someone who is able to understand and even support his ideas, and the reverse should also be true. Independence, intellectual depth, creativity, depth of thought, are characteristics much admired by this man, and his wife should have them too.

Negative aspects of seduction for Capricorns

She does not like women who are manly and behave in a dominant, even impulsive way, because she does not like it when someone who should be feminine acts in such a contradictory way.

She wants her partner to be patient, observant, strategically minded, with the dignity and self-respect not to create a fuss wherever she goes. Simplicity, elegance, restraint, these aspects make a woman much more sexy and desirable, so make sure you keep all this in mind.

Implicitly, the Capricorn man likes things to go smoothly, with a step-by-step, unhurried approach, because that's when mistakes happen.

The Capricorn man has his own plans and ideas that he has been thinking about for a long time, so it's obvious that you won't be able to change his mind just like that.

For all the strategies and future prospects he has made so far, it would be his greatest disappointment to simply abandon them for you.

Even if he would do a lot of things just to make you happy, it would be a really big sacrifice, and it may not be worth it to him. Be patient and calm, because eventually he will come to his senses on his own. It will just take a little longer than usual.

Moreover, the Capricorn man is very rational and logical, so he will always approach all situations with a clear mind, systematically, with a definite purpose in mind, and if he fails, then he must learn from it.

However, if his wife is overly sensitive and overreacts to any and every obstacle, then that is not good at all. This native does not understand why some people cry when things get too tough.

Why don't they look for a solution? What's the point of crying? Clearly it is too rational for its own good, but it is what it is, and compatibility is also important.

What you face

To begin with, it is very difficult to know when you have done exactly enough to arouse his interest, because he doesn't show much emotion in the first place, so there is this problem.

Sure it's a very nice prospect, that this man comes close to perfection in almost every aspect, but that's only after you've managed to seduce him to reach that level of mutual trust.

What happens until then? Continuous efforts, uncertainty that gnaws at your patience, and a dwindling hope that she will finally decide to reciprocate your feelings.

The fact is that Capricorn men have quite high expectations of their partners, and until these conditions are met, they will probably continue to perceive you as just a potential lover, nothing more.

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