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The Capricorn woman in marriage: What kind of wife is she?

The Capricorn woman is a loyal, but also temperamental wife, who is likely to do only as she pleases, even if her reasons are always good....
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  1. The Capricorn woman as a wife, in a nutshell:
  2. The Capricorn woman as a wife
  3. Too much discipline, to the detriment of fun
  4. The drawbacks of her role as a wife

The Capricorn woman is more focused on her career and has a strong need to become important in her field of work.

That is why she tends to marry later in life and probably to someone who can help her work on her ambitions, not to mention that they would both be the power couple she dreams of most of the time.

The Capricorn woman as a wife, in a nutshell:

Qualities: Loyal, serious and honest;

Challenges: Distracted, strict and tough;

You will love it: Being accepted for who you are;

Needs to learn: To be more patient and loving.

She does not want to complicate her climb up the social ladder with the responsibilities of having a family, unless someone highly successful sweeps her off her feet.

The Capricorn woman as a wife

The Capricorn woman can be said to be a true representation of loyalty and dependability. At home, they are loved by all members of their family and do not hesitate to return their affection.

These women know what love is and that it comes with many difficulties. However, they never seem to lose their cool and usually keep their composure because they treat love very seriously and are honest with themselves.

These women know what hard work means, but they certainly have no idea how to have fun. The Capricorn woman can be called the seeker of the zodiac, because she has many ambitions and constantly seeks to become a better person.

Most of the time she dreams of realistic achievements and does not let anything or anyone stand in her way when she is focused on achieving something. She is admired by many for her hard work and for being a great team player.

As far as loyalty is concerned, she can be trusted by anyone, as she always stands by her loved ones, no matter how bad the times are. She is a good listener and her advice is often very valuable. However, don't try to engage her in small talk or gossip, because she doesn't like it.

The Capricorn woman is definitely not the ideal wife because she is ruled by Saturn and is therefore not at all feminine.

Most of the time, these women are tomboyish and do not hesitate to show their temperament and display many masculine traits.

She is loyal, thorough, capable of anything and, at the same time, likes to take care of her home. This Capricorn woman knows how to cook and budget, not to mention that she will always encourage her spouse and children to get ahead.

She acts like a real lady when she goes out and at home she is the most practical and attentive wife. The man who is lucky enough to be her husband will be very happy at her side.

Capricorn women will always offer their help when others need it. They may be overburdened with household chores, because they are obsessed with organising everything with precision and making their home cosy and safe.

The Capricorn woman is independent and wants her partner to be her equal. She is looking for a man who loves her and makes her feel secure, while supporting her to succeed.

It's OK to challenge her as long as she feels cared for. You can't be happy in a relationship that lacks spontaneity, so an unpredictable partner could make you feel very good about your love life.

She can't be said to be very demanding, because she doesn't need to be taken on expensive holidays or to be shown love with grand gestures.

It would be nice for her to stay at home on a Saturday night and curl up in bed while watching a movie.

Capricorns are known for putting effort into their relationships, because they do not see romantic connections as a mere means to have a good time, but dream of starting a family and having someone to support them in bad times.

They are as proud of their strong marriage as they are of their professional success. For this reason, natives of this sign continue to analyse the past and try to determine what important moments may have brought them and their other half closer to each other.

When this happens, they decide whether or not they should be with that person for life. They are so hard-working and determined to succeed that they exhaust themselves doing everything perfectly, even in their marriage.

They may get confused or misunderstand each other and argue at such times, but they are also good at getting things right again.

As they are traditionalists, it is suggested that they celebrate their wedding in winter, during the holidays. The Capricorn woman will love to pronounce her vows in an atmosphere surrounded by traditions and while honouring the heritage of many, for she herself is a slave to celebrating the holidays.

Both she and the man she is marrying need to live for the moment and not plan for the future. The woman of this sign cannot compare with the delicate Pisces or Libra in her femininity. Also, she is not emotional like Leo or Aries.

Too much discipline, to the detriment of fun

The Goat woman sometimes appears to be unfriendly and not present in the relationship at all. However, she possesses a lot of integrity and is one of the most dutiful people in the zodiac.

It can be difficult to define her personality, because she can be both a sexy creature who seduces all men and a scientist working on experiments to send humans to other galaxies.

Regardless of their outward appearance, in their heart they will always need security, respect and a position of authority at work. No matter whether they are female or male, Capricorns are devoted to their family.

They have the determination to provide for their loved ones and to fulfil all their duties at home without making any mistakes.

However, they can be overworked, especially the Capricorn woman, who would not hesitate to go back to work in the second year after giving birth, just so that her family would have more money.

This woman should remember that being patient and loving her family is more important than money. Being very disciplined, Capricorns make excellent parents, but they can annoy their children by overreacting and judging them when they don't measure up.

After all, children need encouragement, not harsh criticism. Capricorns would be even better parents if they played with their children and went to all the competitions they participate in.

In their opinion, their family's happiness reflects their success, so it is a good opportunity for them to be proud of their achievements.

Some men want passion and not the logical mind of the Capricorn loving woman, so they may treat her unfairly.

She will always be respected for being loyal and reliable, but it would be better for her to marry a person who is as practical as she is and does not dream of someone who is too spiritual or emotional.

An over-enthusiastic and agitated man would only slow her down in achieving her goals. After all, she wants a good provider and father for her children.

The drawbacks of her role as a wife

The Capricorn woman wants to advance quickly in her career, while her husband may need her at home frequently. When she gets close to a promotion, she may spend nights at the office and make her man complain about it.

All ladies of this sign are very ambitious and can succeed by walking all over others.

Although it is very unlikely that a Capricorn woman will end up with someone who does not have the same goals as her, she may also end up with a man who seeks to change her.

Being self-centred, she will not stay with him for too long because she wants to focus on her dreams and not be bothered by someone with a different view from her own.

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