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13 Signs that a Capricorn man likes you

Spoiler alert: your Capricorn man likes you when he wants you to feel comfortable around him and starts adding emoticons to his messages....
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  1. Top 13 signs a Capricorn likes you
  2. How to find out if your Capricorn likes you
  3. Texting with your sweetheart
  4. Are you falling in love?

When you try to read into the behaviour of your Capricorn lover, keep in mind that he is a very ambitious and persevering man who wants to lead a good life.

Top 13 signs a Capricorn likes you

1) She takes time off work to spend going places with you.

2) He will not hesitate to tell you his opinions.

3) Becomes very emotional in your company.

4) He is strangely romantic with you.

5) Don't worry if he is not yet demonstrative with words.

6) He goes out of his way to help you in the little things.

7) Desires physical contact, but not the naughty kind.

8) He takes great care to make you feel comfortable with him.

9) You will feel that he is constantly analysing you.

10) Start taking care of your appearance.

11) He sometimes becomes shy around you and maintains long eye contact.

12) Start adding emoticons and sweet expressions to your messages.

13) Has a direct and physical flirting style.

So when he decides to take the time, which he would otherwise invest in significant efforts, and spend it with you, and when he takes you to a restaurant, a rather expensive one at that, it means that he has fallen hard into the mire of love.

He also values time like no one else, because time equals money in his eyes, so you won't see him hesitating or beating around the bush when he wants to say or do something.

Instead, he'll be frank and direct, which means you won't have to wait too long before he asks you out. But don't expect anything too romantic, especially at first.

How to find out if your Capricorn likes you

One of the first indicators that a Capricorn has fallen in love with you is their great sensitivity, the deep emotions that will well up as soon as they see the object of their desire.

We all know that Capricorns are the responsible, pragmatic and always serious workers of the zodiac, so when they turn into a mushy romantic who shows interest in something other than their work, then we can clearly assume that something has happened, and that something has to do with love feelings.

However, he will take it easy, according to his own character and personality, but the feelings are there. He is generous, unselfish, kind and ultimately very benevolent to people in need, and that works quite well in a relationship.

The Capricorn man, being an Earth sign, will focus more on making you really happy and making you see that he loves you, rather than declaring it openly.

It's not that he can't do it, but he prefers to put more emphasis on actions, and he's not much of a talker either.

So, to understand him clearly, pay close attention to him the next time you meet. If he goes out of his comfort zone to help you, or shows you that he wants to support you when you need it, more than a friend would, then he definitely likes you.

In a relationship, it is also he who takes on most of the responsibilities and does most of the work at home, and you should be able to sense this in his initial reactions as well.

Whenever they feel like it, they will want to be by your side, to feel that you are that person who will always be there, who comforts them emotionally. Closeness is very important to these natives, and they will want to spend most of their time with you.

Since they tend to be this clingy and affectionate, it is obvious why they are so practical and work so hard at home, because they want to make it ideal for you. If you like it, you'll find it more pleasant to be there, and that's what they want most of all.

Although the Capricorn man does not hesitate if he really wants to talk to you about his feelings, this does not mean that this will happen from the first meeting, because he is not the type to rush into things.

On the contrary, he will take his time to analyse you, and as he has probably been hurt in the past, he wants to be very sure that it won't happen again.

So you could reassure him by showing that you are also interested, willing and have the most sincere feelings for him.

Sometimes you may end up thinking that you are trying too hard, which could set you back a few days. But that's just because you're overthinking things, so don't stress.

The Capricorn man will want to be at his best when talking to you, because he realises that only by showing you exactly what he is capable of, could you decide to stay.

Also, he tends not to find his words, or even think, that is, when he approaches you, and that should immediately raise an alarm flag. If you see him fidgeting and holding eye contact for an unusually long time, it means he is basically falling in love with you.

However, although he may seem shy and embarrassed at first, once you assure him of your interest, nothing will stand in his way of showing you his confidence and strength.

Texting with your sweetheart

This native is a very generous, loving and kind individual, who will always come to the rescue and is a family man above all else.

Even from the beginning of a relationship, what they want most is to feel that their partner is always close, whether they want someone to talk to or someone to explore the world with.

They want that, you know, someone to support them and help them to put their ideas into action, to get out of the daily routine and to do the things they have always dreamed of.

And, of course, with their phones in their hands all day, for business or entertainment, love is also at their fingertips. While they may respect your space at first, just as you do theirs, as you become more comfortable, expect an avalanche of short and sweet messages.

Even in writing, he is not the biggest fan of long missives, so his communications will be rather pragmatic in style. But when he starts adding emoticons, especially the lovey-dovey kind, you should know that there is something bigger going on behind the phone screen.

In reality, the Capricorn man is a very sociable individual, who feels more secure when he is surrounded by people close to him, those who understand him better and do not judge him. Therefore, you will not find him in too many chat groups, perhaps only in those of his family and closest friends.

Besides, if you have the intelligence and social taste to win over most of the people in his life, you are likely to win him over as well. After all, he will give you this chance because he prefers to be pragmatic and quick in his plans, so you will be included in his core groups from the start.

Are you falling in love?

The Capricorn man can't afford to waste his time stalling and standing in the corner, while you're over there, talking to other guys. Who knows when he'll give in to your advances?

Well, he's not that kind of guy, and he'll come straight to you, he might be awkward about asking you out, but you'll know he means what he says.

His feelings and emotions are rather straightforward and simple, which means that a sweeping romance is out of the question, but this does not mean that what you have is not very special, and perhaps destined for life.

He will be very responsible and caring, because he understands a woman's need for a secure and protective man.

Whatever he is enjoying, he wants to share it with you, just as you would if it were the case.

He wants to have a very satisfying union, based on mutual understanding, a friendly attitude and, most importantly, boundless love and affection, and when he is in love, this is simply conveyed even through his everyday actions.

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  • What is a Capricorn man like when he is confused?

    In general, the Capricorn man is very ambitious and goal-oriented, so if he's confused, it's probably because he's dealing with some problem or challenge in his life. It could be anything, a source of stress related to your career or your personal life.

    A Capricorn man usually doesn't like to share his problems with others, so it may happen that when he is embarrassed, he closes in on himself. He may talk to you less or avoid your company. However, it is important to note that this does not necessarily mean that he is no longer interested in you.

    If a Capricorn man is confused and you feel like you want to help him or support him, I suggest you be patient and considerate with him. A Capricorn man can usually be very grateful for the person who stands by him and supports him in his difficult times.

    I hope I could help! If you have any further questions about Capricorn men or want to consult about anything else, I am happy to help you.

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