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Capricorn seduction style: Direct and physical

If you're wondering how to seduce a Capricorn, understand how they flirt so you can match their love game....
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  1. Capricorn seduction traits in action
  2. Capricorn's body language of seduction
  3. How to seduce a Capricorn
  4. Seduction of the Capricorn man
  5. Seduction of the Capricorn woman

A Capricorn has a rather distant and direct seduction technique, and that definitely implies that this native will talk for hours about the things he or she has achieved, professional success and material development.

Capricorn seduction traits in action

Pretentious ❤ Only the best for these natives.

Tender ❤ They will know when they have their heart open for you.

Creative ❤ They will surprise you when you least expect it.

Attentive ❤ You will be the centre of their world.

Reliable ❤ Being able to trust them is the norm.

This assertive attitude of Capricorns is to show that they are perfectly capable of offering you stability, security and future prospects. And who doesn't want that, honestly? Everyone does, and they realise that a relationship doesn't work with love and affection alone.

Both partners must also have things in common, dreams, ideas, be responsible, self-aware and ambitious. Therefore, they will always avoid people who are superficial, ignorant or who seem to have no idea about their life.

These natives are very honest and straightforward, and will waste no time in showing off to you. That is superficial and bland, and certainly not worthy of them, as it would be demeaning.

Their creativity knows no bounds, and that is mainly the reason why few are able to resist their charms, especially when they are determined to win someone over. Moreover, someone who doesn't waste time on useless fiddling and just says exactly what he wants is definitely a person who deserves respect.

It would be a pity if the person they like did not appreciate or observe that this attitude of theirs is rarely seen in others, and is a mark of seriousness, stability, honesty and boundless love. Those who manifest themselves in this way are reliable and loyal companions.

This may not necessarily be what you're looking for in the early stages of a romance, when all you want is to be flirted with and wooed, but surely, if you get past the frustrations of not getting all that romantic attention, you'll find the real thing.

This bewildering approach is the reason why many people tend to avoid these natives, because they cannot understand their motivations, and why they suddenly become so serious.

Because there is often a sudden change in his approach, this spontaneous change of attitude, from a shy and desirable individual to a direct, bold and daring conqueror, who sets high standards and strives to achieve them perfectly.

Because they seek a happy life, and this requires a visionary outlook, Capricorns will not beat around the bush, or waste time on superficial adventures.

Capricorn's body language of seduction

When Capricorns fall in love, their whole body accompanies this feeling, and leaves no room for other interpretations. They will proceed to get closer, physically speaking, and you will notice that more than one touch occurs, apparently out of a need to comfort you, or in a friendly way, but the truth is none other than love.

And if you were wondering what the telltale signs are, the real, observable and true signs that could tell you if they like you, rest assured. These natives will have that kind of look, the look of a person in love, a deep and fascinated gaze, as well as a constant smile on their lips when they see their crush.

They will always try to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere wherever they go, and this is even more true when it comes to their own home. And since the atmosphere is mainly determined by the relationships between the two of them, Capricorns will strive to act as selflessly and generously as possible.

Loving, caring, compassionate and tender, these guys will fulfil all your deepest desires, support you unconditionally and be there when you need them most.

Since this is the kind of relationship they desire, they are the first to put these principles into practice. Moreover, they are not always preoccupied with responsibilities and work, because they will always like to relax and take time off, if they spend it with their partner, of course.

The most important thing to remember about them is this: they are perfectly predictable and can be understood fairly quickly if you consider that they never pretend with their love and affection.

So if they show interest in someone, if they are the first to initiate physical contact or want to do things together, you can be sure that they are very serious about it. Together with these natives, that special person will feel really special and as if they are the most important person in the world, because they will make sure that everyone knows and notices the partner they have chosen, even if it is only for flirting.

How to seduce a Capricorn

For those who are attracted to a Capricorn, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to have the best chance of seducing this native.

They are very self-aware individuals, who know exactly what they want out of life, and will not tolerate any kind of foolishness or mockery. They deeply despise superficiality and ignorance, and you must remember that.

They want a stable, secure and potentially perfect relationship, not one where they have to constantly worry about the next day. When it comes to seduction, act naturally, confidently, and strive to make them feel appreciated and loved.

To be fair, it is not difficult to strike up a conversation with a Capricorn, because the initial stages are almost always marked by them. You just have to show that you are interested and available. The rest is up to them.

They will see it from across the room, and will not hesitate to start running towards the opportunity. What they are interested in is the potential you might have, and before they come to a relevant conclusion, they will be as excited as a child who has just received a new toy.

And that conclusion is the result of a deep observation process, based on their own principles and high expectations. Financial stability, career security, future prospects, ambition, perseverance - these are just some of the things they look for in an important person, from an early stage.

Seduction of the Capricorn man

The Capricorn man is an impulsive individual who wants to have a successful life above all else, to live in comfort, to have a stable and secure material condition. And for this reason alone, he should not refrain from talking about the latest developments at work, about his plans for the future, even if right now they are unrealistic.

They don't want their woman to spend hours in the mirror and practice her moves before dates with him, they want her to know exactly what she wants out of life, and to be able to articulate it freely and not just dream about it endlessly, like a fantasy. Actually doing something for a change and seizing opportunities as they arise, they admire this quality in a partner, and it would be one of the most important criteria in their choice.

Seduction of the Capricorn woman

Capricorn women have a very calm approach when it comes to seduction, because they see no reason to rush into things. The other is not going to pack up and leave anyway, as your charms and sex appeal have already pinned you to the chair.

They couldn't leave now if they wanted to. Who said feminine charms were overrated? This native proves that to be absolutely untrue, and on top of that she expects her advances to be met with the same openness and intensity.

If you realise that the other person is hesitating, then you give up, because in your mind, there is no point in having such a person in your life.

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