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Love compatibility: Cancer woman and Capricorn man

The horoscope gives the Cancerian-Capricornian bond a relatively good love compatibility.  Both can achieve a relationship based on friendship, but with effort. C... , 2023-03-04

  1. The Cancer-Capricorn connection
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  3. Capricorn - Cancer Compatibility
  4. Capricorn - Cancer Love Compatibility
  5. Capricorn and Cancer Family Compatibility

The horoscope gives the Cancerian-Capricornian bond a relatively good love compatibility.

 Both can achieve a relationship based on friendship, but with effort. Cancer is the opposite and complementary sign of Capricorn.

 The Cancer woman is affectionate, loyal and understanding. She is a very good partner and needs understanding always, otherwise she gets bored and leaves the relationship.

 The Capricorn man is tender, affectionate and somewhat domineering... The Cancer woman will only accept the latter if she is really in love.

 This relationship starts as a friendship and can end with a lot of love... only if they understand each other.

The Cancer-Capricorn connection

Being almost on the same kind of wavelength and following the same principles, the Cancer and the Capricorn have, however, different approaches, but besides that, they can achieve quite a good result, if they manage to find the right moment to open up.

 If the Cancer does not have enough willpower and fortitude to overcome a certain problem, then her partner, the Capricorn, will certainly rise to the task and offer her ardent support.

 As we have said before, the Cancer sign is extremely sensitive, and will take any offence to heart, finding it impossible to ignore or move on such things without taking a break and reflecting on it.

 In contrast, the Capricorn's steadfastness and practical approach means that their partner will also take a more practical approach, or at least learn to be more resistant to external damage. It really is a magnificent approach.

 The Capricorn's strength of character and powerful willpower will help to cover and heal all their partner's uncertainties and sensitivities, and as long as they have a common goal, they will be able to withstand almost anything that is thrown at them.

 In addition to having a keen interest in money, they are also very attached when it comes to family and close friends, as they are very attached and compassionate to those who deserve it. Ultimately, it is their deep understanding of each other that makes this couple a match made in heaven.

Characteristics of these signs

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Cancer by the Moon. Saturn radiates a cold masculine energy, while the Moon emits a welcoming feminine energy. Saturn indicates discipline and precision, while the Moon symbolises maternal affection, feelings, intuition and nurturing. Therefore, in this pairing, Capricorn can teach Cancer about strength, consistency, how to be more organised and how to fulfil their ambitions, while Cancer can show Capricorn how to enjoy the luxuries of life and incorporate tender feelings into their otherwise totally practical mind. They tend to have a fruitful and deep connection.

Capricorn - Cancer Compatibility

Capricorn is the sign that only believes in moving forward. Symbolised by a goat, they know how to achieve all the goals they set for themselves. They do not shy away from climbing even the highest mountains to fulfil their dreams. They are compassionate beings, who when in love are very considerate and loving. Cancer is affectionate and emotional by nature. They are symbolised by a crab and are impulsive and hardworking. They are not satisfied with the number two position and always strive to be the best in everything they do. They are ambitious and high achievers. They believe in helping rather than ruling, so they shy away from leadership roles. This bond can form a great team if they can agree to work on a couple of things.

Both the Goat and the Crab value security and safety; Capricorn values security of possessions, while Cancer focuses on emotional security. They are reliable and traditionally minded. Both are cardinal signs and have passion and initiative. They rarely disagree with each other. The best aspect of this couple is that they are truly loyal to each other in all areas and share a mutual desire to achieve common goals. The integrity of nature makes the Capricorn and Cancer couple highly compatible.

Capricorn - Cancer Love Compatibility

This couple grows and builds on a solid foundation of emotional and material security. Both share a bond and a love that grows rapidly over the years. Both are success-oriented and can set themselves a five-year plan.

Given their personalities, the goat is more likely to move up the corporate ladder, while the crab is more likely to opt for a caring profession, such as social work or medicine.

Cancer softens the rigid Capricorn and Capricorn, in turn, gives Cancer a sense of style and flair and motivates them to dream big. When you see them holding hands or kissing in public, you know they mean business.

They will celebrate their love by going out to lavish dinners and ritualistic date nights. But to afford this luxurious lifestyle, they will have to work long hours, which can create a rift between lovers. If they understand these little problems and solve them in time, they can have a love life that everyone envies, i.e., classy, romantic and magnificent.

Capricorn and Cancer Family Compatibility

Since Capricorn and Cancer are practical signs, it would not be surprising if they would test their family compatibility by staying together and then spending time apart before actually starting their family life. They love each other selflessly, which makes their marriage go a long way. They know when to follow and when to lead and balance each other perfectly.

Together, they can create a secure, solid and majestic family life. Even when the goat sometimes prioritises his career and loses sight of the idea of having children, the mother crab acts as a gentle reminder of how beautiful it will be to have children. Her children are, for the most part, the best and most expensive of her entire group of friends. There is nothing their hard-working, ambitious parents cannot provide.

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