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Love compatibility Taurus woman and Gemini man

The horoscope gives the Taurine-Gemini bond a low compatibility as a couple. The Gemini man is very changeable in his character; he also gets bored quickly with the... , 2023-03-04

  1. The Taurine-Geminian relationship
  2. How to get along
  3. They are very different from each other
  4. Taurine-Geminian sexual compatibility
  5. Incompatibilities
  6. Marriage and cohabitation

The horoscope gives the Taurine-Gemini bond a low compatibility as a couple.

The Gemini man is very changeable in his character; he also gets bored quickly with the same woman. These are two problems that must be taken into account, because they can easily end any relationship.

The Taurus
woman is always sure, she knows if she loves the Gemini or not; luckily she has a lot of patience, a weapon she can use with men in general.
, they have different characteristics, which can lead to a lot of friction, even from the beginning of the relationship. The Taurine is very possessive and jealous, and will try to change the Geminian's faults... but he will not change easily.

The Taurine will most likely leave the Gemini.

The Taurine-Geminian relationship

The relationship between a Gemini man and a Taurus woman could be a bit complicated and may require great efforts from both parties to make it work.

If the woman is a Taurus, then there is a chance of better compatibility. The reason is that they are very different people and both have a very different approach to life.

The initial attraction between the two occurs as a magnetic pull, but maintaining the relationship for longer is always complicated.

How to get along

In a relationship between the Gemini man and the Taurus woman, the Taurus woman becomes closely attached to the Gemini man in a way that becomes too clingy and suffocating for him.

His frivolous mind will force him to wander and remain somewhat distant from her, but eventually, in the long run, he realises her importance and becomes accustomed to her ways.

A Gemini man in his youth is not one who wants to settle down or to immobilise a homely woman and a life of stability. He enjoys her company very much and is also attracted to her sensuality.

His initial life could be problematic just because of the Gemini man's cold attitude, but eventually, he understands and they share an excellent compatibility in the later stages of his life.

A Gemini man takes time to commit to a relationship. For him, things should happen naturally, but for a Taurus woman, any relationship starts with the idea of a long-term commitment.

She can't play around with anyone and then decide whether it will work out or not. While in a relationship, she will work hard to make it work. She will do anything to make her partner stay with her and stay true to the relationship.

She will also do a little grooming and try to accommodate her Gemini man so that he will stay loyal and committed to the relationship.

While in love, the Gemini man will keep her delighted day after day by revealing a different aspect of his personality to his Taurus woman. She will be delighted by his many faces and very curious to get to know him better and better.

They are very different from each other

They are very different from each other and this difference keeps them interested in the relationship. A Taurus woman is a very organised woman. She makes plans in advance, she likes to stick to them no matter what and the Gemini man, on the other hand, is a man of last minute changes. He will act on impulse and on what he feels like doing at that very moment. This will irritate the Taurus woman very much.

The Gemini man has many sides to his personality. He could show his committed and interested side to this Taurus woman in the relationship and on the other hand, his mind could be wasting time.

A Gemini man is quite adaptable and can easily adapt to her needs, while enjoying his other interests.

The Taurus woman senses this and is very upset with this, as she wants to possess him and not just a part of him. Over time, as the Gemini man's wandering mind settles down, he discovers love, passion and stability in his relationship.

He stays close to his Taurus woman and is always delighted with her manners, her homemaking skills and her sensuality.

The Gemini man brings a lot of novelty to the relationship with his constant imagination and thirst for creativity. She also adapts to his needs and together their life becomes more stable but very florid.

The Gemini man makes her feel safe and comfortable and plays with him to feed her need for excitement. The two of them manage to merge beautifully and live a happy life.

Taurine-Geminian sexual compatibility

The physical combination of Earth and Air can be disappointing for the Earth sign. Earth needs air but air needs to flow freely. This creates a lot of disappointment for the Taurus woman.

A Gemini man has a very practical approach to sex. The Taurus woman needs a strong physical connection to sex that is both passionate and emotional. She needs to feel desirable and loved by her man.

For a Gemini man, a sexual experience is often devoid of emotion. He might verbally tell her that he has love and affection for her, but that is not enough for her. She needs a more physical form of love expression. A Taurus woman wants to be shown physically that her man desires her.

During their sexual intimacies, she often tells him that she wants to possess him completely and that she loves him to the core, but he never responds in kind. The Gemini man is instantly put off by such talk and ends up feeling cold and detached.

He finds possessiveness repulsive and will immediately try to run away from someone who tries to be possessive of him. To regain her sanity, she will immediately take an interest in others who could hurt her very much.

Their sexual goals are quite different and it is no one's fault if one behaves in a particular way during their sexual encounters.

A Gemini man takes the relationship with his Taurus woman in a friendly rather than passionate tone. His attraction to her begins on a friendly note, where they have lots of interesting conversations and fun things to do. For him, every relationship should be a fun experience. He takes their relationship not exactly lightly, but definitely on a lighter note. Heavy emotions and passion suffocate him.


A Gemini man is often quite superficial in his expressions of love and would always prefer to wander around.

The Taurus woman seeks stability in every aspect of her life and until either of them is ready to change for the other, theirs can be a life of emotional turmoil and struggle all the time.

Sometimes, the Taurus woman's stagnation irritates
him and he finds her very possessive. If the Taurus woman wants to make things work with her Gemini husband, she will have to let go of her possessive attitude and learn to adapt to change.

She needs to understand that it is her nature to behave this way and that she is not doing it out of a lack of love.

This pairing will have brighter possibilities if they both surrender a little to each other's needs.

Marriage and cohabitation

While in a marriage, trust can be a real problem between the Gemini man and the Taurus woman. A Gemini man cannot be trusted whenever his partner tries to pin him down. It is her way of freeing herself from a bond.
women, on the other hand, dream of tying themselves to someone someday. When she is in a marital bond with a Gemini man, she dreams that it is forever and wants the same reciprocity from him. He may not be cheating on her, but the Gemini man will move on to different people who satisfy his interests.

When in marriage, a Gemini man will never accept any implications imposed on him. He will come up with a thousand excuses to free himself from such responsibilities and the Taurus woman will find
 him very suspicious.

Too much casual and carefree attitude of the Gemini man may increase the stubborn and vindictive nature of the Taurus woman and she would be full of remorse and anger for her man. This will create a lot of quarrels between them.

If they wish their marriage to be an enduring experience, both of them must give in a little to the demands of others.

Initially, their attraction is mutual, but Gemini could soon feel variations in the relationship and would want to break free.

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