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Is the Virgo zodiac man really faithful?

Virgos are usually faithful, but they need their partner to be mentally challenging... otherwise they will get bored.  This man would rather leave his partner tha...
22-07-2022 14:00

Virgos are usually faithful, but they need their partner to be mentally challenging... otherwise they will get bored.

 This man would rather leave his partner than be unfaithful. He is a man who reasons all the time, so if he cheats, he will have the best justifications imaginable.

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  • Are Virgo men generally faithful?

    Virgo men are generally considered to be honest and trustworthy. They value truth and dislike lies and dishonest behaviour. They are sensitive to the feelings and needs of others and may expect the same response from themselves.

    However, a person's personality cannot be completely judged solely on the basis of their zodiac sign or birth month. Individual experience, education and environment also influence a person's behaviour. Therefore, integrity may vary from individual person to individual person.

    To ascertain whether a Virgo man is sincere or not, it is important to communicate with them and build mutual trust. While they have an honest attitude towards others, it is also important to build an honest relationship yourself.

    If a Virgo man is showing dishonest behaviour towards you, it may be a problem with that individual. It is important to assess each person individually and make decisions based on your own experience and intuition, without generalising.
  • Is there an effective way to communicate to attract a man who is a Virgo?

    Men born under the sign of Virgo are generally known to be sincere and value communication. They prefer logical and rational thinking, often prioritizing reason over emotions. Therefore, the following points may be helpful in effectively attracting Virgo men through communication:

    1. Logical and clear communication: Virgo men prefer logical thinking, so it is important to take a logical approach rather than relying on emotions or intuition. It is crucial to communicate clearly and specifically.

    2. Attention to detail: Virgo men tend to pay attention to details. By being thoughtful and precise in your communication, you can leave a good impression on them.

    3. Topics related to knowledge and interests: Virgo men are curious and may enthusiastically discuss specific interests or expertise. Engaging in conversations about their interests and areas of knowledge may help you find common ground.

    4. Respect and support: Virgo men value respect and courtesy towards others. It is important to take their opinions and emotions seriously and show a supportive attitude.

    By being mindful of these points and approaching Virgo men with sincerity and earnestness, you may find effective ways to communicate with them. However, since individuals differ, strive to build a good relationship with each person based on their unique qualities.

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