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Dating a Virgo man: Do you have what it takes?

Understand how he dates and what he likes in a woman so you can start the relationship off on the right foot....
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  1. Your expectations
  2. Practical tips for dating
  3. Between the sheets

The Virgo man is undoubtedly special. There is something about the way he is that makes him attractive to people. It could be the fact that he is one of the most complex signs of the zodiac.

For example, he is sometimes ambiguous, charming and often complicated. However, he is a thoughtful person who is looking for someone as interesting as he is.

As an earth sign, the Virgo man focuses mainly on the material side of life and can easily adapt to any kind of change. He tends to be restless and can never stay in one place for too long.

The Virgo man will respect his relationship and will strive to make his partner happy and satisfied. Although sometimes annoying with his desire for perfection, he is a lover who knows what his partner wants and will fight to get it.

He doesn't mind taking on challenges, but only in life, not in romance. If you try to win him over and he avoids you, don't panic, this is when he is anxious because he may be starting to fall in love with you.

Your expectations

The Virgo man is good at being alone, so when he starts dating, you can be sure that it means the relationship is sincere.

He is looking for someone who is like him and wants that someone to be ready for a commitment. He only gets involved if things are serious and he likes perfection in all aspects of his life.

What you will need to do to attract him is to be direct with what you want from him.

He likes people to be like that and hates mind games of any kind. He is very honest himself, so don't lie to him because you will lose all his respect.

Some people may find the Virgo man boring because he is so stable and practical. However, those around him know how good he is and like his company.

The Virgo man can get jealous easily, so make sure everyone knows he is yours if you are dating him. He likes being in a couple more than being single, although he doesn't mind being single either.

He's interested in being in a long-term relationship, so go ahead and make a move on him if you're attracted to him and looking for the same thing.

Being the perfectionists of the zodiac, Virgos would like everyone to be perfect. The Virgo man is obviously the same way.

He expects people to have the same standards as he does and can seem a bit controlling at the beginning of a relationship. But he doesn't want to impose, he's just trying to make things better for everyone.

The Virgo man is a domestic person at heart, so if you share the same values, you are sure to be compatible with him. If you are a little different, let him do the talking and things will go smoothly.

When a Virgo man opens his heart to someone, it means that this person is special to him and that something long-term is on the horizon. He is ready to be with someone who is interested in creating a family and he wants a family of his own.

Practical tips for dating

The Virgo man is orderly and organised. He will prefer that the date locations you both choose be the same. If you decide to meet at his place, make sure everything is clean and organised like in the army.

When dating a Virgo you should know that he likes to talk about work and health. You can impress him by talking about health regimes or something your company has done to increase the number of clients.

If you want to go on a romantic date with your Virgo, take him or her out to dinner or to the cinema.

Make sure you have planned everything in advance. Hate it when people can't find their heads.

You can also go dancing, especially if you want to see his fun side, but if you really want to attract him, find out what kind of songs he likes and maybe take him to see one of his favourite bands.

Things wouldn't be perfect if you didn't like music. And with Virgos everything has to be perfect.

Analysing, the Virgo man will study you carefully when he goes on a date. It is essential that you look your best. Chances are he will dress up, so you should do the same. However, don't put on too much make-up. He likes a more natural look, but be careful.

You will have to reassure the Virgo man that you like him. He will only continue to pursue you if he is sure he will not be rejected. He is never looking to sleep with you and leave.

He will try to make whatever you have serious. When you break up, he simply cannot come to terms with it until he is given a realistic reason for the break-up.

Between the sheets

In bed, the Virgo native is never rash or rude. He or she wants the connection with the other half to be emotional and have a deeper meaning.

He will strive for perfection and wants his partner to be completely happy and satisfied. If you think he is too slow, be happy about it, as it means he likes you a lot. Many people say that the Virgo guy is an amazing lover.

He will try to improve his lovemaking skills every night. You will feel safe and comfortable when you are in bed with him.

Although he may not be the most imaginative lover, the Virgo man has his own methods of making his partner scream with pleasure. He will pay attention to every move you make and adapt his style to what you can feel.

It can be difficult to keep you satisfied in a relationship, as you are always trying to find something or someone perfect.

It is true that he can be annoying with his neatness, but this can be overlooked, especially after he shows his kind and caring side. Not to mention that it can be very useful for someone who has a chaotic lifestyle.

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