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12 reasons why you should never cheat on a Virgo

Apart from the importance of morals, you should never cheat on a Virgo for many other reasons.... , 2020-05-24

Apart from the importance of morals, you should never cheat on a Virgo for many other reasons.



Virgos are the most analytical creatures on the planet, don't think you can hide some of the truth from them. They are resourceful. They will find out what they want to find out.



Virgos are intelligent, they will shatter your ego with their wide vocabulary and intellect.



Virgos are too level-headed to let you see their vulnerable pain when in the middle of a debate, you'll feel like you've wasted all your time. They make things personal.



Don't even bother deleting everything on your phone, they know your iCloud password.



Self-reflection is their middle name, they will get their heads emotionally back on track before you can call your girl next door.



They are not afraid of communication. In fact, they love it. It is what makes them thrive. There is no such thing as being wrong or too wrong when spreading the facts, there is no point in keeping the truth private.



Healing is the anthem of their life, Virgos will pounce on any self-help book in the blink of an eye and will be on to you before you know it.



Due to the fact that healing is their jam, they will blossom into the most gigantic



Have you ever met a butterfly that was desperate to go back to being a caterpillar? Exactly.



Virgos will rise in level without stopping, always.



Virgos are intelligent and level-headed, don't get me wrong, but they are also very intelligent. Which means that you just trigger any mental illness they may have.



A Virgo will put so much effort into cleaning up the mess you left for them that they won't even have the time or energy to miss you.


The reasons are endless. Virgos are the most intellectual and emotional beings in existence. They have the complete package that healing requires you to have. By deceiving a Virgo, you are really only leading them to themselves.

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