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Ideal partner for the Virgo Man: romantic and sincere

The perfect soul mate for the Virgo man, who reciprocates his feelings, is always committed and must be very reliable.... , 2020-10-11

The Virgo man seems cold and uninterested at first glance but he is actually quite sensitive. He usually does not want to express his emotions, nor does he want to talk about them. At the same time, he is the type of man who tends to change his mind quickly, also to avoid quarrels and conflicts as much as possible.


The Virgo man is also a good conversationalist, who can talk about anything. When in a loving relationship, he should be affectionate and open to socialising, which can make women proud to have him by their side. You can learn more about the Virgo personality by reading: The personality of the Virgo man.


The signs with whom he gets along best and is most compatible are Cancer and Scorpio.
In the case of the
Cancer woman,
the Virgo man can analyse each and every one of her mood swings, but at least he will always be there for her in the bad times. Neither should she make him feel guilty about anything, nor should she ever tell him that he is not fulfilling his responsibilities. These two as a couple have a great chance to be happy, just because they always try to give their partner everything she deserves.


As a loving relationship between the Virgo man and the Scorpio woman, it can be very interesting and at the same time, frightening. The two form a good bond, but only if he helps the Scorpio to open up more and show his romantic side. Should this happen, their relationship can end up being very passionate and really amazing.


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The Virgo man likes to go out and think in quiet places. He also likes to acquire new knowledge, so he can also be found reading in libraries, going to museums and enjoying a nice day at the planetarium, for example.


He likes intelligent women who are interested in many things and have hobbies. However, he does not like women who brag about what they like or what they know. On the contrary, he prefers them to be quieter and not to hear too much about how a woman has read all the books in the world.


He is a simple man, but that does not mean that his tastes are not complex. He hates rude and noisy people, especially when he is looking for a more serious relationship. He is interested in well-dressed, somewhat conservative women, who also like to study and progress.


As he does not like people who lie or play the fool, he likes polite, sincere and kind women. The woman who wants to conquer him must be subtle and not scare him from the first date with her wildest dreams.


It can be difficult to keep him interested because he is a man who is usually a loner and prefers singleness to that of a partner. More than this, he needs to have his mind stimulated and to interact with all kinds of new ideas. That is why he prefers intellectual women who love to discover the world and share what they have discovered about it.

A man who analyses a lot

When involved in a love relationship, Virgos are willing to give their all and want and expect to receive the same in return. Because he is obsessed with cleanliness and neatness, he prefers a woman who doesn't mind tidying up after herself. As long as she is disciplined and doesn't lie, he can be in her life forever.


In case of a breakup, he would hardly go back to his ex-partner, which means that no matter how much she kicks, he may not give the relationship a second chance. At this point you can read: How to win over the Virgo man


This is because he aspires to perfection and has quite high ideals when it comes to love. He is not a superficial man, nor does he seek to have just a fling with someone when he really falls in love.


He falls in love first, not to mention that he can handle any difficult situation because he always looks at the pros and cons of every situation: what could go wrong.


This man tends to be both sensitive and practical, which means he doesn't need candlelit dinners or lovemaking with scented candles. He does require a schedule and a plan even when it comes to love, so his partner has to be ready to respect his routine. In return, he will be a good husband, father and provider. Here I suggest you read: Sex with the Virgo man


When in a serious relationship, the Virgo man is devoted to his other half and should always be supportive. He likes to lend a hand around the house and take care of the family budget, while spending a lot of time with the children. This is because he is very kind and wants his loved ones to be happy, also because he wants a balanced lifestyle.


Depending on what a woman wants, her relationship with the Virgo man can be happy or annoying. One thing is for sure, the Virgo is not for every woman. Although he is loyal, he is still ruled by the planet Mercury, which means he has a dual nature and is not the person others can always trust. You can read more here: The faithfulness of the Virgo man


The same goes for men of the sign Gemini, who are also ruled by Mercury and are probably the least constant people in the zodiac.


Although the Virginian may have superficial emotions and may not be the most intimate person in the horoscope, they still know how to keep their partner close and be affectionate. What he wants is to be left alone to get on with his routine and habits, so when someone doesn't respect him for who he is, he starts making demands.

It needs perfection

When he likes the love relationship he is in, the Virgo tries as much as possible to balance things out and stick to habits. He dreams of a woman who cares about him and cares about life as much as he does.


He is an ideal man for those women who want someone to help around the house, he offers to do everything and does not mind cleaning, cooking or doing some housework.


However, Virgo expects to see his wife doing the same things when he cannot do them himself. It would be a shame for him to come home to find a mess. This makes him unwell, nervous and agitated. Therefore, he does not like lazy women.


Despite having many very good qualities, he is still a man who is at times annoying and, at times, very difficult to live with. The main problem is his constant need for perfection and his preoccupation with things that don't really matter.


Although his intentions are good and he wants to be helpful, he can annoy people with this attitude.

Let's look at more compatibilities

It is very compatible with the Virgo woman because they are analytical and disciplined, they also get along very well in bed.


It is good for the Taurus woman too, because the Taurus loves art and all that is beautiful. The home of both of them can become a very beautiful and tidy place.


The Capricorn woman can also be a good wife for him, as she is understanding and relaxed.


Even the Scorpio woman has some compatibility with this man because they complement each other.


Meanwhile Libra may not be your best choice because she spends a lot of money, which can irritate you a lot.


The Leo woman wants too much to be in the limelight, something the Virgo man does not understand and this can lead to complications.


Arians need to move from place to place too much, annoying Virgos and making them feel like they are living in chaos.


The Gemini woman and the Virgo man can get along quite well, but they may have fights in which both will go to extremes for their own opinions and will not be willing to compromise.


There are some who say that the Pisces woman is a good match for the Virgo, but that may not be entirely true because Pisces is moody and the Virgo needs to be alone a lot, which can be detrimental to Pisces.

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