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The Virgo woman in marriage: What kind of wife is she?

The Virgo woman wants to play the role of a respectful and obedient wife, but she will also have times when she will want her decisions to prevail.... , 2022-07-14

The Virgo-born woman is not overly emotional. In fact, she is more analytical and methodical than dreamy and imaginative. This is why she differs from other more homely women of the zodiac and approaches marriage in a very cerebral way.


She will only marry when the relationship makes a lot of sense and can help her achieve her goals in life. This lady believes that there is no point in bothering her other half with meaningless issues and is very practical, so she wants to marry when she is mature and financially stable enough to do so.


The Virgo woman as a wife, in a nutshell:

Qualities: Intelligent, affectionate and obedient;

Challenges: Tired, critical and forgetful;

You will love it: Knowing everything about your husband;

Needs to learn: Not to let others interfere in your marriage.


The Virgo woman as a wife


As soon as she marries, the Virgo-born woman becomes an amazing wife who has no problem playing the role of alpha character.


She is respected by many for her view that marriage is nothing more than a business contract between two best friends and lovers.


This lady will not go wrong when it comes to looking after her home, because she is obsessed with tidiness and cleanliness, not to mention how good the food she cooks tastes.


She will never disappoint her family, but it can be said that her domestic skills are somewhat artificial. However, she cares a great deal for her husband, her children and the home in which they reside.


She has the disadvantage of being too materialistic, but there is nothing she can do about it, as she is an Earth sign. Eager for everything in her life to be perfect, she protects her loved ones and her intimacy like a lioness protects her ears of corn.


Intelligent and with an analytical mind, this lady can find fault with almost anything, but her desire is not to highlight them, but rather to make improvements while avoiding insulting anyone.


In terms of emotional well-being, the Virgo woman cannot be said to be very strong, because she is easily influenced by others and cannot be happy without a routine.


She is responsible and traditionalist, not to mention motivated to succeed when she has a goal. This woman wants to succeed in both her personal and professional life because she always strives for perfection.


She will respect her husband and family members, but may have some problems with emotional and spiritual connections.


Marriage to the Virgo woman will come very close to perfection because she is good at creating a comfortable home environment for her husband and children.


It can be very difficult to convince her to do things different from what she already knows, because she wants to be in control. Her man will soon discover how good she can be at everything: she can be a boss at work, a talented amateur in many fields, the best wife and mother, also a chef who keeps getting compliments from all her dinner guests.


She doesn't want to appear petty when she questions everything, but this is only because she is terrified of failure. However, as annoying as she is, her husband and friends will love her for being loyal and charismatic.


As soon as the Virgo woman has decided to marry, her mind begins to free itself from all the demons that haunt her self-consciousness. Although the lady of this sign can never completely escape from these demons, she will have the means and the reason to fight against these dark thoughts as her own wedding approaches.


She will increasingly seek the security and sense of belonging that marriage usually offers. However, this does not mean that she will not have any problems with her husband.


On the contrary, he will have to keep her relaxed and teach this lady to get rid of all the stress associated with the mundane in her life. She tends to be fussy and anxious about the most trivial details.


She can even get very nervous and tense at the party she has organised herself because the guests do not sit too much on the sofa she has just bought, more or less for this particular event.


This stress she is experiencing can do her and her partner no good. She will fall completely in love with the man who helps her to relax and unwind, but she has to take him seriously if she thinks he is too materialistic.


Pay attention to every little detail

Your husband can be sure that you will be the perfect mother for your children, even if you often find it difficult to express your emotions.


He is more the type who likes to show his love through actions and servitude, so he will always keep the house clean, change broken light bulbs and tend the garden rather than just saying how much he loves his family.


Because she is such a perfectionist, it is easy for her to judge others. If your husband has just started working on a project, he will not be able to refrain from making suggestions on how he could do a better job.


This should not be taken personally because it is his nature; he does not want to point out anyone's mistakes.


Her symbol is the Virgin, but she is not a true virgin for life, she just has many of the traits of a pure young woman. This lady can be prudish and very traditional in her way of thinking, which means she is better off using dirty words and sex toys in the bedroom.


Virgos are famous for their obsession with cleanliness and personal hygiene, which can sometimes be very annoying.


A man who marries a lady of this sign will always come home to a clean and tidy place, because his wife will be very disciplined, will have good taste and will strive to keep all the members of his family healthy.


She will support him in everything he wants to do, but expects to receive exactly the same in return. The details should be left to her, because she has an eye for the little things.


Because the Virgo woman in love is pretentious and pays too much attention to every little issue, she may fail to see the big picture and forget to focus on the real problems in her life.


Reserved and quiet, she can appear very cold to the untrained eye. She does not want to reveal too much about herself because she is a reserved woman with one or two inhibitions that prevent her from fully enjoying sex with the man she loves or with anyone else.


She also has a tendency to keep her feelings inside and end up thinking that her husband no longer loves her. The more she doesn't have sex, the more insecure she will feel, but at least she is smart enough to realise that she is only holding herself back from her own soul mate.


A man who is not too demanding and takes love seriously may be the perfect partner for her.


Virgo-born people are very good parents because they know how to make their children curious, active and interested in things other than what they learn at school.


Therefore, there is no problem with them when it comes to parenting, although they are often very critical. These natives need to be encouraged and appreciated as much as their discipline requires, but it is also important that they do not overdo any of their obsessive traits.


Therefore, Virgos could be less cold when dealing with everyday matters, as their loved ones deserve more than evasive answers. They cannot rest until their home is the perfect place for their partner to feel happy.


In working to make this happen, they may overexert themselves and end up exhausted, as they are also doing their best at work. In other words, Virgos could learn more about what relaxation means and how much it can help them get ahead in life.


The drawbacks of her role as a wife

Obsessed with perfection and order, the Virgo woman can cause many problems for her husband with her high expectations.


She is very hard on herself, even harder than she is on others, but her partner is likely to be exhausted by her demands, as she would be living with her every day.


A divorce with this woman is usually the result of all the minor problems that accumulate and go unaddressed. For example, she will think that every time her man leaves the dishes in the sink, he no longer really cares about the home they have built together.


When he forgets to bring home the bread, she will assume that he will also stop remembering to pick up the children from school one day. This lady can be bothered by anything small because she sees it as much bigger, sometimes unmanageable.


Therefore, she needs a partner who can help her relax and who can reprimand her when her expectations of marriage are unrealistic.

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